Engineering Tools

Created by Captain Alexander Gunning on Tue May 4th, 2010 @ 5:32pm

Dynamic mode stabilizer- A tool used to analize computer systems, and scan for anomalies. Most useful on isolinear, and bio-neural gel pack circuits. 3x19 cm.

EJ7 Interlock- Engineering tool used to open critical system access panels on space stations and starships.

Electro-Plasma Regulator - This is used for the handling of EPS power relays, and the maintenance of the power conduits. Its dimensions are 5x36cm.

Environmental Suit - Protective garments worn by Starfleet personnel when exploring inhospitable environments.

EPI Capacitor - Device used to open a runabout hatch in an emergency, bypassing the normal door actuation servos.

Flow Distributor - Used to redirect the power flow out of a relay from a damaged conduit/peripheral equipment (Replicators, etc). It can be used to adjust for the flow ratio of a power conduit/EPS flow regulator, or to realign the induction coils.

Hammer - Tool used for the pounding of obstinate hardware and personnel.

Isochronious Asymmetric Compensator - Used for transporters. Has a variety of uses from realigning the phase transition coils, to adjusting the flow feed of the Doppler compensators.

Isolinear Enhancer - Similar purpose to the Inducer, except it offers a phase regulator for those pesky ODN problems, requiring isolinear i-node probing. 25 cm long.

Isolinear Inducer - This tool is used in a variety of tasks from replacing a damaged circuit to diagnosing anomalies in a bio-gel pack. It's shaped like a very crude looking broom handle, with a nice comfy easy grip. It's about 25 cm long.

Isolinear Phase Inverter - This tool is used to probe Isolinear circuits for common problems. At current, it can be used as a diagnostic tool, or just something to pry the lid off a can of peanuts. The tool has a rather large, white light emitting diode at the tip of it. It's about 48 cm long, and very thick.

Magnaspanner - Handheld tool used by Starfleet engineers. Magnetic Probe - Handheld engineering tool used to seal the matter-antimatter flow.

Microdine Enhancer - Used specifically for subspace equipment. It has a variety of functions, and is easily callibrated. Keep away from flame. 3x19cm.

Microoptic Drill -A handled piece of Starfleet equipment used to produce extremely small, precision holes.

Pattern Enhancer - Devices used by Starfleet transporter systems to amplify a transporter signal, thereby making personal transport safer during relatively hazardous situations, as when beaming through electrical storms.

Plasma Infuser - Handheld instrument used for the transfer of high energy plasma.

Plasma Torch - Work tool used on board Federation starships.

Quantum regulator - This tool is used to jupiter quantum fluctuations, quantum regularities, and a useful tool in field mechanics. This tool is rather small, and hand held. 23cm long with a thin, rod shaped, rounded tip.

SCM Model 3 - Small handheld superconducting magnet used aboard starships.

Self-Sealing Stem Bolts - Useful gizmos.

Subsonic Transmitter - Device used on planet Omicron Ceti III to drive the spores from the surviving colonists' bodies in 2267. The subsonic transmitter broadcast an irritating frequency that was described as like spreading itching powder on the affected individuals.

Subspace Field Inverter - A piece of equipment not normally included in the inventory of a Federation starship. This device is capable of generating low levels of Eichner Radiation, which were found to stimulate growth of certain strains of deadly plasma plague.

Subspace Resonator - Field manipulation device.

Subspace Shunt - Device used to gain unauthorized control of computer systems. Attached to a secondary system, the shunt could be used to bypass normal security lockouts.

Thermal Interferometry Scanner - Device for measuring distances by means of the interference of thermal gradients.

Thruster Suit - Protective garment designed to allow humanoid starship crew members to work in an airless environment. A thruster suit also incorporates a small propulsion unit to permit maneuvering in weightless conditions, intended for emergency evacuation.

Transponder, Emergency - A small device about the size of a lipstick case, capable of transmitting an emergency distress call across limited interstellar distances.

Transporter Test Article - A cylinder of duranium about one meter tall and 25 centimeters in diameter. Used to test transporter performance by beaming the article away and then back to a transporter pad, or simply beaming it between pads.

Tricorder - Handheld device, used for field measurements and having a tactical database. Tricorders can identify things such as particles, chemical substances and atmospheric composition. A medical tricorder is identical, but is programmed for medical use and has a small handheld sensor probe.

Warp Core Matrix Flux Capacitor - Used for power distribution of the EPS. Can be easily callibrated to adjust any warp core. Dimensions are roughly the same as a Microdine Enhancer.