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Commander Jordan Gunning

Name Jordan Gunning

Position Staff Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El-Aurian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 174lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jordan is one for informalities. He is usually found with his shirt sleeves rolled up and a smile on his face. His approachable demeanour is a throwback to his mother's El-Aurian blood, there is something about Jordan which puts people at ease immediately.

Gunning's rate of aging is at present unclear. Although he does appear youthful for a man in his mid-30s, there is nothing to suggest that he will live as long as most El-Aurians can hope to. Studies conducted into 'half-breed' children by Starfleet Medical have been inconclusive with the necessary genetic code present in some but not others.

Detective character design by Silberius on DeviantArt

[OOC note: an indicator of the kind of clothing design I have in mind for Jordan]


Father William Gunning
Mother Lea Gunning (née Tahna)
Brother(s) Alexander Gunning (Commanding Officer, Starbase 332, Galactic South) [Deceased]
Other Family Uncle: Herk'an Tahna of the El-Aurian Consulate.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordan's attitude to his peers and others is centred around the trust that many instinctively feel in him. While many El-Aurians use their abilities to trick and con people, Jordan never saw any benefit in such actions. Instead he favoured the more intuitive, caring elements of his people's teachings until he moved into civilian contracting and accepted that life isn't just black and white. Shades of grey always, always apply.

The manner in which Jordan deals with people is usually amicable and friendly. He does have something of a withering streak, a trait that he has embraced much more since the death of his human half-brother who had been an influence on the young Gunning's sense of humour.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
  • Like most with El-Aurian blood Jordan is an excellent listener.
  • Has experience in working out simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Strong lateral thinking abilities.
  • Responds well & calmly to orders.
  • Thrives in extreme situations.

  • Is quick to anger.
  • Can over-react to situations.
  • Has a tendency to go off 'half-cocked' and make rash decisions.
  • Has a blind-spot when it comes to ethics towards pirates such as the Sojourners
  • Ambitions Originally Jordan's ambitions were to help Starfleet protect their interests against the forces in Galactic South. Gunning's former goal of advancement within Starfleet Intelligence was put on the back-burner after the death of his brother. He felt a strong desire to return to the Alpha Quadrant from the 'home' he felt like he had created aboard the Luna-class starship USS Iapetus became of the utmost importance.

    His assignment to Starbase 332 gave him the opportunity to fulfill his personal ambition: to see his brother's murderer draw their last breath but pretty soon he realised that the confines of Starfleet regulations wouldn't allow him to aggressively pursue his goals. After the fall of the Sojourners following the failed occupation of Starbase 332, he decided that his ambitions could only be realised outside of the service.
    Hobbies & Interests
  • Holonovels.
  • History.
  • Alcohol.
  • Languages Federation Standard, Vinarian Trade Speak [Basic], Romulan [Basic]

    Personal History Early Life

    Despite being born in New Berlin, Luna; Jordan always felt more El-Aurian than human. Fascinated by his peoples' struggles at the hands of the Borg and their consequent spread across the galaxy. He spent many evenings as a child leafing through book after book of El-Aurian folk stories, many of which came from the few new colonies of El-Aurians which sprang up in the Alpha Quadrant following their exile.

    At the age of ten he was inducted into the El-Aurian Scientific Academy on the colony world of Iadara IV but did not thrive under the pressure of living up to his mother's reputation as an eminent scientist. During this time he suffered from various disciplinary problems as well as several incidents involving his peers.

    [Starfleet Academy]

    At age 15 he resolved to join Starfleet and operate in the security field. At age 16 he moved to San Francisco to begin his training and instantly felt at home amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. He found the classes difficult but, without the distractions that he had felt on Iadara, he managed to excel academically.

    In his third year, he was selected for Nova Squadron as a Tactical presence for their drill running. His piloting skills were not up to scratch but his ability in guiding the fighters to their targets was undeniable. He completed his dissertation in early 2377 on the subject of 'Covert Security Investigation Techniques' - a subject he had become very interested in during his final two years at the Academy.

    He graduated in 2377 with honours.

