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Commander Leonardo Luciano

Name Leonardo Luciano

Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 41
Serial Number VC-271-589

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Leonardo is a fit, in shape man who takes pride in his appearance and body. He likes to project hes the model officer type even if he doesn't quite believe it himself.

On duty he takes pride in his uniform which is always pressed, always immaculate. He believes in leading by example even if sometimes he questions if he is the best example to follow because he doesn't always follow the rules and regs as strictly as some others might. He believes that sometimes the risks are worth the means to get the job done. Sometimes he could be seen as having a stotic expression as he likes to have control over his emotions but if he gets fired up, that control wavers if what he believes in, is challenged or the innocent is wronged.

Off duty he is somewhat more casual opting instead for a simple long sleeve shirt and black trousers.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Died in a shuttle accident aged 11
Mother Died in a shuttle accident aged 11
Brother(s) Only child
Sister(s) Only child.
Other Family Various Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Leonardo comes over as a dedicated, driven and focused Starfleet Officer, his long service to Starfleet has gifted him with a wealth of knowledge and experience that he puts to use to this day to conduct himself but also those under him. He is a keen listener that is always open to suggestions or comments when the situation calls for it or when they are needed.

Some may view him as a bit unorthodox in his actions when compared to other officers, an excellent tactician and capable diplomat his one key dislike is laziness and slipping standards of performance from others. Under the impression that a n assignment is only as good as the crew, any weakness should be addressed swiftly or it condems the whole community.

A firm believer in letting his officers excel and develop he is always open to recommending officers for training that would make them a better officer. A capable officer with a talent for navigation and combat often using both to excellent effect when engaged in combat. He uses his experience when faced with a diplomatic situation and in tense situations hes known for his calm and collected approach to the situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:-

* Capable Tactician
* Talented Diplomat
* Calm Demeanour
* Determined, Focused, Driven.
* Situation Assessment
* Considerate to others


* Often a sucker for a pretty face
* Nightmares that wake him in his sleep leaving him in a cold sweat, heavy breathing, stressed.
* Can be intimidating when faced with stupidity or lied to.
* Has been known to push himself beyond recommended limits to maintain physical qualities.
* Suffered Holo-Addiction in the past.
Ambitions Settle down, meet someone. Time for his own life to be first and not the service for a change.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:-
* Musical Instruments: Violin and Piano.
* Crafts: Origami
* Games/Entertainment: Puzzles


* Cooking
* Outdoor Activities (Camping, Hiking etc)
* Sports (Tennis)
Languages English

Personal History Leonardo joined Starfleet perhaps later than most when his application was finally accepted. Leonardo protested at the Integrated Officer concept that was in place at Starfleet Academy which was due to a cultural preference to specialize in one knowledge area. Many viewed this as mastery of one, general of none. Leo however excelled in Navigation/Helm studies.

He graduated the Academy Four years later 2nd in his class and then faced with the dilemma of choosing his first assignment. After much deliberation and forced by dwindling options Leo chose to be a Junior Helm Officer on board the U.S.S. Osprey. His time on the Osprey was a rocky one at start, having to adapt to a world outside the classroom and all new people around him there was some bumpy moments. Four years into his service on board the Osprey Ensign Luciano distinguished himself by displaying skilled and talented ability at starship manoeuvring. Having been ambushed by Four pirate raiders which disabled the ship's weapons and badly damaging the shields and warp engines in the opening engagement Ensign Luciano took the ship into an Ice Field that ringed a nearby planet.

While the manoeuvre damaged the ship which required several weeks in refit the Captain deemed the action the only course available which could result in the safety of the ship and crew from raiders know for slavery and salvaging. As a result he was promoted to Lt. Junior Grade. A brief while later the now Lt. Junior Grade Luciano found himself reassigned to the Excelsior Class U.S.S. London for its 5 year deep space exploration mission in the Beta Quadrant.

