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The Unpacking

Posted on Wed Mar 6th, 2019 @ 11:58pm by Mr'isarr & Lieutenant Cheyanne Harrison

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Assigned Quarters
Timeline: Following post "Visit to Security"

Mr'isarr was unpacking containers that within held the contents of their belongings. The move to the station was not as smooth as it could have been especially when some of the containers were nearly sent to the wrong place. The quarters were bigger than he'd expected and yet provided enough room and space for them to live, especially with his size, and do what they needed to do in a social setting.

His own profession as a florist and floral designer had landed him a position within a shop, he was fortunate to find employment that he could use, grow and develop his trade while Cheyanne was off in the conduct of her duties.

His unpacking while unpacking, was not strictly neat because he knew that as soon as Cheyanne got home she would want everything in its place, a place she had set.

After getting their security clearances she walked back to their quarters to see how the unpacking was going. Walking in, she saw the room she couldn't help but chuckle. "Trying to get it put away before I got home?" Cheyanne said as she laughed at her husband and walked up to him and kissed him gently on the nose. "Your so cute when you try to be fast." She said as she smiled at him handing him his clearances.

"I thought I would try and begin prior to your return." He spoke as she kissed his nose. "Less for you to do following duties." The intent was there at least. He took the clearances that she had offered him, it was good these were done as now he could begin to work his craft and trade, of which, he had yet to unpack it.

She smiled looking at him, "your so sweet," she said as she hugged him closing her eyes. "That's why I love you so," she said as she held him. She felt safe and protected in his arms and smelled so good.

Using this moment to breathe in her calming scent he held her, gently, lovingly, calmly. "I know." He purred as he rested his chin atop her head within his embrace.

She loved to hear him purr and smiled, "I love you so much." Cheyanne said softly as she didn't want to ever let him go. "Want to have dinner tonight? Seen a very interesting place that looked like a good place to eat." Cheyanne asked as she just looked up at him not letting him go for the time being.

"Of course, where is this establishment?" He asked still holding her through having lifted his head off of hers so she could look up, it meant now he could look down at her once more.

"I think the name of it was Alexander's?" Cheyanne said as she was trying to remember the name she only glanced at the name while passing by but the inside of it looked lovely. "I think your shop is close by it, we can stop by there as well." She said almost excited about the mention of his shop he will be working at. She loved flowers so much and always adored the ones that he would bring home for her.

"Perhaps we should freshen up. I have placed towels and bathroom liquids already in there, your robe hangs also." At least he got the essentials sorted first. "A change of attire, unless you wish to go in a uniform?"

"Not really as I am not scheduled to report until tomorrow, I think I better change." She laughed as she pulled away from him and smiled. She walks into the bedroom to the bathroom and smiled as she started to get ready.

Taking a moment to brush his fur, correcting any errant strands or locks and forcing them into compliance with a brush he changed into a two piece suit set. It afforded him freedom of movement and would keep his fur cool. He hoped it would not be too much since he didn't know what she was going to wear herself.

They haven't had the chance to have a night to themselves in awhile and going out was going to be special. She wondered what she was going to wear and frantically started to look for the right outfit but so far she was having a hard time deciding. After about twenty minutes of looking and clothes over the bed, she finally found what she was going to wear. "There it is," she said to no one in particular. She went back into the bathroom and finished getting ready including doing up her hair. When she finished she walked out and smiled at her mate. "You look as handsome as ever," she said with a wink. She was wearing his favorite outfit, a blue long dress with a v-neck that showed her chest but not too revealing. She was wearing a sweater that came with the dress to keep her arms from getting too cold.

"Paled as ever, by you." He complimented back as he stood by the door. He was particularly fond of the cut and how it hugged her frame. He also enjoyed how she would often dress for him, to please him, even to show herself off on his arm. Cheyanne was never one to back down from the task of pleasing him, be it through attire or act, she made him feel important and valued, he only hoped that in his of feline way he did the same in return.

She smiled, "you ready my dear?" She asked as she walked up to him and grabbed his arm laying her head on his shoulder.

"I am, lead the way." Since she knew of the place, he was easier to let her lead while at the same time he was looking forward to seeing the shop he was to work in. He was looking forward to his first day, his craft was important to him and he took pleasure in it, glad that others did too when they came to pick orders they had placed.