    [Starfleet Security]

    After graduation he received orders to report to Starfleet Security where, by order of Admiral Ross who had been impressed with his dissertation, he was assigned to analyse intelligence regarding the re-armament of Cardassian military positions. He was, on numerous occasions, dispatched on missions into the Cardassian Empire. His efforts ensured that the Cardassians were unable to carry out any plans for re-arming.

    [USS Psiren]

    After 2 and a half years on Earth he was given his first deep space assignment aboard the USS Psiren, a Galaxy class vessel that had been suffering from a slump in crew morale. This had led to a great deal of violence and other forms of crime, unbecoming of a Starfleet crew. Jordan's investigations along with the work of counselors and morale officers managed to curtail the pattern of behaviour.

    During one altercation Gunning was stabbed by a Crewman who was smuggling stims using a hidden footlocker in his quarters. The blade pierced his abdomen and he has a scar consistent with the blade.

    [Starbase 386]

    Two years later he transferred aboard Starbase 386 as the Assistant Chief Security Officer, where he met an intelligence agent by the name of Sara Archer. She was aloof but he was impressed by the way in which she conducted herself on the station and she more than stood out amongst the analysts and embittered old men serving in the base's Intel branch. They were never particularly close, with Jordan noting that Archer seemed more focussed on her work than any personal relationships.

    During his time aboard Starbase 386, the then Lieutenant (JG) Gunning proved himself in battle and in internal security matters which led to him being recommended for Chief Tactical/Security Officer aboard USS Iapetus.

    [USS Iapetus]

    Jordan was approached by then-Executive Officer of the Iapetus, Commander Peter Brown when awaiting transfer at Starbase Ronin. He allowed his trust in his superiors to cloud his scepticism of the situation he found himself in and ended up being complicit in the hijacking of the USS Lincoln, which was docked undergoing a refit. When he managed to board the Iapetus, he made it his goal to make sure that Brown was tracked down and brought to justice. Since Brown was assigned a role aboard the Iapetus after his trial, Jordan made it his business to both avoid and keep an eye on his superior officer, feeling betrayed by a man who was in a position of trust.

    Jordan Gunning was part of the away team which was imprisoned on the planet of Bevrudl but managed to, with the help of Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer, escape and turn the tables on the Bevrud who had taken them prisoner.

    Gunning was instrumental in the location of the Romulan Shrike-class vessel which was responsible for the destruction of the USS Marconi near Regulus.

    Upon the Iapetus' reassignment to the Delta Quadrant, Gunning was held captive with his 'captivity buddy' Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer while trying to locate an informant known as Varro. Their fate seemed sealed as they lay rotting in a dark, dank cell on a pirate vessel until they were rescued by an excellent plan involving the Iapetus' shuttles.

    In 2389, Gunning's brother Alexander was killed when the station he commanded, Starbase 332, was bombed by terrorists claiming to represent the interests of a mysterious group referring to themselves as "The Sojourners".

    Jordan's priorities suddenly changed. While his conversation with Captain Krace and his official transfer request cited his desire to return to the Alpha Quadrant and an assignment in Galactic South in order to assist Starfleet's cause in the area and be closer to his family, the reality was different. The Sojourners had come to occupy his unconscious mind and every time he closed his eyes he could do nothing but picture his brother's lifeless body floating through space.

    [Starbase 332]

    Although he would not outwardly admit to it, Gunning needed to be closer to Starfleet actions that may directly involve the Sojourners. An assignment to Strategic Operations, assisting work on Starbase 332 became the perfect assignment.

    Upon arrival and meeting his brothers mentee, Captain Liarra Von, Jordan found a station in disarray. The captain, who would have benefitted from a few more years as an executive, was struggling to come to terms not only with the attack and the loss of her friend but also a scaling back of Starfleet's operations in the Archanis Sector. Pressures from the tourist trap world of Archa IV and the concerns of further attacks lead Jordan to quickly rise to a position of prominence in the system.

