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Lieutenant JG Liam Harrison

Name Liam Harrison

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Raeyan
Age 23
Serial Number SR-976-2051

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 11in
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Liam is of somewhat average height and weight for a man his age, He is not physically built, but he does have a slim and tone body from his daily exercise routine. He has fast reflexes and amazingly good dexterity.


Spouse Tyler Vorran (fiancé)
Father Jon Harrison
Mother Samantha Harrison

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liam is incredibly intelligent, having one of the highest IQs in Starfleet. He is an incredibly talented programmer and engineer. Liam is also a very charming and handsome man, who is able to maintain a thriving professional life and a social life.

He rarely gets angry or annoyed, he always looks at things with a clear head so he can properly analyze it. He makes friends quite easily with his cool headed and sarcastic personality. Liam likes to play games with his fellow crewmen, both literally and intellectually. He will challenge you as much as he can.

Liam is arrogant and all knowing due to his eidetic memory. Despite his arrogance, he still has a respect for his superiors. He also has a daredevil and rebellious side to him. He is immature and has little experience with formality - something that even the Academy could not help.

Liam identifies as a bisexual, having had equally enjoyable intimate relationships with both sexes. However, he hasn't had a serious relationship with anyone since the Academy.
Languages English

Personal History


Liam was born on February 2nd, 2369 to Jon and Samantha Harrison on Raeya III. Both of Liam's parents were native Raeyans: his mother serving as a civilian law enforcement officer and his father a diplomat working closely to represent Raeya's interests with Starfleet and the Federation.

Growing up as an only child put pressure on Liam to excel in his academics. Instead of the usual independence that he wanted, he was kept on a tight leash and made to focus on his work. As the son of a renown diplomat, Liam also grew accustom to a certain lifestyle from an early age.

From a young age, Liam admired his portable computer, taking it with him wherever he went. When he entered his teen years, he asked questions like: "How was it made?" or "How can I improve it?" - with time, he found answers to those questions. From this point, he knew he wanted to learn everything he could about the inner workings of computers.

At school, he joined the cybernetics club in hopes that he'd be able to learn about the more unusual computers like androids and things such as that. However, the only thing joining the club did was divide his mind into computer science and engineering.

In high school, he had a tight knit group of friends that he trusted, but was never really "friends" with because he would be spending the majority of his time working on projects or studying.

Suddenly, Liam's path blurred. When it became time to apply for his future, he considered the Vulcan School of Science and Engineering and Starfleet Academy. With Vulcan, he would have the ability to work with the best pay check at almost any R&D lab in the galaxy. With Starfleet, he would be able to help people with his skills. In both cases, he would be able to make technology that could be seen across the known universe.

Either decision was fully supported by both of his parents, and his father could ensure that he would be admitted to either school, not that Liam would need the help. Finally, he decided to pursue a career in Starfleet because it would give him the opportunity to travel for a bit before he started working on actual projects.

Starfleet Academy

Liam's first year at the Academy was very basic. He'd go to class and then go home to do homework and other side projects. He still could't make up his mind on whether or not he wanted to take Engineering or Operations, so he ended up taking both courses at the same time. Finally, he made a compromise and specialized in Computer Systems so he could be in Engineering, but have a big focus in computers.

When he made this adjustment, his time freed up significantly and he started to actually enjoy his time at the Academy. He dashed past all of his classes and on his free time, he found a group of like-minded friends to hang out with. He developed close relationships with them all, but with one in particular: Zoe McAllister. Liam's relationship with Zoe evolved into one based on romance.

After another year, Liam began to spend more time with another one of his friends: William Reece. Once they spent more time together and got to know each other, the connection between Liam and William grew stronger. Neither of them could deny their feelings for each other, but he was still dating Zoe at the time.

Conflicted, he decided to terminate both relationships and go back to focusing on his education. Liam knew that he enjoyed both Zoe and William's company, but he didn't to be with one knowing it would hurt the other.

In 2390, Liam made it to the top of his graduating class and had the choice of any assignment in the fleet. Liam's plan was to spend a few years on a starship, doing some sight seeing and skating by on his duties before he'd actually settle down and start his Research and Development Career.


For his first assignment, Liam picked the Rhode Island-class USS Tornado. The reason why the Tornado was so appealing to Liam was because it'd be operating in the Beta Quadrant, which made it easier to go home when he had free time and it was a brand new ship with new technology that Liam could mess around with.

He started off as an Operations Officer, which he was fully qualified to be. After a couple of months on the Tornado, he grew bored and tiresome of the same old routine. Soon he met Tyler Vorran, who was the ship's Chief Helmsman. Tyler was a Bajoran "bad boy" who promised to show Liam a fun time. Liam didn't have many friends aboard the Torando so when someone came, he jumped at the opportunity.

Liam knew that there was something different about Tyler from they moment they met. Tyler wasn't just a friend. There was a deeper connection between the two. A connection that they shared and explored for several months, fooling around on places like the Bridge, which ended up getting Liam locked in the Brig for a day or two, and Main Engineering, where Tyler proposed marriage to Liam over a simulated warp core breach. Liam was transferred to Engineering from Operations because the ship's Commanding Officer felt that Liam's skills were needed more in Engineering, but the real reason was because she no longer trusted Liam on the Bridge.

On their second year on the Tornado, Tyler rose through the ranks of the ship and became Executive Officer. Liam and Tyler both agreed that a ship on the front line would be too hectic for what the two looked for in each other. They wanted to start a family and a ship as small as the Tornado couldn't properly foster their needs.

Liam applied for Starbase 332 as their Computer Systems Specialist and Tyler was offered to head up the Sector's Academy Adjunct.
Service Record 2369 - Born, Raeya
2387 - Starfleet Academy (Operations & Engineering)
2391 - Operations Officer, USS Tornado
2392 - Engineering Officer, USS Tornado
2392 - Computer Systems Specialist, Starbase 332

- Operational Management/Maintenance I & II
- Computer Systems I, II, & III
- Starship Aeronautics & Design I