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The Investigation Begins

Posted on Wed Jun 19th, 2019 @ 9:40pm by Lieutenant Yzhara & Lieutenant Commander Tyler Vorran & Lieutenant JG Liam Harrison & Cadet Senior Grade Errowyn St. Cloud

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: USS Wainwright

Why was the ship still in lockdown. It should've been lifted hours ago, even during the Ion Storm. Some of the non-essential crew should have been sent to the station to help with damage control and help facilitate repairs... These thoughts shot through his mind. He was disappointed at how quick the crew of Instructors and Cadets responded to his attempt at mayhem on a grand scale. Now he had to figure away out of this situation which he found himself in. Not caught, yet still trapped. He just had to weather this out.

On the bridge, Lieutenant Yzhara poured over the sensor logs. The storm may have passed, but she and Lt. Commander Vorran had already made the executive decision to keep the ship on lockdown. The station offered support, if it was needed, but at least for now they weren't taking any chances. Somebody, or somebodies, had loaded and armed torpedoes while in space dock. While they were able to deactivate the weapons, it doesn't change the fact that someone had done it. And Yzhara was intent on finding out who.

Vorran stood near the turbolift so he could observe the cadets on the bridge. He watched as they went about their duties, wondering if any of them could be guilty.

Yzhara finally stood from the console with a PADD in hand, bringing it over to Vorran. "I've been reviewing the logs and key strokes from the bridge consoles. It's not much, but I feel confident that no one on the bridge activated the weapon systems. I'll let you decide if that's much of a consolation."

"That's a relief." Vorran replied as he leaned against the bulkhead. "The systems could have been activated manually from the torpedo bay, we should conduct some scans to see if there was any evidence left behind."

Yzhara nodded. "I'm on it." She gestured her antennae around the bridge, though her pale red eyes stayed fixated in the general direction of Vorran. "What about the cadets, sir. Are you still planning to start questioning them?"

"Let's see what evidence was left behind. I'd like to have answers to the questions before I ask them." Vorran quietly replied.

Yzhara nodded and made her way to the cadet manning the tactical station. The same cadet had accompanied her to the torpedo room when they first detected the weapon power up. "Cadet, I could use your assistance. We need to scan the torpedo room for evidence."

Cadet Wobbleberg nodded, turning the Tactical Console over his replacement and followed Yzhara from the Bridge. "Not a problem." Glad to be doing something, instead of being stared at like some prey from the Instructors. He grabbed a tricorder from the storage cabinet that was place for the quick access of crew.

Vorran turned toward Yzhara. "If there is any evidence it may be buried in the computers, I'm going to have Lieutenant Harrison beamed aboard to help with that aspect."

Yzhara nodded. "Aye, sir. We can meet Lieutenant Harrison in the transporter room." She gestured in the general direction of Wobbleberg. "Let's go, cadet. We need to make a quick detour."

"Aye aye," Cadet Wobbleberg spoke as he quickly joined up Yzhara and tagged along.

Once the pair reached the transporter room, Yzhara relieved the cadet manning the station. "Just a moment, Cadet. No offense, but given the circumstances, we can't be too careful." Yzhara's fingers slid up the transporter panel, the movement triggering the annular confinement beam to appear on the pad. In a short moment, the column of light was replaced by and officer in gold.

Liam stepped off the transporter pad and approached Yzhara extending his right hand. "Lieutenant Yzhara I presume? I've heard a lot about you from Tyler."

Yzhara looked at Liam for a moment, her antenae twitching slightly as if searching, before she reached out her right hand as well. "You must be the Lieutenant Harrison," she replied. "Thank you for coming to assist us." Yzhara gestured to the cadet behind her. "This is Cadet Wobbleberg. We've already determined that he was not involved, and will be helping us in our investigation."

Wobbleberg was a bit relieved when Liam showed up. At least an experienced Security Officer shown up. "Thanks for coming, Sir." He smiled at the vote of confidence sent his way. "Lieutenant Yzhara and I stopped the torpedoes from firing and secure the Torpedoes from all the tubes. I'll make sure you get a full report."

"With The number of security measures that needed to be overridden, whomever tried to fire the torpedoes left a trace somewhere. We'll find them, " Harrison replied

Yzhara nodded. "Then let's get looking. Should we head to the torpedo bay?"

"The torpedo bay has likely been covered with a fine tooth comb, computers are my specialty if you would take me to computer core control," Harrison replied.

"Computer core it is, then." Yzhara gestured towards the door to the corridor. "If you'll come with us, I'll show you to it." The trio left the transporter room and made their way to the nearest turbolift. A short ride later and they were outside the main computer core interface. For security reasons on the training ship the door was locked. But Yzhara's access codes could still get them inside. As the doors slid open, Yzhara moved inside and waited for Harrison and Wobbleberg to head in before locking the door behind them. "Alright, Lieutenant. We're in your arena now."

Wobbleberg looked around at the massive computer that ran the ship in quiet awe. He backed out of the way of the two Fleet officers, letting them have access while he stood near the entrance out of the way.

Harrison sat down at one of the terminals and started his work. "Even if they erased the logs there should still be some traces in the computer core. There are also backups that would not have been affected by the deletion." Harrison worked on the console as he entered the search algorithm. "This will likely take an hour or two but we will find out who is behind this."

Yzhara nodded. "Then let's get started."

Lt. Commander Tyler Vorran
Senior Instructor

Lieutenant Yzhara
Junior Instructor

Lieutenant JG Liam Harrison [P: Vorran]
Computer Specialist

Cadet Wobbleberg (Played by Samanathia Akiashiro)


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