Season 2 - A New Threat

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As the crew settle in to their new roles, a mysterious new threat is building in the shadows. Reports of an invasion leads the crew to meet this new threat face to face at Thane.

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Included Missions

A New Beginning

Post Count: 28

[S02E01] The USS Jackal returns to her own time and Commodore Gunning sees the need for change in the make up of his crew.

The Pak'Leth Problem

Post Count: 101

[S02E02] In trying to track down the Pak'Leth, the security forces of 332 and her garrison vessel the USS Jackal have to work together to take down a ring of narcotic smugglers.

The Invasion of Thane

Post Count: 89

[S02E03] Can the crew of Starbase 332 stop the invasion of Thane? Just who is behind the invasion and will they come face to face with the Ritorian Confederacy for the first time?