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Where Are We?

Posted on Sat Apr 13th, 2019 @ 2:39pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Warp-12 SB332

Once the power had been return full capacity to the big Starbase. Fleet, Merchant and Independents captains gathered at Warp-12 along with a few of their top crewmembers as the rest of the crews had limited shore leave dictated by their work schedules.

Samanthia moved amongst them, helping out her staff serve drinks. Listening in on various conversations and discussion going on. A lot of the station personnel, civilian and fleet, wanting a change of scenery and opening of the blast shields that protected the starbase from outside threats.

With the flare of dramitics, a blast of horns sounded alerting those present that shields were being retracted into storage for future use.

Everyone turned to watch the big shields being collapsed in according style, widening the gap to view the stars. A hush slowly spread as the view got wider and wider to allow the first viewing of the void of space and the stars.
A soft gasp of awe at the pristine clear view of the stars that shone with an unusual brightness as there was no space debris, large to microscopic dulling the light from them.

A rousing cheer roared from the Lounge at seeing the view and the Ion storm had passed. Then the drinks flowed with the staff rushing to keep up with the demands.

Discussions rose and fell when suddenly over by the viewport a comment was made. "I don't recognize the constellations." And then another rose up. "Where's Archa IV?" Silence spread as the patrons began to take notice of the stars arranged in different patterns.

Samanthia glanced out the viewport, herself to confirm what was fast spreading amongst the patrons of Warp-12 Lounge. Glancing at the digital clock, taking note of the time, did a quick calculation for the next viewing of Archa IV. She would give it 30 more minutes for the station to rotate to bring the planet into view.

The Amateur Astronomy Club was busy conferring with their notebooks and each others. "Anyone got their portable telescope?" One asked another of the group. There was a flurry of activity as one produced their telescope. It was quickly set up and the owner taking first view as it was his privilege to. "I don't see Rock 2631." Backing away to allow another to confirm or find the missing asteroid.

"I don't see it either." As that person swung the telescope on its tripod. "Beacon 981 is gone also." He stepped away to let other take their turn and announcing what was missing. Majority of the objects could be explained away by the Ion Storm. But the Planet and other Major objects that were stuck there by the systems sun.

"Archa IV should be in sight, but I don't see it..." Last one spoke a bit louder than necessary. And it spread like wildfire through the lounge as those present moved to the big viewport out into space.

Soon it became major topic of everyone. "Where are we?" Those that were visiting the station became suspicious as they remembered their ship was still in lockdown and no ships were allowed to leave.

The Captains of Fleet ships, glanced at each other and slipped out discretely. Being Fleet, they had access to the All Fleet Control Section of the Station and the Station Commanding Officer. Either to offer their Fleet crews in support of the Station or demand the release of their ships to head out into the unknown to find the way back to known space.

Independent and Merchant Captains conspired and ranted raved about being held prisoner and blaming Akiashiro Merchant Consortium to hinder their ships from leaving and making new contact for exotic manufactured goods. A lot of Independents were leading in exploration to make first contact with new planets and societies.

Samanthia made herself scarce once the subject of Akiashiro's came up. She didn't want to get involved or bring undue attention that the Akiashiro's Merchant Consortium was headquartered on the starbase. She sent a message down to Elder Rapheal of what the other visiting Merchant captains were saying. And also alerting him that the starbase was not in the Archa IV system anymore.


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