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Captain Sadie McBride

Name Sadie McBride

Position Company Commander

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Serial Number UFPM-0098332

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Sadie is not the usual bulk you expect from a Marine, she's toned and athletic. Don't let her more slender physique fool you, though: In the battle field she's more than capable of holding her own. She prefers BDUs to any type of ship board style uniform, and generally keeps her unruly red head in a tight bun unless she's off duty, at which point the BDUs get traded in for a comfortable shirt and broken in jeans. If she's dressing up, she'll add in a cowboy hat a boots.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Roger McBride (Deceased, KIA Dominion War)
Mother Laura McBride
Brother(s) Seth McBride, UFP Marines - 113th Division, Firebrand Frontmen
Alexander McBride, UFP Marines - 113th Division, Firebrand Frontmen
Casey McBride, Retired UFP Marine (Due to severe injury), UFP Marine Academy, Instructor: Infiltration
Sister(s) None
Other Family Uncle Richard - Not actually an uncle, one of the close service mates of Sadie's father.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bombastic. Loud. Opinionated. Foolhardy. Fearless. Loyal. All of these terms are easily applied to Sadie McBride. She's the first to run into a firefight, the last one out - usually dragging an injured friend. She's the first to tell a joke, the first to hold someone in tears, the first to be injured in sickbay, and the first to teach someone how to not make the same mistakes. Sadie is a person that learns from the school of hard knocks, but she does learn. Many people may be inclined to view her as dangerous and brash, or someone who's testing death on a daily basis, but the truth is this: Sadie never backs down from living, and she never will. Life to it's fullest. "If I die in a blaze of glory, at least it'll be memorable," As she likes to say.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Brave
+ Loyal
+ Dedicated
+ Intelligent
- Headstrong
- Struggles with Rules
- Tendency to Injury
- Anger Issues
Ambitions To live. Sadie wants to be the best Marine she can possibly be, and live to talk about it. Losing her father was heart breaking, but his legacy, his heroism even in death, gave her something to aspire to. She wants to insure that she has the same legacy, and can pass on what she learned to future generations, as her father had intended to.
Hobbies & Interests Rock climbing, mountain biking, fire works, camping, hiking, kayaking, wilderness survival
Languages Federation Standard, and a slew of curse words in other languages.

Personal History Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Sadie is exactly what you'd expect of a girl growing up with three big brothers. She's unruly and irreverent, head strong and over confident, and one of the best damn marines you could ever want. Sadie grew up watching her father ship off to conflict after conflict, until he finally didn't come back after the Dominion War. Sadie was destroyed - her whole family was. Roger McBride was a good man, through and through, and for a long time, the heart got knocked right out of the McBride family. It took her uncle Richard to bring things back.

Richard had served with Roger during the Dominion War and as soon as it was over, requested an immediate transfer to the UFP Marine base in Dallas, less than half an hour from the McBride home. Rich kept close, and made sure that Sadie and the boys were cared for, and that Laura never lost their home. He was a constant companion and a force of direction in Sadie and her brother's lives.

The four McBride kids caused more trouble than their fair share growing up, always skirting out of it through sheer dumb luck and a few sympathetic police officers, but one by one as they turned 18, they enlisted and left. Sadie, being the youngest, was the last one. Her mother cried, but as much as it was out of fear, it was out of pride too. Richard moved in after Sadie left, and helps take care of the home, and rumor has it, has started taking care of Laura now too.

Sadie excelled in Marine Academy. Always in a fierce level of sibling competition with her brothers, she was trying to beat the best of their best, and one by one... she did. Sadie excelled at demolitions, and was put in that focus in her final year. She loved every minute of it, making name for herself by actually cooking her squadmates dinner using nothing but plastique and directional charges. It wasn't a refined dinner, but everyone said it was good.

Sadie's served in the field for 6 years, with a whoop and a hollar, she'll charge into any danger at the lead of her men, and is ready for any fight. She's received commendations for valor and bravery, and the purple heart a couple of times, thankfully for nothing career ending. She and her brother's are still rivals of one another, loving every minute of egging each other on over new achievements and accolades.

Sadie was recently deployed to Starbase 332 as the demolitions expert there, and - to her surprise - is rather enjoying the slower pace. A chance to catch her breath before she's redeployed again.