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Admiral S'iraa

Name S'iraa

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 7'6
Weight 519lbs
Hair Color (Fur) White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description S’iraa has a commanding presence about him that is hard to miss at six and a half feet tall. Black tipped ears and tail his features are very typical of Caitian men with a broad shoulder span and strong muscle structure, which the uniform he wears hides. His uniform jacket it slightly cut to the rear for his tail as is his uniform trousers to allow his tail to poke through the back of them. His whiskers stick out from his nose to equal length left and right these are kept neatly trimmed, his claws are extremely sharp which to date having since left the Holeworld of Cait, has never shown anybody them, some believe he does not have any. S’iraa is a proud and confident Caitian, sure of his abilities and those around him. When not in uniform he can be seen in traditional Caitian attire. S’iraa is strong in his ways of tradition for his culture and sticks to them to a shocking degree, while not going so far as being religious he does believe this his ways are to be followed by all Caitians, and if needed, their mates. Under his uniform though unseen as it too is white is a collar, thick and study. The point of this is to prevent accidental marking or damage being done to the neck area which is considered one of the most private parts on the Caitian body.


Spouse Lt. Cmdr Miranda Blackfur
Children None
Father S’ir’tha
Mother Mu’ras (Deceased)
Other Family Family Elder: Sha'la'ne

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'iraa strikes many as the confident, determined walking cat, which would be a mistake to call him such. His mood is professional; his ability is impressive regardless of the situation. His first contact with Starfleet was when his squadron of Caitian patrol ships from the Caitian Defence Force saved the USS Sapphire, a Federation science vessel from pirate attack and this proved to be the turning point in his life.

S'iraa joined Starfleet soon after and excelled in all physical aspects of the academy program. originally joining in the tactical branch he soon changed to the Helm part of Starfleet life and focused his studies. He later graduated 2nd in his class, missing out on 1st place due to shedding season and not wanting anyone to see him in that way. A private Caitian not many can say they got to know S'iraa as hes always kept to himself this was kept up for reasons unknown but it is speculated that he missed his home planet and with nobody of his kind to interact with, he felt alone. Even today there are many aspects of his life few know about and fewer still get to see. Tradition and culture are important to him and this can also work against him come shedding season where his personal appearance makes himself even more aware of how he is seen.

Capable leader though sometimes quick to anger especially when harm to a female is involved.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:-

Proud and confident, sure of those around them and able to draw the best from people, even those of them that are doubtful. Fitness, S’iraa takes pride in his physical ability and can be found to be doing Caitian exercises in the Holodeck, typically on Cait within the dense woodlands or flat desert plains. Traditional, in most things about his life, his private life is filled with tradition and even his off duty clothing shows this. As with all Caitians, he has an acute sense of smell and sight. The muscle structure of a Caitian is very tight, so much so that it is nothing for a Caitian to perform feats that many would deem impossible or difficult from the most unlikely positions (such as a crouch or a seated position). For instance, Caitians can leap a distance of 20 feet in the air from a crouched position. They also have the ability to put on extreme bursts of speed, allowing them to cover great distances in a short amount of time.


Loneliness, was his constant companion until he bonded with Tommie Jupiter. Something which had travelled the years with him and as a result he is not often seen at social events or locations even still, choosing instead to stay within his quarters surrounded by his culture. Appearance is also vital but also a weakness for him during shedding season, he feels that nobody should see him when he is leaving fur all over the place and that nobody should see their leader in such a way to cause undue worry. Another weakness for S’iraa is he does not like talking of home as it brings back feelings of missing it and his family having been sometime since he last set foot on it. Caitians have a fragile bone structure, bones are broken or fractured in far less hostile environments then what most would suffer injury, a heavy fall is capable of dislocation or even in extreme cases, bone breakage. Near the age of 60, the Caitian heart becomes weak with age, as a result, medical practice on Cait has made huge medical leaps in swift organ replacements, only now suffering the most minor of delays in surgery.
Hobbies & Interests Since becoming bonded to Miranda Blackfur he has had to accept that she is not as private as he is. As a result often friends have been invited for dinner much to S'iraa's unease at exposing the more private aspects of his life i.e his quarters which is bathed in his culture, to others. S'iraa has taken a liking to using the Holodeck for recreations of his birth place, enjoying a variety of workout programs aimed towards Caitians and keeping his abilities and wits sharp.

Personal History Since graduating from the Academy S’iraa has lead a normal career performing as he was expected to in any given position he served, at the rank of Commander he was assigned to Starfleet Command to act as a member of staff at the Academy, help the Cadets and Ensigns learn more on Caitian ways as a part of their studies for the science branch and intelligence. This is where the rumour that he had no claws came about as this lesson was done but used replicas instead of his own. After 6 years there he rose to Captain and was assigned the USS Ares, a cruiser. He found however that he felt this was not filling his expectations and resulted in him taking up Federation Law exams, attaining degrees in two of them, he attended classes on Vulcan and Betazed to help learn about Law from those who lived in harmony with it and liked the way it was applied.

Starfleet took notice of his interest in Law and offered him a position within the JAG office, S’iraa quickly accepted and handled 1,093 cases during his many years there attaining a 93% success rate of conviction. These ranged from small light punishments to heavy ones including removal from Starfleet and imprisonment. S’iraa took a years leave to visit Cait, while he would never explain the real reason for his visit to anyone else the purpose was really to visit home again and find a mate but unfortunately he never found one and returned to the only thing he knew, Starfleet.

A few years after his return from Cait he was promoted to Commodore and assigned as the JAG officer for a remote sector. S’iraa relished in the challenge to bring order to the sector and indeed he did just that, his assigned starship, again the Ares, was on hand to help him and often commanded it in times requiring his personal touch, though twice reprimanded for damaging the Ares through dangerous actions. S’iraa was selected to become the new Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 86, an area he had been working in for some years. He was to replace Commodore Bawden of the well known Dreadnought, who was being brought up on charges. When he found out he was to act as prosecution against Commodore Bawden he tendered his resignation from the JAG office, believing it was wrong to pit a man against his successor.

After some convincing S’iraa was allowed to leave the JAG office and return to the Ares, only two weeks later he found his First Officer was to be made Captain, and of the Ares meaning S’iraa had lost the ship he had commanded for nearly a decade. He was saddened by this and went into partial seclusion as he felt that he no longer had a purpose on a ship. It was not until he heard of Commodore Bawden's retirement that news reached him of his own promotion to Rear Admiral and, as customary for all Admirals, was permitted to select a personal flagship. His thoughts were to take the Ares back but then remembered the Commodores former ship the Dreadnought, having taken a fancy of the class early in his Starfleet career and only boosted when visiting 3 of the only few remaining he leapt at the chance to command a more combat based version of the Galaxy Class. He put in his request to command the Dreadnought saving it from decommission and serves there still.

Sadly however the Galaxy Dreadnought USS Dreadnought was destroyed when her engines suffered damage in orbit of a geologically unstable planet while on a rescue operation. The damage caused to the ship escalated into a catastrophic failure of the containment field of the Warp Core and the ship had to be evacuated. S'iraa had to watch on the viewscreen of the USS Warhawk as the planet tore itself apart and moments later the USS Dreadnought with it. It was a slow, painful thing to watch as at first the ship seemed to list to starboard as if try to reach for him, as the nacelles exploded the saucer section was the last to go, a defiant end to the last and one which even still sometimes haunts the Admiral's dreams.

Since his reinstatement he has been selected to take the position of Fleet Personnel and Recruitment.