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Lieutenant Commander Tyler Vorran

Name Tyler Joseph Vorran

Position Flight Control Instructor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran/El-Aurian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 170
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tyler is of average build and weight. He usually keeps a very clean cut appearance.


Spouse Liam Harrison (Fiancé)
Father Erik Vorran
Mother Raxo Jayna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tyler is a 31 year old Bajoran/El-Aurian who had a rough time growing up. Tyler constantly uses pranks and humor to try and deflect his insecurities.
Before meeting Liam he tried to fill the emptiness in his heart with drunken encounters.
Ambitions To command a starship of his own one day.
Hobbies & Interests Springball, holodeck, reading, camping, tri-dimensional chess, metal music.
Languages English, some Klingon and Bajoran

Personal History Tyler was born August 8th 2360 on Qualor 2 his mother was a dabo girl at a bar there. His father at the time was a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet and had had a one night stand with his mother during shore leave.
Tyler was around many different species from all walks of life growing up on Qualor 2. The Qualor system also seemed to attract a criminal element who Tyler fell in with. He did some odd jobs for smugglers that frequented the bar where his mother worked eventually joining their crew on some runs to romulan space. This is how Tyler first learned to pilot a starship having to take the helm on the night shift when most of the crew slept. Eventually at age 17 he was able to purchase his own shuttle with the latinum he earned with the smugglers. Tyler applied to Starfleet academy near the end of the dominion war and was accepted. He passed the entrance exam and was promptly placed in an accelerated training squad due to the losses from the dominion war. His squad lasted longer than any others in the Kobayashi Maru by managing to cause several of the Klingon ships to collide.
Tyler did have several disciplinary issues while at the academy there was an incident where he went joyriding with Admiral Brand’s shuttle which included stops to numerous bars. Upon his return to the academy he landed the shuttle in the middle of the gardens to Boothby’s dismay. There was another incident where Tyler was caught being intimate with Admiral Brand’s male assistant in her private dining room. After a verbal lashing Brand promptly had her assistant sent to McKinley station to scrub plasma conduits. Tyler’s punishment was to serve as her new assistant in addition to his studies for the remainder of his time at the academy. During graduation Tyler set the transporter to beam a bucket of custard above the head of a rival squad leader as a prank. Unfortunately the timing was off and it materialized above Captain Edward Jellico’s head while he was giving the commencement speech.
Tyler’s first assignment was as a conn officer on the USS.Thomas Paine under Captain Rixx. Despite the incidents at the academy both Captain Rixx and his first officer Commander Fuller took an interest in his career.
After serving on the Thomas Paine for three years Tyler was promoted to assistant chief conn officer where he continued to serve with distinction after outmaneuvering three orion ships that were attacking a federation relief freighter.
Tyler was eventually reassigned to Farpoint station as a shuttle pilot during the refit of the Thomas Paine. Before the refit of the Thomas Paine was completed he was offered a position on the USS Tornado by Admiral Wolfe in their flight control department. Eventually Tyler was promoted to the position of executive officer aboard the Tornado where he met the love of his life. Liam and Tyler eventually opted to transfer to Starbase 332 as it would be a more conducive to starting a family.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2377-2381

USS Thomas Paine- Flight Control Officer 2381-2387

Farpoint Station: Shuttle pilot 2387-2388

USS Tornado 2388