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A New Day!

Posted on Tue Apr 2nd, 2019 @ 12:59pm by Lieutenant Cheyanne Harrison & Mr'isarr

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Harrison/Mr'isarr's Quarters

Cheyanne laid in bed still sound a sleep at 0500h, at which time her alarm went off. She turned it off and looked at her husband and smiled. "Morning sunshine," she said with a smile before leaning up and giving him his morning kiss. "Did you sleep well?" She asked as she laid their looking at him.

It took a little longer than Cheyanne for Mr'isarr to form anything more than a purr other feline noise. The kiss helped prompt his brain in to a little more swift activity as he stretched on the bed. As with a frame his size what followed were a series of cracks. Some louder than others as he stretched. "I did." He spoke. "Did you?"

She smiled, "I did, with you by my side." She said as she smiled and stretched for a moment before deciding to get up, though she could stay in bed for a little while longer.

"You say that now, until I roll upon you." Knowing that his considerable weight was indeed a risk to her as she lay, slept or cuddled beside his sleeping form.

She smiled, "You know I knew all the risks when we married. I have accepted that and not going to stop me from sleeping next to you my love." She said as she looked at him with a smile, "How about you go make your famous breakfast, today is going to be a long day so I need a good morning meal." She said with pleading smile to him.

"As you wish." He rolled off and at first padded towards the door like a feline, hands and feet but by the time he'd got to the door he was upright again. Breakfast itself didn't take long to make even if he did enjoy cooking, but he knew what she wanted and had made it many times before, thus, hed become rather skilled at it.

A short while later armed with a bed tray loaded with breakfast, he stood in the doorway. "It is ready."

She smiled, "hope you made enough for two my love." She said with a smile as she always loved eating in bed with her husband. The love she had shown in the sparkle that came from her eyes as she looked at him. "Today is going to be a busy day, and I can't wait for you to bring me something pretty for my office." She said as she smiled as she thought that flowers would brighten up her office and remind her of her husband while she was at work.

"I did." A good thing too that he'd made plenty. Once the tray was placed he gently crawled back onto bed since he knew his substantial weight could shake, knock or tip things over. "It will be the first I create." He'd already cleared such with the establishment owner who was also keen to see what he was capable of. One of the things that he liked about his Wife was that she was not afraid of what he was, she embraced him, all of him, risks and love and all.

She smiled as she started to eat breakfast with her love, she always took her time eating as she always loved to savor the food that she ate. Plus it gave her more time to spend with her husband then always being in a rush, "It's going to be a busy day today love." She said with a smile as this was her first day at her new job. "Hopefully today will start off with a good meeting with the Chief of Operations." She added.

Watching her eat, glad that she was enjoying the meal he listened to her days schedule, meeting her department head, always a daunting task and one he'd share soon enough when he'd go to work and meet the owner of the establishment. "I am sure you will have everything in order to make a good first impression my wife."

"I am sure I will love," she said as she finished her meal and then got up and kissed her husband. "I should go get ready love," she added as she headed off to the bathroom to get ready to begin her day. She had to stop by medical first to get her physical out of the way before heading to her new office.

It was not uncommon for him to watch her dress, mostly in part to the fact that he was covered from ear tip to tail in fur, she was not. Therein lay the beauty of it, this woman standing before him getting dressed as he leaned against the doorframe watching. "I envy the lack of fur as you have, it makes preparing much shorter than my own."

She smiled at him as she finished getting ready and dressed, hair was tied back in a pony tail so her hair would stay out of her face while she was working. She came out and kissed her husband, "your are perfect the way you are my love." She said with a smile as she ran her hand on his chest.

Smiling he placed his much larger hand on her chest, over her heart. "As are you my wife." He replied stepping aside to let her pass him. "Will you be home at normal time tonight?" Not sure himself of what not is considered normal given their new home and her new assignment.

She looked at him, "I should be, but if I will be late I will call and let you know." She said with a smile as she leaned up and kissed him. "You have a good first day, I'll stop by at lunch to see you and pick up some flowers for my desk." She said as she looked at him.

"As you wish." He smiled after she kissed him. He planned to have her flowers ready well before lunch, a demonstration of his floral abilities to his new manager and as he'd said, the first piece was for her.

She kissed him goodbye and headed out of their quarters and headed for the Medical Department to complete her physical before she headed to her office.


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