The Archan Job

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A special agent from Starfleet Intelligence arrives on the station with a mission, and time is on the essence. She is on the hunt of a Cardassian war criminal, Breloc Tejar. Her search has led her to a known business associate of Tejar's, an Archan arms dealer named Kama Artrex. In an attempt to locate Tejar, Commander Sara Archer must enlist the help of members of the Starbase 332 crew to infiltrate Artrex's compound without drawing suspicion, and causing Tejar to retreat further underground.

Part of S6.01 The Archan Job

Father Dearest

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While prepping a visiting civilian ship for repairs and maintenance, Lieutenant Alana Tovan comes face to face with a demon from her past. While Khavek speaks only of reconciliation with his daughter, can Alana forgive the man that betrayed her and her mother so many years ago?

Part of S6.01 The Archan Job

Luck Be a Lady

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Part of S6.01 The Archan Job

A Day in the Life

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Not every day on the job has wide sweeping impacts to the region at large. The residences and crew of Starbase 332 have a daily life. As they go about their duties, relationships build and lives change, if only on the personal level. Posts under this mission are of a more personal nature, and do not have a greater affect on the plot of the sim.

For Want of a Nail

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While on the way home from Cestus III, Captain Von and Commander Drusus find themselves passing into an alternate timeline, and one which diverged dramatically based on one simple decision. Can the pair find their way home, and can Captain Von come to terms with her own anxiety after facing a ghost from her past?

Part of Season 6


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[S01E01] The Jackal departs on its shakedown cruise, underprepared but excited.

Part of Season 1 - Building Roots

Welcome to Archa IV

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[S01E02] The crew of the Jackal are diverted to Starbase 332 in the Archanis Sector for shoreleave. But is that all that Starfleet have in store?

Part of Season 1 - Building Roots

Weathering the Storm

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Normal life aboard Three-Three-Two is threatened when a freak ion storm forms in the Archa System. The station is forced to go into lockdown to conserve power and prevent loss of life. But when critical systems start to fail, will the crew be able to survive?

Part of S5.03 Weathering the Storm

After the Storm

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The station has managed to survive their trip to the far reaches of the galaxy, but can they survive the aftermath and repercussions of the decisions made by the crew. Returning home also means saying goodbye to some members of the crew, but welcoming new ones.

Part of S5.05 After the Storm

Ten Little Diplomats

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[S01E03] The Jackal is assigned to transport Major General Derrick Rohan (C in C of the 11th Fleet Marine Corps) to an Armament Conference with the Cardassians. Travelling from Cestus III to Starbase 332, the captain of the Defiant class escort has also been assigned to meet with Rear Admiral Wellington upon arrival the base.

Part of Season 1 - Building Roots

What Lies Beneath

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A drifting freighter is discovered and towed to Starbase 332, devoid of life, systems shut off and vented to space the station must find out what was the cause and why. Meanwhile a flood of refugees sweep the station trying to escape heated zones and raiders but trouble looms as a hidden danger lurks.

Who brought it with them however, the refugees or the Freighter?

Shore Leave - Archa IV

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[S01E04] In the wake of the murders of the delegation, Captain Gunning assigns his senior officers to shore leave on the surface of Archa IV, the planet Starbase 332 orbits. This is done in the hope that they are able to relax and, in a way, forget their troubles a little.

Part of Season 1 - Building Roots

Shadows and Whispers

Post Count: 83

Following an attack on Captain Von and Colonel S'er'in'e's shuttle, and a number of listening devices and odd occurrences on the station and garrison ships, the crew of Starbase 332 go on alert to track down the source of these problems. As their investigation progresses, the crew learns that the conspiracy brewing on the station may indicate something more nefarious.

Part of S5.02 Shadows and Whispers

In Defiance Of Orders

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[S01E05] The Jackal travels back in time and assists the crew of the USS Excelsior in freeing the enslaved people of Archa IV in 2291.

Part of Season 1 - Building Roots

Starbase 332, Where Are You?

Post Count: 78

In the immediate aftermath of the freak ion storm that hit the station, the crew make a startling discover: Starbase 332 is no longer in orbit of Archa IV. An unknown location, restless visitors, and a new threat on the horizon, can the station crew find a way to get home?