    [Fate Of The Angels - S04E01-B]

    In his first away mission while assigned to the Starbase he was thrown back in time along with Lieutenant Augustus Deakin and Ensign Allison Price where they assisted the USS Seraphim avoid destruction and temporal lock at the hands of the Klingon Empire. By revealing themselves as time travellers to the crew of the Constitution-class ship, they were able to turn the tide against the Klingon aggressors and save the Seraphim, restoring it to its rightful place in history.

    In early 2391, following the reassignment of Commander Brian Ratchford, Jordan was promoted to Executive Officer of Starbase 332.

    [Sins Of Lives Past - S04E03-E]

    Gunning was approached by Lieutenant Gus Deakin, a friend, a colleague and an officer with an incredibly dark past. Previously an intelligence asset with the organisation of a man called Telan, he had been tracked down to Starbase 332 and asked for Jordan's help to stop his former 'employer' exacting a bloody revenge. Unfortunately, after a bloody firefight on some nameless planetoid, Telan attempted to detonate a bomb. Gunning would have been caught in the blast were it not for the heroic actions of Deakin who sacrificed himself to allow them to escape.

    [The Wainwright's Cadets - S04E03-F]

    Eager to keep himself active following the loss of another friend, Gunning threw himself into giving lectures at the station's Academy Adjunct. As a training exercise he assigned a cadet crew to the academy training vessel attached to the station, the USS Wainwright, and put in motion a series of 'disaster scenarios' designed to test their abilities. Suffice to say he was not the most popular person among the student body.

    [Reassignment to Security]

    After a few months as First Officer aboard the station, it was obvious that Jordan was eager to get back to a more 'boots on the ground' role having been stuck in his office for a great deal of the time since taking the role. With crime and smuggling rampant around the station, Gunning took a voluntary reassignment to become Chief of Station Security and immediately began the difficult task of restaffing and restructuring the security centre and turning the beleaguered officers into a formidable crime fighting force.

    [By Dawn's Early Light - S04E04]

    Just after his reassignment a Sojourner fleet moved to attack Starbase 332, putting Jordan immediately in the firing line. He was ultimately responsible for the defence and evacuation of the station's vast civilian population. He found himself involved in a number of positional skirmishes after the initial boarding and took great pleasure in repelling the boarders using extreme force.

    [Resignation from Starfleet]

    Following the fall of the Sojourners following the battle at Starbase 332 and with the restructure of the station's security department complete, Jordan put in his papers announcing his intention to resign from Starfleet and make his way in the private sector. It was weeks until he was heard from again.

    [Galactic South Investigative Services]

    After three weeks on what Jordan referred to as 'a bender', he finally completed his exit paperwork from Starfleet and was granted a Private Investigation Licence allowing him to conduct work in Galactic South and beyond. He immediately made a call to Traxx, the Archa system's most reputable shipwright, to procure him a runabout for his personal use and took office premises aboard Starbase 332.

    Galactic South Investigative Services opened its doors and immediately threw Jordan into valuable work and gave him the .
    Service Record 2357 - Born in New Berlin, Luna

    2377 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. Commissioned as Ensign. Assigned to Starfleet Security as Intelligence Analyst.

    2380 - Transferred aboard USS Psiren as Security Investigation Officer.

    2382 - Transferred to Starbase 386 as Assistant Chief Security Officer with the rank of Lieutenant (JG).

    2385 - Transferred to Luna Class USS Iapetus as Chief Security & Tactical Officer with the rank of Lieutenant.

    2386 - Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander.

    2388 - Promoted to Commander and made Second Officer aboard the Iapetus.

    2390 - Applied for reassignment to Task Force 11 in the 11th Fleet after the death of his brother in 2389. Took a promotion to Executive Officer of Starbase 332.

    2391 - Took a voluntary reduction in role in order to deal with the rampant crime aboard the frontier station Starbase 332.

    2391 - Following the fall of the Sojourners, resigned his commission in Starfleet to pursue private interests.

    Achievements [OOC] Achievement: Posting Trainee

    Achievement: Posting Rookie

    Achievement: Posting Veteran

    Achievement: Posting Machine

    Achievement: Multiple Personalities

    Achievement: Achiever Mark I

    Achievement: Veteran Officer

    Achievement: Where Eagles Dare