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Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2016 @ 2:21pm by Colonel S'er'in'e & Commander Narayn Ballard
Edited on on Fri Mar 25th, 2016 @ 12:42am

Mission: Brave New World
Location: XO's Office

S'er'in'e had spent some time writing up a complete debrief along with supporting sensor records and information for the command authority. He'd need to begin with speaking to the Station XO, before he could begin works to replace lost fighters, parts replication from Engineering or power allocations from Ops he'd need approval. Having changed into a fresh uniform since he'd be leaving the hangar bay thus his flight uniform was not really suitable, at least to him anyway.

The walk was brief, brief for being over 7 feet tall and a longer than usual stride, often he had to slow his pace when walking with others because they had trouble keeping up with him but when alone he could walk normally.

He made sure he was presentable before pressing the chime to the Executive Officer's Office.

"Come in, Major!" Ballard called out, glancing through the glass panels in the door. He was unusually chipper for a man with so much paperwork to do. "What can I do for you today?"

S'er'in'e stepped in having to dip his head slightly stepping through the door. "Commander." He righted himself again and revealed the PADD in his hand. "A request to begin repair, refit and manufacture of fighters damaged or lost during the recent battle." He paused before proceeding. "Replacements would take too long in essence to arrive and I believe that producing our own would give the pilots and other departments something to come together with."

"Interesting theory." Ballard took the PADD from the CAG and began to flick through it. He wasn't wrong - any request for replacement fighters would be met with delays and stalling tactics from the bureaucrats which it had become his lot in life to have to put up with. "I think this should work. Will you have enough mechanics to do the majority of the grunt work or will you be looking to take some Ops staff over to help you out?"

"I have the ground crews available, all I lack are component parts. Operations should be able to provide most of what I need and Engineering the actual replication means. Both also would be needed in the replication and resupply of expended munitions, nearly 40% of our weapons supply was exhausted. I am currently waiting for updates from ground teams on production timeline estimates assuming a smooth operation."S'er'in'e was hopeful knowing that with the losses he took he needed to give his crews focus, fights always resulted in casualties and everyone expected it but actually facing it always proved the challenge.

"We've got some structural reinforcement on the main industrial replicators at the moment." Ballard told him, checking down a readout on the monitor. "Once those are done though, you've got the green light from me."

"Understood Commander, I will seek out Operations next to allocation time schedules and production estimates." He was glad the plan was heading in the right direction and knew the crews would be keen to get involved instead of waiting eons for replacement fighters. This plan would also have the added impact that would bring the wing together as a team.

"Excellent. Keep me updated on your progress." Ballard smiled as the Caitian, never one to outstay his welcome, turned to leave the office.

Major S'er'ine
Commander, Aerospace Group

Commander Narayn Ballard [NPC: Gunning]
Executive Officer
Starbase 332


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