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Samanthia Akiashiro

Name Samanthia Miranda Akiashiro

Position Owner - 'Warp 12'

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30+

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color long black hair with a bluish tinge
Eye Color expressive warm blue
Physical Description long black hair with a bluish tinge when light hits it cascading down her back in natural curly waves; slightly slanted almond shaped soft expressive warm blue eyes, wearing what ever is comfortable and decent.


Spouse S'er'in'e (Second Husband)
Children Mariah
Father Dr. Iiawah, Mogumu PhD Psychology, LtCmdr USS Pasteur NCC-58925 [hospital ship]
Mother Dr. Iiawah, Sarah PhD Trauma LtCmdr USS Pasteur NCC-58925 [hospital ship]
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Akiashiro Clan ::
Elder Raphiel Akiashiro = Clan Elder / Owner of Akiashiro Shipping
Tamarue Akiashiro = 1rst Wife and Incharge of the Akiashiro Level
Megan Akiashiro = Fleet Scheduling and Cagro Assignment
Aikiko Akiashiro = Station / Clan Liaison
Nyubi "Ned" Akiashiro = Senior Engineer for the Akiashiro Fleet and Level
Eric Akiashiro = Akiashiro Security chief / Fleet Security Liaison
Frederick "Fido" Akiashiro = Civilian Security / master chef

First husband: Nicholas Akiashiro Lt. Engineering, SB-12 (deceased)
Sarah (5) Alyssia (5) (twins) (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview very competive and doesn't like to discuss personal things with people, always willing to lend a ear, friendly to all.
Strengths & Weaknesses to be discovered
Ambitions To Be Discovered
Hobbies & Interests music, dancing, martial arts, reading, embroidery/seamstress, studying ancient cultures, business.
Languages Human (english, hawaiian, japanese, latin), Klingon, Cardassian, Andorian

Personal History Career History::
2351 - 2356:: [5]
First five years were on the island of Hawaii, enjoying a active outdoors life of smimming and surfing, running along side her parent instilling her with the love for life and others, before leaving Earth [Sol-3] for their assignment aboard the USS Pasteur with her tagging along scince it was a joint assignment.

2356 - 2366:: [15]
USS Pasteur NCC-58925 [hospital ship] Her parents and being around SF, it was a given that she was destined to follow in her parent footstep in the medical feild, as a counciler and very much encouraged to join SF, had the sweetest smile that would lighten the mood of those around her as she explored and learned with her peers, applied and took the test for admitance into the Star Fleet. Her parents encouraged her and supported her decision, by helping her learn and give guidence to their daughhter with love and patience. With help from friends, was allowed to start SF Academy at a younger age, due to the maturity and intelligence she displayed.

2366 - 2372:: [21]
Academy years was an exciting time for her and also had a good time, excelling in the medical field from her parent tutlege and encouragment. She joined groups that caught her interest and passion, and to include the martial arts, becoming a blackbelt, she still practices and will seek out like minded SF officer's to spar and learn new techinques.

2372 - 2374 [23]
USS Concorde From cadet to AltJg in the job of Cns, being very profient in her job, her shipbboard crew often mistaken her for a betaziod, the uncanny way she always got to the bottom of the prolbem and kept the crew with good morales and preventing minor problems in becoming a major one. when time came she tranferred to the USS Visionary. Continuing her learning with OJT in the medical field, helping when needed in sickbay

2374 - 2376:: [25]USS Visionary
Assigned to the USS Visionary along with a promotion to LtJg. An Intrepid Classed Starship, which participated in many missions during the Dominion Wars, including missions into the Gamma Quadrant to gather intell.

2376::[25] SB-12
She came to SB-12 with continuing the dreams and hopes of a rewarding career in StarFleet medical in healing the mind of traumatized and be a sympathic ear to everyone at SB-12.
She found more, A loving husband, Nicholes Akiashiro, in Engineering whom had a promicing career ahead of him also. They promtly got married, soulmates for life, opened a bar called Warp-12, started a family, planning only one child, They was blessed with twin girls, Sarah, Alyssia, each named after memoraible family members whom they held dear in their hearts. Both rising stars in their respective fields.

19 September 2381 [30]
Until the fateful day of sabatoge/attack against SB-12, killing her husband on duty and her two daughters who was with their kindergarden class on a field trip to see the big ships.

20 September 2381:: [30]
She -was- the senior cns but stepped down after the explosion and the post became available letting visiting counciler take Snr Cns, while she taken jnr cns post, showing she has a lot more experience. She made the decision that was best for the crew and herself. When the Counciler was there on special request to see a patient... She puts all her efforts into her bar "Warp-12", being the kind soul she is, while serving drinks to patrons, found out she could do more to help those that needed it, for the alcohol tended to loosen tongues alot quicker than trust could of a most friendler counscilor and was always present, even at the odd hours that even a SF counsiler couldn't keep do to meetings, or a sudden transfer away from the base.. thus to alot of people who are stationed at SB-12 come to know Samanthia as friend, sister, mother to all, sharing in the triumphs, mundane, disastors and such... a friendly person who just accepts the person for who they are. If not..beware when drinking in her place.

2382-???? ::[31]
where abouts unknown...... (will be updated as soon as I know and been accepted into the sim.)

????-current :: [??] Arrived at the Starbase -332 aboard the CSS Black Orchid (Akiashiro Controled Defiant) and immediatly was accepted into the Akiashiro Clan and given the club to run and manage as she sees fit until farther notice.

Current - :: Meet S'er'in'e and mated with him using the Caitian Ritual way in front of his parents while visiting Cait.
Service Record 2366-2372 Starfleet Academy.
2372-2374 USS Concorde; Councilor; Cdt cruise to LtJG.
2374-2376 USS Visionary; Councilor; (Intrepid) Gamma Quad - Dominion Conflict. LtJG
2376-2382 SB-12, Councilor (Reserve Officer Lt.Cmdr)/ Warp-12 Bar Manager
2382 -2387 where abouts unknown? Classified?
2387 - ???? SB 332 - Lounge manger / Warp-12

Achievements [OOC] Achievement: Posting Trainee

Achievement: Posting Rookie

Achievement: Posting Veteran

Achievement: Posting Machine

Achievement: Multiple Personalities

Achievement: Achiever Mark I

Achievement: Veteran Officer

Achievement: There's No Place Like Home...

Achievement: I Didn’t Do Nuthin’

Achievement: Where Eagles Dare

Achievement: Achiever Mark II

Achievement: Darkness Rising

Achievement: It’s a Small World After All

Achievement: Breaking News

Achievement: Back in my Academy Days…

Achievement: What’s Up, Doc?