Part of S5.04 Starbase 332, Where Are You?

A New Beginning

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[S02E01] The USS Jackal returns to her own time and Commodore Gunning sees the need for change in the make up of his crew.

Part of Season 2 - A New Threat

The Pak'Leth Problem

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[S02E02] In trying to track down the Pak'Leth, the security forces of 332 and her garrison vessel the USS Jackal have to work together to take down a ring of narcotic smugglers.

Part of Season 2 - A New Threat

The Invasion of Thane

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[S02E03] Can the crew of Starbase 332 stop the invasion of Thane? Just who is behind the invasion and will they come face to face with the Ritorian Confederacy for the first time?

Part of Season 2 - A New Threat

The Mystery Men of Mira

Post Count: 125

[S03E01] With the Command Staff away at a tactical briefing on Cestus III, the crew of Starbase 332 discover that the Mystery Men of Mira are going to be more trouble than they're worth.

Part of Season 3 - Rise of the Sojourners

Worlds Away

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[S03E02] The crew of Starbase 332 head planetside as they work to increase Starfleet's profile in the system. PFHQ assigns a science team led by Lieutenant Commander Prax to Archa V to prepare for a terraforming project while Captain Gunning and Commander Von petition the government of Archa IV to allow the construction of a Marine Corps training base on the planet.

Part of Season 3 - Rise of the Sojourners

Reindeer Games

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[S03E03] In preparation against the Sojourner threat, the crew of Starbase 332 engage in some war game exercises with the Carthage as the target.

Part of Season 3 - Rise of the Sojourners

Picking Up the Pieces

Post Count: 84

[S04E01-A] One month following the deadly attack on Starbase 332, the crew of the station say goodbye to old friends and welcome aboard new faces while under the threat of an empowered enemy.

Part of S4.01: Picking Up the Pieces

Fate of the Angels

Post Count: 40

[S04E01-B] Reports of a crashed ship at Bellatrix II takes Commander Gunning, Lieutenant Deakin and Ensign Price on a voyage they couldn't have bargained for.

Part of S4.01: Picking Up the Pieces


Post Count: 38

[S04E01-C] An officer on the run and a strange transmission from Starfleet Intelligence opens up a manhunt for a dangerous criminal. But is Corrine Steiner truly the threat she is claimed to be?

Part of S4.01: Picking Up the Pieces

Vagrants, Vagabonds, and Thieves

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[S04E02-A] While Captain Von and the USS Carthage travels to Myaz on a mission of peace, a number of refugee ships from a number of independent worlds descend on the station. While most of the refugees are peacefully, some are a bit more unruly. With resources already at a premium, and the Archan government unwilling to set aside a proper camp, Commander Ratchford must decide how to handle the situation.

Part of S4.02: Aggressive Negotiations


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[S04E02-B] A friendship blooms and then threatens to tear itself apart as differences and similarities ignite between Samanthia Akiashiro and security officer Ensign Sivity Dar-Barriun.

Part of S4.02: Aggressive Negotiations

Aggressive Negotiations

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[S04E02-C] As it becomes more clear that Sojourner influence in the region is growing, Starfleet looks to cement their relationships with the neighboring governments, starting with the Myaz. However, the Federation is not the only government looking to bolster their support…

Part of S4.02: Aggressive Negotiations

Ill Tidings

Post Count: 64

[S04E03-A] The crew of Starbase 332 learns of the failed negotiations with the Pak’Leth, leading to another regional power joining the Sojourner cause. Archa IV increases pressure on Starfleet to keep them safe as border skirmishes intensify. While Captain Von becomes more deeply involved in Archan politics, Lieutenant JG Matsumoto is assigned to a dangerous mission to infiltrate the Sojourner hierarchy.

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

Pandemic [Incomplete]

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[S04E03-B] A viral outbreak takes Commander Drusus and the USS Carthage out to the M'Jir System in the farthest corner of the Archanis Sector. The civilization there is primitive and is under the purview of Starfleet Science where a duckblind has detected an unusual virus in the population.

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

The Art of the Hunt [Incomplete]

Post Count: 13

[S04E03-C] A bounty hunter arrives on the station on the trail of a fugitive, a Bajoran named Vendenje Kamdram. But how far is she willing to go to catch her prey.