She smiled as they both walked out of their home and headed down to the promenade, after awhile walking side by side, she always enjoyed holding his hand. Made her feel at ease, they arrived at the flower shop and she really got excited. "Look, my love, aren't those pretty." She said as she noticed a bouquet of flowers that were her favorite.

"I will start employment here tomorrow." He answered. "I will be able to make many pretty things once I am settled in." As she looked at the other arrangements he came to stand close behind her, his hand on her hip as he looked over her shoulder at the flowers she was looking at.

She gave him a look like she really wanted those to place on their living room table, "these would look so perfect in our home love." She said as she always had a weakness for flowers.

"Then perhaps one tomorrow, that I make, will be more rewarding for you?" He suggested, wanting ideally the first decoration in the home to be of his own work.

She looked at him and sighed for a moment, "Alright love." She said as she knew that would be important to him she just really loved flowers. They walked a few feet until they arrived at Alexander's "This is nice don't you think?" She asked as they walked in and found a perfect spot.

"It will be pretty, I assure you." Confident in his own abilities to assure her so. "It is, the view is attractive too." While he did like space, there was something tranquil about it.

They took a seat and she sat him his lap which she always likes to do, she grabbed the menu and started to look at all the options. Everything looked so good she wasn't sure what she wanted.

Placing his arms around Cheyanne's waist so that she was supported within his lap he peered at the menu with her. "I think I will have the fish." Fish was an easier food for him to eat in light of lacking the teeth for grinding or chewing that would suit most meats.

She was still looking but seen that the fish did look good, "I think I'll have that as well, it looks good." Cheyanne said as a waiter came over and took their order and brought back their drinks. "I think I am going to like it here, what about you love?" She asked as she turned her head just a bit to see his face.

"So far it does look promising." He replied but he didn't want to think too much on it as they had not been on for very long and there was much of the station and its lifestyle that they had yet to see. "What would you wish for a beverage?"

"I'll just have some tea," she said as she always loved her tea, warm. She would only drink coffee in the morning after that it was tea for the rest of the time. "What about you love?" She asked.

"Water will suffice." He spoke holding her comfortably in his lap as he peered through the window. "Have you managed to meet those you will work with from now on?" Wondering if she'd already done her department induction and station introductions of the staff.

"No I haven't, I figured I would do that tomorrow. It will give us today to unpack and get settled in and spend some time together since we really haven't had much time to ourselves in a while." Cheyanne said as she missed spending time with her mate and her love.

"That is true." And he did miss the time together but that was part of the price of being with a service officer, duty came first and he respected that, stood by her even though the difficult assignments that took her away from him for a little while regardless of how difficult it was or would be on him. His large hand rested on her thigh, the other around her waist holding her in his lap.

She smiled as the food arrived, "This looks delicious." Cheyanne said as she looked at the meal. "What do you think love?" She asked as she looked at him.

"I think we should eat before it goes cold." He replied, a small smile of his own on his face, anything more and fangs would have been seen and being new on board the station he didn't want to cause alarm, especially since he was not in a uniform.

She nodded and she began to eat her food, slowly as she was always one to savor the taste and smell. "this is good," she said before taking another bite.

Deciding to eat himself only his portions were somewhat larger than Cheyanne's he ate. Cutlery was larger to which helped facilitate his eating. It was good, succulent, juicy, full of flavor. "It is." He said after swallowing a piece of fish that was nearly the size of half a sandwich.

After a while she finished her plate and sipped on her tea, though most of all she enjoyed the time she was having with her mate. She leaned back and laid her head on his chest and smiled.

He was not long to finish after her, washing it down with a glass of water to finish the course. Holding her, hand on thigh, arm around, even his tail draped over her legs he held her. She would often lay against him, a perk of being much larger than her was that it was not uncomfortable and being this close afforded him her scent to cling to. "Enjoy the meal?"

"I did, did you?" She asked as she just listened to his heartbeat and she closed her eyes to enjoy the sound.

"I did also." He answered her, holding her, enjoying this moment, hunger had been fed and now they waited before doing anything else. He ignored the looks he was getting from a few others around them, he was used to it, didn't care for them so didn't let them bother him.

After what seemed like hours, was only a few minutes. "Well, let us go walk around the promenade to see what else they got here," Cheyanne suggested with a grin as she stood up and grabbed his hand.

"As you wish." He stood, hand in hers and then followed Cheyanne out of the establishment which from there they went shopping, be it window or otherwise.


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