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Meet -n- Rush

Posted on Sat Jan 30th, 2016 @ 4:41pm by Cadet Junior Grade Aric Blake & Cadet Senior Grade Errowyn St. Cloud

Mission: By Dawn's Early Light
Location: SB-332


Errowyn dodge others going about their business at a high rate of speed. She was notified of the incoming cadet to the Academy here on SB-332. She wasn't looking forward to be meeting any new students. In one hand she had a sign that said "CJG Blake" But it was getting bumped into and somewhat smeared. Like she cared.

Arriving at the Shuttle bay, just in time to see the incoming shuttle land. She got in a place that those disembarking could see and read the sigh. then she waited.

There was little gracefulness to be witnessed as civilians poured out of the shuttle transport the moment the doors unlatched and before the loading plank could touch the deck. AJ had snagged his belongings, a worn and beat-up messenger bag and PADD before being herded out into the shuttle bay.

His toddler friend the Orion boy, had been scooped up and carried out of the bay so quickly that he'd dropped his own companion. AJ darted through the trampling onslaught and snatched the knitted Vulcan from the deck, but by the time he'd gotten to his feet, the Orion boy and caregiver were nowhere to be found. Instead stood a half-attentive Trill female in the typical cadet uniform, a sign precariously dangling between her fingers that appeared more as an obscene suggestion in inkblot form.

"Uhm, hey," he approached the girl. "Are you protesting something or...," it was a guess, a weak and utterly useless guess, be he'd gotten her to see him at least.

Errowyn gave a soft laugh at the remark from Aric. "I was elected to get you and bring you to the USS Wainworth. We better hurry." Spying the knitted Vulcan doll in his hand. "I'm not even gonna ask!" It was obvious she had spotted the knitted doll in his hand. Even though she gave a snicker. "I'm Errowyn St. Cloud. Whot's your specialty?" Leading the way out of the shuttle bay. "Hey Mac! He's with me and vetted!" To the big burly Security Guard was glaring at everyone in full battle kit. he nodded to Errowyn, letting them both slip by into a maintenance corridor. "We're gonna be in a genuine invasion!" Her bravado barely concealed the fear she felt at the promise of invasion. "I hope you know how to shoot along with your specialty."

She moved with purpose, leading him through the labyrinthine maintenance corridors to avoid the stragglers and armed patrols by Fleet, Mercenaries and Akiashiro's. They finally popped out into one of the main corridors near a turbolift.

Keeping pace with the breakneck hustle, AJ shifted his bag around to stuff the doll deep in the bag. He had little time to explain, not that he figured the fellow cadet would believe him. "Sciences," he answered Errowyn's earlier question. "My specialty is sciences." It was a broad enough response and one not indicative of weapons fire. "Not the warm and fuzzy sort," hesitating a moment before catching himself, "the sciences that is. So yeah, point and shoot," rolling his own eyes at his verbal fumbles, AJ glanced quickly over to the female cadet. "Did you say invasion? Where exactly are we going?"

"Our Battle stations!" She snapped out as she fidgeted before the turbolift. She nodded confirming his first question. "In ya go!" once doors open to allow them access to the lift. "Docking port 35!" As the doors closed and the lift moved out speeding up to work it way through lift tunnels on the station. Having a bit of time to question him a bit more. "So what's with the doll?" Looking at him with interest.

Not aboard even a second and being sent off to a battle station. Certainly not how the Academy was back on Terra.

Leaning against the lift as it flew through the station, AJ offer a coy smile. "Just something a little guy lost. Was hoping to get it back to him, but well there's apparently an invasion going on." While he could sense the apprehension in the girl and seriousness of the matter, AJ wondered more of the little boy's safety than his own. "We bonded over a game," he smirked, amusing himself at how he found the most annoying things pleasant.

Errowyn gave a soft smile. "He's probably enroute to one of the Civilian Shelters by now. And if you want to return that to him. I suggest give your all for we are going to severely tested. Mister Blake." Failing miserable at being a tough Senior Cadet Commanding Officer. "Don't feel bad this is my first time, too." She fell quiet, as she fidgeted a bit, hoping the other Cadets had gotten her kit ready and a weapon from the armory as she played errand girl to bring the new cadet to where they were prepping for battle. "Not a good impression I'm making am I?"

