S5.05 After the Storm

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Included Missions

After the Storm

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The station has managed to survive their trip to the far reaches of the galaxy, but can they survive the aftermath and repercussions of the decisions made by the crew. Returning home also means saying goodbye to some members of the crew, but welcoming new ones.

For Want of a Nail

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While on the way home from Cestus III, Captain Von and Commander Drusus find themselves passing into an alternate timeline, and one which diverged dramatically based on one simple decision. Can the pair find their way home, and can Captain Von come to terms with her own anxiety after facing a ghost from her past?

Father Dearest

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While prepping a visiting civilian ship for repairs and maintenance, Lieutenant Alana Tovan comes face to face with a demon from her past. While Khavek speaks only of reconciliation with his daughter, can Alana forgive the man that betrayed her and her mother so many years ago?