Starbase 332, Where Are You?

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Status Completed Mission
Description In the immediate aftermath of the freak ion storm that hit the station, the crew make a startling discover: Starbase 332 is no longer in orbit of Archa IV. An unknown location, restless visitors, and a new threat on the horizon, can the station crew find a way to get home?
Mission Group S5.04 Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Start Date Sun Dec 30th, 2018 @ 9:43pm
End Date Sun Aug 18th, 2019 @ 9:43pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Someone Misplace A Station?
by Captain Liarra Von
Bridge. U.S.S. Dreadnought
Desperate Times...
by Captain Liarra Von & Colonel S'er'in'e & Commander Walter Prescott & Warrant Officer Marcus Lazlo & Commander Titus Livius Drusus PhD
Main Operations
Green and Blue
by Lieutenant Julia 'Jules' Bryce & Warrant Officer Marcus Lazlo & Captain Sadie McBride
Promenade - Docking Ring Access
Preparing isn't the Same as Catching up.
by Commander Talia Varen
1600 hours. Sickbay Trauma bay 1
A Bite in the Dark
by Commander Talia Varen & Lieutenant JG Bradley Jones
Main Sickbay, SB332
Bug Zapper
by Lieutenant Commander Buck Ducati & Lieutenant JG Holt Tyson
Maintenance Corridor 546
Seperated from Team
by Lieutenant Paul Sharpe & Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis
Current Docking Bay
Things That Go Bump in the Night
by Captain Liarra Von & Colonel S'er'in'e & Commander Talia Varen & Commander Walter Prescott & Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis & Commander Titus Livius Drusus PhD
1300 hours, after “Unsettling News” Command Briefing Room
Drowning My Sorrows
by Master Warrant Officer Vestara Stronghold & Lieutenant Alana Tovan
Riot! With Weapons
by Samanthia Akiashiro
Docking Ring; Main Concourse
There's One In Every Crowd
by Warrant Officer Marcus Lazlo & Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis & Lieutenant Paul Sharpe
Current Docking Ring, Main Concourse
Bug Guts
by Lieutenant JG Clarissa Morton & Commander Titus Livius Drusus PhD
Science Department - Biology Labs
The Investigation Begins
by Lieutenant Yzhara & Lieutenant Commander Tyler Vorran & Lieutenant JG Liam Harrison & Cadet Senior Grade Errowyn St. Cloud
USS Wainwright
You can't stop them...
by Sophia & Lieutenant Commander Marit Lantry M.D., Ph.D.
Just prior to the Ion Storm.
The Lights Are On...
by Captain Liarra Von & Commander Talia Varen
Unsettling News
by Captain Liarra Von
After "The Elder Statesman" Commanding Officer's Office
The Elder Statesman
by Captain Liarra Von
USS Carthage, Bridge
Asking for Help
by Captain Liarra Von
Admiral S'iraa's Office
Leisure Time
by Samanthia Akiashiro & Colonel S'er'in'e
Akiashiro Apartment
Established Alibi?
by Commander Jordan Gunning & Lieutenant Erin Whitlam PhD
Peluu, Archa IV
Captain's Riot
by Samanthia Akiashiro
Eye of the Storm
by Lieutenant Marc Madigan & Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis & Lieutenant Julia 'Jules' Bryce & Lieutenant Paul Sharpe & Warrant Officer Marcus Lazlo
Current Security Operations
Where Are We?
by Samanthia Akiashiro
Warp-12 SB332
Lost and Found
by Captain Liarra Von & Lieutenant Erin Whitlam PhD & Commander Titus Livius Drusus PhD
Captain's Office
Where Are We?
by Cadet Junior Grade Emma Phelps & Lieutenant Erin Whitlam PhD

Mission Summary