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Riot! With Weapons

Posted on Thu Jun 20th, 2019 @ 12:23am by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Docking Ring; Main Concourse

Once the crowd of ship crews began their surge and breaking through the Starfleet Security Officers. Shoving the hapless separated Security Personnel, it was for their rights to ply the space lanes. A few of the smarter Rioters ganged up on single Security Officers, taking their weapons from them.

Nothing was going to stop them as they surged onward towards the core of the Big Starbase 332. They ran over fleet personnel, shoving them out of the way, slamming them up against the bulkheads with resounding thuds. Nothing was sacred, not even children if they happened to be in the wrong spot when their parents or guardians fell on them as they tried to protect them from additional harm.

It was ugly as unconscious laid there bleeding from wounds, both fleet and civilians of the station that was result of direct attention of the mob in passing. The yelling and chanting for what ever grievance that SB 332 had inflicted upon them. What they could break, they broke. A few left graffiti burned into the walls from the purloined weapons they gained. The riot batons they used on anyone they didn't recognize or were not part of the rioting mob.

Station Personnel, the non-combatants; both Fleeters, Civilian Specialist and children, fled before the Rioters wrath. Each success and meters gained, Rioters became more embolden. The few now armed with weapons gained from the Security Officers at the initial contact, The Rioters were fearless.

They scattered, yet stayed in formable groups with a few weapons within the groups as they gained access to the turbolifts. As they waited their turn to use the Turbolifts, they milled about yelling and doing wanton damage as much as they could inflict.


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