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Lieutenant Commander Buck Ducati

Name Buck Ducati

Position Operations Officer, Station Maintenance

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Unjoined Trill
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5’11” (180cm)
Weight 250lbs (113kg)
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Sapphire
Physical Description His hair has been subject of many discussions amongst his friends and no one knows why. Some believe it is spiritual, while others think it's simply his favourite colour.

He is a medium built man and is the model of grooming as he always seems to have his hair tidy with product and his face clean shaven. He is not overly muscled but keeps fitness as part of his daily routine. His skin is tanned.

He has several tribal tattoos that start at his ankles and wrists that end around his torso making him look like one tribal symbol. A tribal ring around his eye and then a small spear shape part ending a pinky width tribal line down his right cheek.


Spouse Divorced: Iralan Flower, 39, civilian scientist on tour
Children Triplets
First Son: Jayne Ducati, 10
Second Son: Dominic Ducati, 10
Third Son: Kade Ducati, 10
Father Biological: Dante Ducati. (Unjoined Trill) Adoptive: Derek Wildstar (Human)
Mother Biological: Elise Ducati. (Unjoined Trill). Adoptive: November 'Nova' Wildstar (Betazoid)
Brother(s) Adoptive Brother: Leon Tana (Human/Betazoid), 25, Just joined Starfleet Academy
Sister(s) Adoptive Sister: Lisa Ajol (Joined Trill), 32, Was adopted by the Wildstars a few years earlier than Buck and was older than he was upon adoption.
Other Family Uncle: Dante's brother: Hogan Ducati, 69, Civilian replicator technician, freelance, works in exchange for accommodation on site of where he works.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Losing most of his family to what seemed like a series of accidents except his uncle, Buck had sort validation from as many as he could around him. Becoming an outgoing and addicted to Socialising with sometimes a little too much attention thrown at those he befriended. Some enjoyed it and threw it back at him which the relationship thrived but others ended under the constant pressure.

Buck continued to do this until violence against him forced him to back off during his early adult years, while at the Academy however he became infamous for all nighter study sessions both helping others and himself on mostly survival and technical subjects. Along with constant socialising before, during and after class every day. Although he did get love and support from his adoptive family they didn't fill the loss he had received during adolescence.

Regular visits to a counselor had confirmed he was trying to distract himself from the pain with fun and whatever he could get away with. Despite the counselor's efforts he didn't confront the pain until late adulthood when he began considering having a family of his own.

Unfortunately that only lasted long enough to get married, get her pregnant, find out he prefers men, have triplets and she left them with him for her career. Buck had to refocus his pain into caring for his sons as well as be a good role model.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a good leader where he looks for compromises and if something goes wrong will see to it that he is held responsible for it and is ready to accept the consequences, though not always prepared. He makes himself a happy, friendly and casual persona so to show he is approachable in times when personnel need to speak with him. After the situation has been explained will he act accordingly but the desire to be seen as someone the crew can come to is important to him. Sometimes that desire can be a source of lacking respect for the First Officer where he is rumoured to be wanting to be more of a friend then a superior.
Ambitions Invent a new piece of technology.
Raise his sons well.
Support his sons as best he can.
Be at their weddings in a healthy state.
Write a holonovel.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys hanging out with his friends; doing whatever they are doing he doesn't mind. He every now and again partakes in several holoprograms like Captain Proton and a few spy themed programs. Another short lived interest was Parrises squares while at the Academy but hopes to play again. Swimming is in his daily routine to keep fit, he attends the Gym straight after a swim for weights training before a massage to help keep his body well looked after. On his days off he will catch a few games of Velocity either alone or with a competitive colleague.
Languages English, Klingon, Trill, Orion

Personal History Born to Dante and Elise, on Trill. They moved to New Sydney to be work in the mines around the system. Got stuck working for the Tigan family business. Dante became a shift supervisor and had been forced into accepting help from Orion Syndicate. Elise did as well but for other services that left the couple just enough to raise Buck to an age where he could look after himself.

During a family reunion at the Ducati household, Buck left the house to go to a friend's house, a series of accidents occurred to each family member as retaliation from the Syndicate for Elise's and Dante's lack of productivity. Everyone by Dante's brother Hogan survived as he left the house to go collect Buck at the end of the reunion's festivities.

When the two arrived back home the lack of living family members and evidence around the housing estate showed that the Ducati family suffered accidents resulted in their deaths. Buck immediately found himself in so much pain and taken from the house by Hogan the two mourned for years, Buck poured himself in his education and social life so much that he only a few others could handle a relationship with him. Broken as well Hogan did the same with his technician courses to work freelance on a variety of technologies.

It got to the point that Federation Family Services had to place Buck in foster care as Hogan was too busy to be a guardian. They placed Buck with 3 families that simply didn't work for whatever reason, until the Wildstars. Derek sat Buck down after his wife November could see what Buck was doing from her studies into psychology back on Betazed. The two hashed out Buck's issues, pain, why, cried, hugged, and sometimes held him at night to fight the nightmares of Survivor's Guilt.

It took a few years but Buck was getting better and slightly relaxed into a less intense state which everyone had noticed allowing him to reconnect with old friends, easily make new ones and balance his life better with his future goals. At Starfleet Academy entrance age Buck went for it to seek out a new ways of doing things and that was when he conceived the ambition to invent a new technology.

During his Starfleet career of Operations and Engineering then a shift to Command, he had met Iralan and the two seemed to connect but his life began to divert when his interest in men became something he didn't want to ignore anymore. She found out, divorced and left him their triplets. Once his career began to keep him from his sons he decided to pull back and return to Operations and Engineering on a less dangerous posting like a Starbase.
Service Record Graduated the Academy and promoted to Ensign at 22 as well as placed on a starship.

Lieutenant JG at 30. Met Iralan Flower, 39, a civilian scientist working onboard the same ship. They dated for 2 years in which Iralan got pregnant with triplets and after another 2 years he was promoted to full Lieutenant.

During the year after he began to notice his attraction to men and while she was away with the 3 year old Triplets found him with a man and simply left the kids with him.

The following 5 years he and his uncle Hogan raised the triplets while he advanced his career in Operations and Engineering, after 3 years assumed Chief Operations Officer and during the following 4 years of being a Chief took the command course in order to get promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

He reached First Officer of a frontier starbase but as it was getting increasingly dangerous for the kids transferred to a coreward starbase while returning to Operations in order to get more time to help Hogan. He was approved to become Chief of Station Maintenance for Starbase 332 when the former officer moved on.