His time on the London was mostly uneventful, at times he considered resigning from Starfleet to pursue something more challenging. He voiced his concerns to his Department Head who in turn forwarded it to the First Officer. Lt.Jg Luciano was offered additional training through the means of classes and holodeck training scenarios to further enhance his skill set at the Helm. Upon the completion of the 5 year assignment Lt.Jg Luciano was faced with a situation, did he stay in Starfleet or seek something else. He was caught unaware when his promotion to full Lieutenant came through and a personal request from the First Officer to remain with the ship.

Accepting the offer to stay Lt. Luciano continued to serve at his best for another 2 years until the London was damaged in an Ion storm which crippled the ship. It was towed back to the nearest shipyard but in the meantime most of the crew were given new assignments.

Lt. Luciano found himself station at the UP shipyards coordinating ships making supply runs and logistical services. At the age of 40 and still at UP he found himself promoted to Lt.Cmdr and assigned the Lead Logistical Coordinator for Yards 3 and 4. This gave him the chance to see the latest ships being built and on the odd occasion the chance to tour them as they were built. It was at this point he realised he wanted to be out there amongst the stars instead of in an office on a station or facility. As soon as his current project was concluded he requested transfer to a starship. His request was approved and to his delight he was assigned as Chief Helm Officer on board the U.S.S. Hong Kong.

As expected of his rank and position his duties and field of responsibility continued to develop and grow, additional training only added to his wealth of knowledge which he found useful when dealing with issues which arose from within his department. Over the years and especially during his time at the UP Shipyards he'd developed a talent for diplomacy, the use of words to defuse a situation which for some reason arose often in his department due to clashing personalities. Taking a break from additional Navigation and Helm training he ventured into learning more about Diplomacy.

At 37 he was promoted to Commander after taking the Bridge Officers course, which was a requirement for consideration to the rank of Commander. Nearly a year later he was promoted to First Officer of the U.S.S. Hong Kong following the death of the former First Officer during an exploration away team mission. The crew took the death hard and moral fell sharply, Commander Luciano tried his best to restore moral but was unable to stem the tide of transfer requests and resignations that came soon after. It was clear that Commander Hillard was a well liked and valued member of the crew during his time on board. It turned out that the Commander had been on the ship for the last 11 years in one capacity or another. More than enough time to establish himself.

Being First Officer at first a shock for Commander Luciano, instead of a department he had to oversee it was now an entire ship, all the departments went to him and he the Captain. However he found his feet quickly following the examples set by the prior First Officer and even added his own touch and flair to the position. When in command of the ship during the Captain's off duty hours he felt more at ease then he expected. While in the centre chair things didn't seem so bland, though some did voice the worry of a near blind First Officer in command he was more than happy to discuss it with them and put to rest the worries they had.

During his time as First Officer it was noted that his command style was perhaps not quiet what people would expect, while perhaps viewed as taking more risks than most he would always consider the safety of those involved first. This in a way earned him more respect from the crew and at the same time garnered him with more people willing to undertake the mission he had devised. During one particular mission the Hong Kong was fitted with the Marine Command Unit instead of the usual Science Pod, while the MCU was on route to the surface of a planet to qweel rioting due to food shortages the MCU's engines failed, normally procedure would be the evacuation of the MCU but Luciano deployed all the shuttles available to use tractor beams to stabilise the MCU's trajectory to such an extent that the MCU's RCU thrusters could handle the rest. The loss of the MCU would have resulted in increased casualty rates and substantial damage to infrastructure. Commander Luciano was commended for quick thinking and for keeping the mission on track with all it's necessary gear.

Luciano continued to serve the as First Officer of the U.S.S. Hong Kong for several more years, he turned down the offer of his own command, the Nova Class U.S.S. Swiftsure. His reasons he presented to his Captain were that he felt he had more to contribute at that time as a First Officer.

Eventually a new assignment presented itself. First Officer of Starbase 332.