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A Fourth Wall break

Posted on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 @ 9:33am by Lieutenant Paul Sharpe

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Sharpe's Quarters
Timeline: Current


Paul had just returned to his quarters and was preparing a late meal, when he looked up "oh hello, there, so glad you could visit, we can finally talk about anything and everything, this should be interesting for me, not done this before *inputs some data into the replicator* we can finally I hope to be able to connect in this manner, I do have some stuff I need to speak about, so this works out so where to start, where to start" he paused as he placed each dishes on the table then sitting down, he began to tuck in, then after chewing some food and swallowing he looks back up.

"Some months back I proposed to my longtime Girlfriend Alexandria Somers, who is a Major in the Marines and now First Officer on the Powell, I got me down on one knee and held the ring out and proposed, I cannot silence Alex that often, but there was like a 99.872 pause where she did not speak, but she said yes, then on account of my having to return back to duty, she was still waiting for a new post and life is short I asked and she agreed to get married sooner than normal, so hand in hand we walked back to the house, we entered and announced to her parents of the upcoming nuptials, then Sam, Alexes father and retired full Colonel and one of the Ambassador to the Klingon Empire gave Alex a big bear hug and said and I quote "it's about damn time that lad asked the question" he said to Alex her mom just cried and hugged her daughter" he paused.

"Then it was my turn, Samuel walked over to me and gave a damn firm handshake, it was such that I thought he was going to shake my arm off and he slapped me on the back and a bear hug followed too, that man is stronger than he looks *looks off tot he side thoughtfully* he would have made a good masseuse *shakes head and looks back at the reader" anyway I was glad for the tearful gentle hug from Jennifer Alex's mother works with the Federation Council I even got a kiss on the cheek from her" he paused to eat some more food and swish it down with his drink before continuing.

"The rest of the family her John Lloyd Somers Elder Brother was more reserved with his congratulations, her other Sister Kathryn Somers a teenager was excited and gave each of us an enthusiastic hug. Her other sister Karyn Somers found out about it over the Communications as she is out in the Mira Sector. When we mentioned that we wanted to rush the wedding, Sam and Jennifer moved into action like a well-oiled machine, John advised that we leave the house for a few hours and we agreed, besides I had to go and let my Aunt and Uncle know, it was sad that my parents could not make it having died some years prior to my signing up at the Academy, I was in schooling on Vulcan and doing quite well for a human, but such a loss forced me to leave school and after recovery I went to a human school on earth" he paused.

"Preparations for the upcoming wedding were for want of a better word hectic, I had to contact some old friends and such, Alex had to do the same and because Alex's father is an Ambassador there was the required diplomatic invitations to be sent out, such was the event of marrying into an influential family, a family that were Ambassadors and Aides to members in the Federation Council." He paused to finish eating his small repast and drink, then putting down his eating utensils he clasps his hands together and sits back and hides a small burp "excuse me, eventually when the big day came there was family on one side and important people on the other side, I would have been happy with small wedding, but the large wedding was worth it as on the day I could swear that upon seeing Alex walk down the aisle in a vintage style white wedding gown my heart double skipped a beat. *pause* not every modern female can carry off vintage outfits, but my Alex can, in fact she prefers old style clothes to that of modern ones" he paused.

He stood up and picked up his dishes and as he was taking them back to the reclimator he continued his fourth wall break "all in all it was a great day we both said our oaths, the wedding dinner went weĺl I was being chatted up by a Jasmine Allen, she was flirting with me like crazy, I found out later that she was a tease and flirt and a marine, but even I have to admit that woman had all the curves in the right places. *pause* Thankfully I had the woman I wanted and I think Ms Allen moved away frustrated *laughs* I did however see her being roasted by my wife, seeing this made me happy I was not the one who angered her, they flirty young woman remained within herself for most of the time after that until the music started and damn she was flirting up all the single males, myself and Alex both cringed when she started flirting with a Trill Ambassador, Alex simply laughed as she came over to me and spoke as she put her arm around me."

"What she is doing is harmless, I went around warning all the single male Ambassadors about her."

"Alex said to me then I heard her laugh and it was such a sweet sound then it wad time for the Father and daughter dance part and for an old war horse her father could trip the light fantastic. Then it came my turn and after a few minutes others joined us on the dancefloor. Eventually the party broke up and all the important persons excused themselves and so did those Starfleet officers who had been invited, it was a little different to weddings of old, but the next day both of us packed some clothes and we went on our short honeymoon, it had to be short as I did not have much time left on my shoreleave so we made the best of the time we had and it was memorable. *sighs* In the end we returned, I bid my farewells and shipped out back to Starbase 332, Ms Allen came with me as she was a marine officer on the starbase here I found out why she was such a flirt and tease" Paul finished with his task and then finished clearing the table.

"After returning back to 332 a solar storm decided to strike, needless to say that there was high emotions going on and one of the Marines had to calm down a group of Klingon's down, thankfully the situation was uneventful and all worked out in the end and now to this latest event, we are in a different area, how the Starbase moved is a mystery to me and as the station is so big there is currently little for me to do, but I am aware that things change *sighs* I so miss ship duty, life was simpler on a ship and we did not have to wear a blue undershirt" he said pointing to his undershirt.

He looked around as he thought if he had anything else to impart, then decided there was none, he looked at the reader and "well thank you for being an attentive audience, it was appreciated *lightly bows* I have a feeling we shall do this thing again at some point, so TTFN" He finished.

Fade to black....

"Oh C'mon! Really a fade to black, how noir!" a voice said from the darkness.


Lieutenant Paul Sharpe
Security Officer
Starbase 332


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