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Eye of the Storm

Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2019 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant Marc Madigan & Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis & Lieutenant Julia 'Jules' Bryce & Lieutenant Paul Sharpe & Warrant Officer Marcus Lazlo

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Security Operations
Timeline: Current

Craig has just left the Captain and had a better idea of what they were dealing with. Didn't mean he liked it and had wished he had stayed on his shuttle, but its time to go to work. He stopped for a brief second at his quarters where he threw down his go bag and changed into the Starbase Blue uniform. Once done he made the best pace for deck 13 on the Security Hub. As he exited the security hub he passed through the door and saw a familiar face working the reception desk. "Senior staff are in the ready room, Commander." He told Craig and Craig gave a nod and a smile. No time for chit chat.

He walked into the Ready room and the collect senior security staff turned their attention to the new body. Craig went to his seat at the front of the table but did not sit. "Let's get started. For those of you who were not here last year when I was briefly in charge here, I am Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis. Former Marine turned Security chief. I was this stations Chief for a few months before I was called to the North to help with negations with the Rihansu Resistance." he paused. "Now I am back and we have a storm brewing out there. Let's go around the room so I can learn everyone. Name, the position here, and thoughts on the rising tensions on the Starbase."

Speaking up first in a bland monotone voice he was acutely aware that he sounded as cold as a Vulcan would when stating his name, rank and skills, the only difference was a Vulcan would not be ashamed of his borderline, lawful computer skills "Lieutenant Paul Sharpe, and I have a lot of experience in Security and I am also a computer specialist *looking abashed* off the books that is, I can bypass most computers, even do a temporary fix and have yet to meet a computer I cannot access, please to meet you Commander.

"Warrant Officer Marcus Lazlo, One of the lead investigators on the station. I was a cop for a long run in New New York City. Pretty good with crowd control and generally figuring things out," He explained, drumming his fingers quietly on the table. Sitting there was making him nervous... something about the feel of the people complaining about being stuck here was setting off his cop sense, and it wasn't good. He knew they needed to talk, but he didn't want to be sitting on his hands with things in such a tender spot.

"Lieutenant Jules Bryce here. Assistant Security Chief in this lovely little berg. I can give you a list as to why the usuals are up in arms starting with 'it's Monday' and ending with 'the ships stuck is bad for business.' It's stirring the pot on every level from the lowest levels of Dust Town all the way up." It was mostly lacking snark. Mostly, which was pretty good for Jules. "All the way from merchant to pickpocket hurt anytime there's a lockdown like this."

Madigan gave a little wave. "Lieutenant Marc Madigan. I'm the section chief over the commercial district and the promenade. I think my group has been seeing the brunt of it so far. There's a lot of unhappy freighter crews hanging around the bars and getting restless. Is there any word on when Ops is going to release the hold on those ships? If we don't let them go soon, we are going to have issues."

With making its way around the table it was time to get to work. "That is a real issue" Craig said to Madigan. "So I just spoke to the Captain and we are going to allow people out of the docking bays but all craft are still grounded for the time being." He left out the part about the station being misplaced. "Lazlo, we will need your experience when it comes to dealing with the masses. We will be calling in all on-call staff because we need to beef up our high-security areas since we will have a larger number of people on station. We also need to beef up our patrols of the commercial district due to the unrest. I don't want anyone in the offices all current investigations, unless are a matter of extreme station security are suspended we need every boot on the streets." He looked around the table. "Questions?"

Lazlo gave a nod, "None here, sir." He hadn't had to deal with this level of unrest in a while... should be fun.

Madigan shook his head. One long night was turning into several in a hurry. But the situation was what it was. "No questions from me, sir. We'll keep a close eye on the commercial district. It might not be a bad idea to restrict access to the residential areas. If we can keep people contained in public zones, it might take some load off the other sections, and help reinforce mine. I'm sure we could use all the help we could get."

"That is a good idea let's do that we can restrict access to the residential areas of the station using electronic checkpoints which are already in place for a lockdown situation." Travis agreed with Madigan

Sharpe remained quiet and listened to what was being said, he thought all that was being said was logical for the most part, but the station and its residents had to be kept safe.

"Nope," Jules said with a shake of her head. "Might as well get to it."

Lt. Commander Craig Travis
Chief of Station Security

Lieutenant Julia 'Jules' Bryce
Assistant Chief of Security

Lieutenant Marc Madigan
Section Chief, Commercial District

Lieutenant Paul Sharpe
Security Officer

Warrant Officer Marcus Lazlo
Criminal Investigator


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