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Captain's Riot

Posted on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 @ 4:02pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: SB-332

The Civilian Merchant Captains took notice that Fleet Officers were slipping out from the lounge on muttered excuses to go see their ships. But they knew the Fleet Captains few in number, were in the same boat as they were. Locked Down in a huge Starbase with many other ships of all sizes. Nowhere to go, but to enjoy the station's pleasure places and eateries. But that didn't earn them money to keep crew and ship happy. The mutterings grew as more and more as it turned to loss of revenue each moment they remained locked within the big space dock of the Starbase 332.

"Force the issue!" One captain muttered staring across the table as the liquid courage and worry began to mount. "They can't hold us here!"

Another Captain, known for his temper overheard the comment. "Damn right they cant hold us! We're legit Merchants!" Slamming his empty glass on the table. "My crew is getting restless also!" He leaned forward to be heard as more and nearby captains began to listen.

"We have crew to back us up if we need muscle!" Another Captain spoke up as she stood up to move closer, with her drink.

"And techs if the Starbase Commander whont allow us to leave!" A Klingon roared from seat, nearby, then slammed the rest of his bloodwine down.

The group of them joined the Female Captain standing and gathering around the few.

Samanthia gave the signal to the Bartenders to start watering down the drinks as she slipped into the kitchen to break out more fingerfoods, such as chips and such.

But fueled by worry, anger at being detained along with liquid courage, the few has swayed the rest in their favor as Captains called for their crews. Both on the Station and aboard their ships. As the mob began to grow, they moved out into the corridor, heading for the access ways to the Station Command. Those that Mob ran into, persuaded them to join in or be left behind to go broke. They worked their way upward toward the Command section of the Starbase. Shoving away those that barred their way. Commandeering the turbolifts. Prying open Maintenance accessways to the upper floors.


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