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To New Heights

Posted on Thu Oct 26th, 2017 @ 10:13am by Colonel S'er'in'e & Captain Liarra Von

Mission: What Lies Beneath
Location: Von's Office

S'er'in'e had wanted to brief Von on the developing situation surrounding the vessel they had towed in and the interest it seemed other ships were having in it. While his fighters were maintaining an extended blockade of the vessel several scans had been taken by passing ships no doubt interested in sneaking a peak at what happened for themselves. With information in hand S'er'in'e reported to the Captain's Yeoman. A slight bow for the female and then he asked. "Is Captain Von available?"

Talelle was working on her terminal when S'er'in'e stepped forward. She had been so engrossed in what she was working on that she had completely missed the Caitian, despite how much he towered above her. Even though there was no aggression in his voice, she still jumped in her seat and her antennae twitched erratically when he spoke. She pressed a button on the terminal, clearing the screen, before composing herself. "Hello, Colonel," the little andorian replied, opening her terminal once again to a new screen. "Let me check her schedule." She tapped away for a moment. "Yes, sir. She should be in. If she's not in her office, she may be in Ops. She does get tired of sitting at that desk sometimes. Let me page her for you." She tapped on a comm panel on her desk. Talelle to Captain Von."

Liarra's voice came through the other end of the channel. "Von here. What can I do for you, Yeoman?"

"I have Lt. Colonel S'er'in'e here. He'd like to speak with you."

Von's voice lifted. "Oh, good. Send him to my office. I'll meet him there. I actually wanted to speak with him."

"Aye, sir. Talelle out." She stood and gestured down the corridor running along the outer edge of the station hull. "The captain will see you now. Do you know the way, or would you like me to show you?"

"Thank you." S'er'in'e replied. "I know the way." He'd been there a few times before in his time on board, some good, some bad. "Thank you."

He walked into the Captain's office, his customary bow and then righted. "Captain Von." He waited for the doors to close behind him. "Liarra." His voice soft and feline in inflection. "It is good to see you well."

"It's good to see you, S'er'in'e," Von replied. She gestured towards the couch. They had become familiar enough with each other that he was on first name basis with her, and most of the time sitting at the desk just felt too cumbersome. "Please, have a seat. Can I get you anything?" She made a quick stop by her replicator and ordered her usual, a hot cup of caramel cappuccino.

"Thank you but no, I am...monitoring my consumption." Which in Caitian terms equated to dieting. He coiled his tail about himself and sat on the couch.

Liarra joined S'er'in'e on the couch and took a sip of her drink. "So what brings you up here?" she asked.

"I have a report for you about events over the last few hours. It seems our derelict has earned some 3rd party attention from ships in local space around the station. None have tried to venture near due to the CAP blockade but news of this discovery is out and will filter. I would expect Command to contact you unless you have already informed them." He reported while handing her a PADD with more details than his verbal spiel of the situation.

Liarra took the PADD and skimmed over it while S'er'in'e spoke. "I did speak with Command recently, and I did happen to mention that ship," she said, her eyes looking back up towards him. "It wasn't the main topic of discussion, but they seemed to think that we were following the right procedures. We just need to keep the ship isolated until we can find out what happened. Commander Luciano is putting together a team to head over there."

"Indeed. I have support craft standing by waiting to ferry his assign team to the vessel." S'er'in'e replied as he watched her read the information on the PADD he had just handed her.

"Good, good," she said, trailing off as her eyes quickly skimmed to the end of the report. She sat the PADD down beside her and leaned back. "There was one other thing that I discussed with Starfleet Command. Things have been looking very tense near the Klingon-Gorn border lately, and our ships are stretched pretty thin in this sector. There may be some need for your birds to leave the nest from time to time. Do you think they're up to flying some missions away from base?"

"In our diminished condition it would greatly depend on the mission profile. Until we are resupplied with new pilots and craft our capability is hindered, even with inter department trained pilots we are functioning at less that 70% and most of those are not fighter qualified." S'er'in'e replied. "But should the order come through I will endeavour to comply with it as best I can." The large feline spoke in reply.

"I mentioned that to the Admiral," Von replied, nodding. "With the Sojourner threat lessened, resupplying our fighters was a lower priority. But with the possibility of additional assignments, she may be able to fulfill that requisition. Besides, officers of your rank deserve to command a larger wing than the one you have now."

"I am confident once we have been resupplied we will be functioning as before and with more experienced pilots we may be able to tackle assignments beyond routine CAP or local defence." S'er'in'e replied. He was not happy at the condition of the department as it stood but if the Admiral could pull strings then that would only serve to enhance the operational capability of the fighter wing.

Von smiled. "I don't doubt it, S'er'in'e. I told command the same thing. I told them how impressed I've been with your service. What you've done with the resources allotted to you has been nothing short of impressive. And Admiral Quinn agreed." Liarra reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small box. She handed it to S'er'in'e. "That's why they agreed to my request to offer you this."

A mildly confused expression befell his face as he wondered what was in the box. He wondered if it was perhaps a gift, something from one person to another, from one friend to another for the things that happened in the past. A token or appreciation or the like considering what the two of them had gone through together. What he didn't expect however was upon opening the box he saw the silver wings of Colonel. Not what he was expected but grateful none the less. "You have my thanks Captain."

"I know it's not really anything personal, but you can still consider it a gift from the heart. You deserve it, S'er'in'e. I should be thanking you." She offered him a warm smile. "Besides, it's long overdue."

"If it does not impose, would you care for dinner with my Mate and I tonight, or another time should it suit?" S'er'in'e offered, he knew Von didn't get out much, her office, Operations or the uniform so wanted to offer.

Liarra was a little surprised by the offer. It wasn't often that she was invited out for social gatherings. She only considered it for a second. S'er'in'e was turning into too good of a friend for her to turn him down. "I would be honored to. Thank you."

S'er'in'e rose, a slight bow as customary and then smiled. "Till tonight then." Knowing the Captain was busy he didnt want to take up anymore of her time and swiftly left as graceful as his felines movements carried him to her office.


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