Sins of Lives Past

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Status Completed Mission
Description [S04E03-E] Augustus Deakin is a man with a checkered past; marine, Starfleet officer, criminal. Now, after getting a clean break and putting his former life behind him, his past is catching up with him. A man from the darkest depths of Deakin's past has tracked him down to Starbase 332 and is hell bent on vengeance at any cost.
Mission Group S4.03: Ill Tidings
Start Date Fri Sep 26th, 2014 @ 3:31pm
End Date Fri Mar 27th, 2015 @ 3:31pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
by Captain Liarra Von & Commander Jordan Gunning
Commanding Officer's Office
The Final Revenge
by Lieutenant Augustus Deakin & Oleran Telan & Amelia Darby & Commander Jordan Gunning & Lieutenant Yzhara & Zezz'a & Valia
After 'Pursuit Course' Nameless Planetoid [Underground]
Pursuit Course
by Commander Jordan Gunning & Lieutenant Yzhara & Amelia Darby
After 'One of Our Own' Main Bridge [Deck 1, USS Montreal]
A Dark Reunion
by Lieutenant Augustus Deakin & Oleran Telan
One Of Our Own
by Commander Jordan Gunning & Captain Liarra Von & Amelia Darby
Main Bridge, USS Montreal
Forty-Two Gamma
by Lieutenant Augustus Deakin & Commander Jordan Gunning & Valia
Deck 707
Stalking the Prey
by Zezz'a & Lieutenant Augustus Deakin & Valia
Refugee Areas
Seeking Help
by Commander Jordan Gunning & Lieutenant Augustus Deakin
First Officer's Office [Ops, Deck 12]
The Call
by Lieutenant Augustus Deakin
Deakin's Quarters
Sending Word
by Amelia Darby
Lower Promenade
Telan's Landing
by Zezz'a & Oleran Telan & Valia & Bothek & Amelia Darby
Approach to Starbase 332
Bitter Vengeance
by Oleran Telan
En Route to Starbase 332

Mission Summary