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Leisure Time

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 3:01pm by Samanthia Akiashiro & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Akiashiro Apartment

With Mariah at the Akiashiro Daycare Center for the next 24 hours, Samanthia borrowed several of Tamarue's female Maids come over to help prep her for some quality time together without having to worry about Mariah. It would do her Daughter some good to begin to mingle with others.

She and the servants looked over the body paint, checking up on the toxicity of the paint to see if there would be any harmful effect to the Caitian Physique and at the same time allow her body to breath during the time of high activity. Once the body paint was proven safe for both of them, S'er'in'e and herself. She washed herself with the help of one of the female Maids from head to toes, missing nothing in between and to the fingertips.

The slow process of applying the body paint in the pattern of a Bengal Tiger as one was an artist. Samanthia had seen her creations as some of the maid's work was placed in honor about the Deck. But this was her first using a human body as her canvas.

Once it was done, the Maids held mirrors so Samanthia could see the end results. There was no natural skin showing and done very tastefully. The Servants giggled a long with Samanthia as they enjoyed helping out another woman in need, regardless if they were of a lower status than Samanthia. "The paint will naturally were off over time. Unless you're in a rush to remove it, there is a solvent to remove it. It has a very little irritant to the skin. So wash it off quickly." The Artist spoke up. "I left a bottle in your cabinet. If you need assistance, let me know." A few others chimed in inviting themselves a long.

Samanthia smile with a nod. "I'll definitely need assistance." Putting on a bathrobe over the freshly dried body paint. "Come back at 1700 hours, tomorrow." As she escorted the maids from her apartment as a good host would. She moved about the Apartment, redecorating the place as she went, turning down the light to the barest illumination.

It had the ambience of a Caitian home. It just needed the sounds effects to bring Cait to this little slice of the Starbase 332. She moved over to the apartment sound system and set it up from the notes she had acquired during her research and talking with S'er'in'e's mother and a few others of his acquaintances.

She moved to the bedroom and hung up the bathrobe in the closet. She arranged herself on the bed with the help of the pillows and relaxed in a very seductive pose. The sounds would alert when S'er'in'e entered the Apartment.

S'er'in'e though still off duty for medical recovery had to get out of the home, he decided to head to the hanger bay where most were surprised to see him out of uniform and in more traditional Caitian attire. He walked around his personal fighter craft, grabbing from it a measure of centre that only home could bring. Many of the crew asked how he was and for once he was glad his fur was once again the pristine snow white that he was known for.

Later on after all was done he returned home, only as soon as the doors opened he detected something, somethings different. Things had moved around, the lights were very low, low for Human eyes at least. The rustling of leaves in trees, wind, the birds, he knew those sounds. There was a smell on the air too, unknown, unfamiliar. The doors closed behind him as he slowly walked through the room towards the bedroom.

Thats when he saw her, his Mate on the bed and different, her body appearing as his would with stripes to boot. A hint of a grin, a low rolling growl, if someone was out to push worked.

Samanthia laid sprawled out in her seductive pose as the pillow held her in place without being obvious. She was a sleep with her bluish-black hair loose and covering half of her face. Even in sleep, she looked content and very inviting. Upon the rolling growl, her blue eyes opened slowly of one awakened to reveal very felinish blue eyes. She let loose an answering very amateurish purr of invitation. She shifted into a stretch that was almost felinish in nature, yet it was very femininely graceful. Tease, yet full of promise as she was stark naked letting him watch.

With the same amateurish feline purr, she licked her lips as her eyes travelled over him, then rising up to meet his eyes. She reached up and moved her loose hair out of her face and let it cascade down her back. Her scent of arousal became more noticed as she watched him, letting him make the first move.

S'er'in'e reached up to touch her face, his claws out, she had pushed such a button for him. A growl accompanied his hands action as his claws almost danced across the surface of her skin. She looked beautiful, a rival to females of the Homeworld and the need was swiftly rising. There was a pleasure to the raw power he was demonstrating and elation at the control he was showing. Both knew the damage his claws could do and his eyes showed such tenderness towards his Mate. His other hand started to remove his clothing as he fought the urge to take, in all his strength, lust and dominance, but he fought it as his clothing came off piece by piece.

