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Lieutenant Augustus Deakin

Name Augustus Quentin Deakin

Position Deceased

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Callsign (Fighters Only) Gus
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 198cm
Weight 110kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Gus is an imposing individual, very tall and built like the old marine that he is. Even in his mid-40s, he considers himself to be in excellent shape and the medical staff generally agree. He has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Although he is always neat and tidy while on duty – clean shaven and short cut hair – he has been known to let it all go while away from duty and grow a substantial beard.


Spouse Emily Deakin (Deceased)
Children None
Father John Deakin (Deceased)
Mother Amanda Deakin (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview He tends to be more of a solitary individual, usually preferring his own company to those around him. Surrounding himself with other people is very much outside of his comfort zone, but he will make an effort to get to know those he works with and when he does he usually comes across as engaging and even charming.

He prefers to engross himself in his work and other activities, seeing them as a way to escape the many demons of his past.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is physically strong, fit and healthy and has a very sharp mind. His life in the marines and outside Federation space have given him an excellent insight into what he would call ‘unorthodox practices’.

A recent psychiatric evaluation found that he may be at risk of suffering significant mental illness and shows some signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Ambitions Gus just takes things one day at a time.
Hobbies & Interests He makes model ships and likes to tinker with small craft like shuttles and flyers.
Languages Federation Standard, Tellarite, some Nausicaan and some Romulan

Personal History Gus has had a long and varied career in and out of Starfleet. When he was 19 he enlisted with the Starfleet Marines and following basic training was assigned to the 82nd Battalion, based in Darwin. He served ten years in the marines, raising to be a Company First Sergeant by the time of the Dominion War.

During the war, the 82nd Battalion fought in many ground operations including the invasion of Chin’toka, where they suffered significant casualties. When the battalion was pulled out of Chin’toka, its strength was down to about forty per cent of when it went in. To make the sacrifice even worse, only two weeks after the 82nd was pulled out, the Dominion regained control of Chin’toka. Gus lost many friends at Chin’toka and the memories of that campaign haunt him still.

Following the end of the war, Gus decided he wanted to leave the marines and do something less dangerous with his life. But he still had a strong urge to serve the Federation. So, he took the unusual step of applying for entry into Starfleet Academy.

He was accepted as a sophomore cadet – because of his previous service – and went off to San Francisco to complete his training. He excelled in technical courses and showed some aptitude at command. Ultimately he graduated with reasonable scores across most subjects.

Following graduation, he was assigned as an Operations Officer to the U.S.S. Discovery, which was a science ship and unlikely to see any significant combat. Gus was very happy with this.

He was even happier soon after arriving on the Discovery when he met a science officer named Emily Hamilton. The two of them immediately hit it off and before he knew it, Gus found himself in a serious relationship with her. They were married in 2381, soon after Gus received a promotion to Lieutenant junior grade. They both continued to serve on the Discovery and in early 2383 Emily fell pregnant.

Everything was perfect. But, naturally, it didn’t last.

In mid-2383, the Discovery was surveying the Ja’Hran system and Emily was part of an away mission to Ja’Hran VI to collect biological samples. It was a routine mission and science teams from the Discovery had been crawling all over the planet for the better part of a week before Emily went down. During the mission, Emily’s enviro suit was breached by what the report described as an ‘aggressively territorial fauna sample’. The plant was poisonous and Emily quickly succumbed to the toxin. She died in less than sixty seconds.

Gus was devastated by Emily’s death and the loss of their unborn child. He fell into a deep depression and two months later resigned his commission and left Starfleet.

He floated around the Federation for about a year, running from his past. After a while, he started to get work in civilian cargo ships as cargo master or sometimes third officer.

In 2386, he was working on the merchantman Gracie’s Prize as Cargo Master. Although a legitimate freighter, the Prize was also a smuggler and Gus, as CM, was intricately involved in the process of hiding illicit cargo. At first he was opposed to the idea when the Prize’s captain first suggested it. But after consideration, he felt he had nothing to lose.

He worked for two years in the Prize, smuggling all manner of illicit cargo outside the Federation. It was while he was here that he came to know a Tellarite businessman named Oleran Telan, who based his operations on the independent colony of Hesperia, outside Federation space. Telan gave Gus a job on Hesperia, coordinating the transfer of imports.

In 2389 he took a different role for Telan. This one was effectively as Telan’s manager in the settlement of Hopevale. This was a critical role for Telan as his control of Hopevale was slipping as rival organisations were moving in. The most fearsome of these were the Red Dogs, who were an offshoot of a Nausicaan mercenary organisation that was determined to expand its influence onto Hesperia. They sensed that Hopevale was the way to do that.

In 2390, Gus was contacted by a ghost from his past – Commander Azan Pytaan, who was the Discovery’s First Officer at the time of Emily’s death. Pytaan, now working with Starfleet Intelligence, was the head of the Hesperia Desk and contacted Gus to get him out of there. Pytaan knew that the Red Dogs were about to take over and destroy Telan’s organisation and he didn’t want his old friend being killed as part of that. With some arm twisting, Gus reluctantly took up Pytaan’s offer of rescue and got off world just before Telan’s fall.

According to the official report, Gus was on deep cover assignment for Starfleet Intelligence and successfully infiltrated the organisation of Oleran Telan. Upon completion of this mission, he was extracted as per protocols and was now ready to resume regular duties.
Service Record 2390 – Pres Chief Operations Officer, Starbase 332 (LT)
2383 - 2390 Service Suppressed, Order of Starfleet Intelligence
2379 – 2383 Operations Officer, USS Discovery (ENS/LTJG)
2376 – 2379 Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2374 – 2375 Company First Sergeant, 82nd Marine Battalion (GSGT)
2368 – 2374 Squad Leader, 82nd Marine Battalion (SGT/SSGT)
2367 – 2368 Assistant Squad Leader, 82nd Marine Battalion (CPL)
2364 – 2367 Marine, 82nd Marine Battalion (PTE/PFC/LCPL)

Achievements [OOC] Achievement: Posting Trainee

Achievement: Posting Rookie

Achievement: Multiple Personalities