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

The Last Hope [Incomplete]

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[S04E03-D] The Last Hope is an aging transport ship cobbled together from the remains of an old and fading nameless Saber class, lost in the Dominion War and forgotten by history. Dragged out of drydock, her Captain once again takes the helm in search for closure with a friend that he once counted as his best, who has now become his most bitter enemy. Even as he does, a dark shadow from his past falls across both him and his crew, and a chance meeting with an old acquaintance, Ibraham Stern, draws him and the Hope both into a dangerous plot, one that is both political, and quite possibly genocidal.

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

Indomitable Will

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Part of S5.02 Shadows and Whispers

Sins of Lives Past

Post Count: 26

[S04E03-E] Augustus Deakin is a man with a checkered past; marine, Starfleet officer, criminal. Now, after getting a clean break and putting his former life behind him, his past is catching up with him. A man from the darkest depths of Deakin's past has tracked him down to Starbase 332 and is hell bent on vengeance at any cost.

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

The Wainwright's Cadets

Post Count: 34

[S04E03-F] The cadets on the training ship USS Wainwright experience a terrible accident, but is it all it seems?

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

God Complex [Incomplete]

Post Count: 20

[S04E03-G] The USS Jackal, newly commanded by Lt. Colonel Maxwell, is off on maneuvers when they receive a distress call from a supposedly uninhabited planet. When they arrive, the crew find not a standard colony but an idyllic mid-50s America town. But the residents of the town may not be all they seem to be.

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

Communication Breakdown

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[S04E03-H] Starfleet Intelligence has uncovered information regarding a Sojourner communication array. Seeing an opportunity to gain access to the Sojourner communication network, and break their codes, Starfleet decides to dispatch members of the 14th Battalion to secure the array. However, the mission turns out not to be so cut and dry...

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

Blooming Friendships

Post Count: 62

[S04E03-I] A dangerous friendship is blooming between two of the station's less conventional residents.

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

Time and High Society

Post Count: 15

[S04E03-J] A legal drama of some sort...

Part of S4.03: Ill Tidings

By Dawn's Early Light

Post Count: 253

[S04E04] Following a defeat at the Ferengi outpost of Mira, the Sojourners retreat to build up their forces. Setbacks force the Sojourner leader to go all in, and assault the space station in orbit of Archa IV, Starbase 332.

Part of S4.04: By Dawn's Early Light

Brave New World

Post Count: 186

In the aftermath of the collapse of the Sojourners following their defeat at Archa IV, the political climate in the Galactic South changes significantly. The Ritorians have laid claim to the territory and worlds previously controlled by the Sojourners, and tensions between the Gorn and the Klingons have heated up to the verge of war. As usual, Starbase 332 finds itself caught up in the middle of the political turmoil while its crew and residents try to get back to their normal lives after the devastating battle.

Part of S5.01: Brave New World

The Art of Survival

Post Count: 30

While en route to a conference on Cestus III, the shuttle carrying Captain Von and Colonel S'er'in'e crash lands on an unknown planet. Struggling to stay alive, can they survive until rescue?

Part of S5.01: Brave New World

Lie Of Omission

Post Count: 34

Jordan Gunning has returned to Starbase 332 with a private investigation licence and nothing but a nostalgic tie to Starfleet. His new venture, Galactic South Investigative Services, is open for business but his first case could turn out to be his last.

Part of S5.01: Brave New World

The Solaran Plague

Post Count: 3

Part of S5.02 Shadows and Whispers

Call of the Wild

Post Count: 18

Part of S5.02 Shadows and Whispers

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

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As the residents and crew of Starbase 332 settle in for a long winter's nap, they are awakened my a strange visitor. Where does this jolly elf come from, what does he want, and why does his belly jiggle like a bowl full of jelly? Can the visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads get the crew in the holiday spirit?

Part of S5.02 Shadows and Whispers

Who Watches The Watchers

Post Count: 27

After a string of unfortunate circumstances in previous missions someone has taken a vested interest in the happenings of Starbase 332. A man known for his zeal and dedication, his loyalty and devotion to the call has come to test the same of those on the station especially those in command. Just what will he find? Who will he find it on and more importantly who will it be used on?

Part of S5.06 Who Watches the Watchers