Eyes closed halfway at the gentle dancing scratching caress of his claws and rough hand paw pads dancing upon her, enlightening her to the threat he possessed tightly controlled. Samanthia took in a slow deep breath as her heart raced as she settled on her knees before him on the edge of the big bed they shared. She looked up into his eyes making eye contact, seeing his love and tenderness there. "Take me!" She gave a soft human feminine husky growl, seeing the visible effect she was having upon him, when the last article of clothing slid, fell to the floor.

She turned onto all fours, with her feet sticking out over the bed on both sides of him. Her looking over shoulder as much as she could, eyes looking at him through her long cloud of blueish black hair. She gave her butt an enticing wiggle, since she had no tail to motion him with.

As commanded, S'er'in'e would obey. His taking oh her was not gentle, she had pushed the right sequence of buttons in the exact order she had intended to get the desired reaction out of him and now she would have to endure the results. She had taken the time and effort to appear as he did, to offer herself to him freely and lovingly and it seemed only proper that he put in his all, and give her his completed and undivided attention.

Anticipation of waiting was well worth the effort she put into this moment and she wasn't going to let it slip from her grasp. She responded back with the desire for his fulfillment as much for her desires, continuing to entice him onwards. She felt his hand paws grasp hold of her and claws digging in. She gave a soft human like yowl of pleasure tainted by a trace of pain. Yet her actions and desires, let him know she was fine.

Samanthia had taunted him to pleasures normally reserved for Caitian females by having herself painted as one. A risky thing for a Human female and yet with enough control from him, she would get to experience most. With that drive and eagerness came with it the primal instinct of procreation.

Samanthia felt his weight pressing down on her back, She wiggled and squirmed underneath him in an unique way that most Caitian female wouldn't think of doing. Then felt his paw hands leave her and taking most of his weight, yet trapping her underneath as they continued. His arms against her shoulders, holding her in position. She could hear and feel the vibration of his rumbling purr against her back. Tickling of her blood leaking from the punctures his claws had left behind.

S'er'in'e imposed his superiority upon Samanthia, he was larger, heavier, he was the predator and right at this moment the intimacy between them was ripe with lust, desire and want. It all came to a head some minutes later however but the hold and breathing told Samanthia that she was his, and his alone, now and always.

Samanthia snuggled into his hold once desires and needs were met. Basking in the aftermath with his arms and paws like hands grasping her possessively in the intimate places. She felt his breath upon her hair and the deep satisfied rumble vibrating her as she pressed up against his furry body within his embrace. If she could purr, would be in contentment, harmonizing with his deeper rumblings.

Gradually his hold eased but only enough that with some slight movements he was laying on his side, Samanthia was pulled to him. This, was Caitian intimacy and while Samanthia was Human it didn't sway him in the least. Laying on his side with her he was able to relax. His purring continued as he placed his chin above her laying head, he could smell the saliva that he'd dropped into it, damp from his heavy breathing as he imposed himself.

She moved and adjusted with his movements, her back still pressed up against his chest, his tail wrapped down one calf. She felt the intimate connection between them as she felt his warm breath upon her head. She enjoyed his thick softer fur of his frontside with the rumbling vibrations of his contented purr that sent shivers of excitement through her. Little trembling of muscles and squirms to entice him while resting up to continue at his pace.

What followed in the coming moments was not once, but twice more S'er'in'e took his painted Wife. At the end the paint was smeared just as much on him as it was on her. What she had done was like a switch inside flicked and this was the enticed results.

Beforehand he'd not thought about another child, but in a moment like this of pure love, unhindered, free of bounds and limitations, it would have been perfect to have Samanthia pregnant again, done so with love for each other in a moment perfect for it. Samanthia's body bore on it some small cuts from when S'er'in'e let slip his control, nothing life threatening, annoying at most and nothing a medical kit couldn't heal up and yet, painted as she was for him, perfect....

Samanthia slipped from his warm embrace and padded barefoot to the refresher. She glanced back at him, looking smug with contentment even in rest with his eyes closed. She smiled softly at seeing his fur smeared a bit with the body paint she wore for him. She was sore from the scratches, yet she didn't mind at all as stepped into the shower to freshen up.


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