He shrugged, offering a gentle smoldering gaze. "I've had worse." Indeed he had, and it wouldn't be the first time he'd played fast and loose with insecurity or authority. Either way he didn't entirely like the dire sound or nervousness cracking through. "But if it counts for anything, you're doing just fine," this time he flashed a pearly smile. "How'd you draw the short straw to come fetch the junior book nerd anyhow?"

"I wanted to have a bigger picture of how preparations were going with the rest of the Star Base. And one last chance to work off nervous energy." Errowyn looked him over, returning the smile with a shy smile of her own. "I actually volunteered also." She held up her hand. "I know. I know. Never volunteer." She gave a rueful shake of her head, exposing her trill markings.

"Eh, well I suppose there could have been worse things to volunteer for," he replied, a cocky grin well planted upon a slightly smug expression. It wasn't long before it faded and AJ pushed off the lift wall towards Errowyn. "I take it you're the ambitious sort," AJ paused a moment to weigh the details, "and probably command track too."

"Yeah." Errowyn straightened up as she looked him over. "Unless they find some one else more suited. At least I'll have the experience in which to build upon. It happened during my training run on the Academy ship and that was a disaster. We actually crippled the ship in deep space. Not by being attacked. But by our own hands." Errowyn gave an involuntary giggles. A smile that lit up her expression with warmth. "After this is all over. I'll help you find that boy that the doll belongs to."

AJ nodded and inclined his head in thanks. "I appreciate that. Though you mean to tell me the starbase is about to be invaded and they're sending out the cadets to help defend it, the same ones who crippled their own ship," the tactician in him was starting to give way as he mounted the evidence for the many ways this could go wrong. Suddenly he stopped and beamed. "That's just perfect," he couldn't help but smile and think he might actually fit in here.

"I knew you'd fit in! Welcome to Star Base 332 Academy and the base." Errowyn smiled as she shrugged. "What's your Major?" Leading him off the turbo lift into the mayhem of organized chaos in prepping the station for invasion.

Keeping close to Errowyn's lead, AJ dodged a random crewman and spun himself around before falling back in line behind her. "Primarily theoretical physics and exoarcheology, but I'm keeping my options open," which was truthful enough, if only partially misleading. "Typical science geek, you know, the truth is out there and such. Except we probably won't like it when we find it," AJ snickered at his own humor.

"Aint that the truth!" Errowyn responded as she rounded the corner and into a big bay, where a bunch of other Cadets were milling about with Harried Instructors trying to show half a dozen Cadets weapons, answering questions. "I'm Operations and Command." She then placed her fingers near her mouth and let loose a piercing whistle that drew everyone's attention towards them and quieted them down. "This is Cadet Aric Blake. Science Major!!" She yelled out in a loud voice, waving a hand in his direction. "Direct from Sol-3 Academy."

"He sure picked a fine time to transfer out here!" Came the comment generating a bit of laughter.

"Welcome Blake! Grab a gun..." Another was interrupted by an instructor.

"Mark 4 Combat Phaser Rifle, Cadet Joan Ingleson!" The instructor corrected her. "Cadet Blake. Have you had a chance to check in?"

There wasn't much time for pleasantries from the whirlwind landing, being swept up into a lift and now tossed before the eager cadets like a fresh piece of meat for dinner. At least they would arm their meal before taking him apart. His lips had parted to utter a response, but the instructor had already moved on to other tasks and apologetically snapping commands.

With a shrug, AJ attached the sidearm to his belt and found an open spot to prop against as orders began to flood out. He thought for a moment that at least he'd packed lightly, though considering how chaotic the bay was it might be as well that they hadn't assignment him quarters to stash his bag in. Those ten hours of peek-a-boo, may have been the calm before the storm.


Cadet SG Errowyn St. Cloud

Cadet JG Aric Blake


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