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Seperated from Team

Posted on Sat Jul 6th, 2019 @ 10:57am by Lieutenant Paul Sharpe & Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Docking Bay
Timeline: Current


One moment he was next to Lazlo trying to calm down the freighter Captain's the next moment all hell broke loose and the masses stampeded separating him from Lazlo and the Security Chief, when the motion stopped he was confronted by emotional captains all were jabbering at him fast and some in languages that the translator was slow in picking up translations.

"COULD YOU PLEASE CALM DOWN!?" Sharpe asked loudly.

"Why the blue shirt? We want answers and mostly we want to get out of here" an irate Captain said.

Paul looked in the direction of the speaker "I will be totally honest with you none of us knows where we currently are, as to why we will not let you leave is down to simply being in an unknown location and while you are here, you are the responsibility of this station so when we say you cannot leave we are only looking out for your best interests, when or if we manage to return to our known location you will be free to leave as quickly as flight control can release you” he paused.

“If I can Apply logic to this situation, panicking will only get you locked up for a set period, yes?” he asked and all nodded “good, panicking will only inflame the situation the whole station is in, correct?” again all nodded. “Good, now how will panic and demanding things make things go faster? Answer they will not, the station and its staff are just as much in the dark as you, we too have families that we have been separated from, the final bit of logic is this, and if you continue to cause too much hassle I will be forced to call in additional security and the most disruptive if you will be spending a night in the brig, so the best outcome for all of us, is if you all go to the local taverns or your temporary quarters if you do not have this then could you please return to your ships and the moment we are able to allow you to leave you will be notified” Sharpe said, the loud hostile words die down to disgruntled grunts as they slowly dispersed, a Ferengi Captain gave him a lingering knowing look.

Sharpe simply looked at him with a raised eyebrow and with a thin-lipped smile the Ferengi left the area, the moment his immediate area was clear he sat heavily on one of the benches and sighed heavily “oh man, I thought I was a goner there” he said to himself, then tapped his Commbadge

=/\= Sharpe to Commander Travis =/\=

Travis was starting to wonder what he got himself into coming back to the 332. Just then his com chirped. =/\=Go ahead of Travis.=/\=

*raises an eyebrow at the unusual comment* =/\= Commander when we got separated I ended up at the far end of the docking area and for the moment I have managed to calm the irate ship Captain's down, but it may not work a second time, we need to give them solid answers, not guesses, we may not use currency, but to them Latinum is their living and I can tell you no trader likes losing credits. But for now, all is settled with my group I am heading back to where Lazlo is, but more Security is warranted especially at key areas =/\= Sharpe said.

Travis thought if the info given in the update. =/\= Understood. I will send more people to fill your void. As for answers, we don't have much to give them and what we have is classified so we have to do our best with the cards we are dealt with. =/\=

=/\= I was afraid of that Sir, I do not think platitudes will calm the natives a second time, I used logic, but eventually they will get impatient again and with that, I cannot wait till that back up gets here =/\= Paul said.

=/\= Trust me, I share your concerns but our hands are tied. keep me posted of any more flare-ups and we will do our best to keep the peace.=/\= Travis knew Sharpe was right but there wasn't much more they could do or say. The Station Commander had made it very clear this was a need to know the situation and they had to deal with that.

=/\= Understood Commander, I will wait for the backup, Sharpe out =/\= he closed the line and stood up just as the reserves arrived at his location, he immediately set about placing them in sensitive locations and kept some with him as backup, but all remained where they were keeping an eye on the docking area of the Starbase.


Lt Cmdr Craig Travis
Chief of Security

Lt Paul Sharpe
Security Officer


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