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The following is a list of Achievements that will be awarded per player for meeting certain criteria. Each Achievement is only obtainable once, but that doesn't mean that you can't reuse the idea multiple times. The Achievement banner will be added to a player's primary character's bio page as they are earned. This list is not inclusive, and additional Achievements will be created if an action or a post is worthy of a new one.

Achievement: Multiple Personalities
Create a separate P-NPC character and contribute to at least three mission posts as that character.

Make a JP with three separate people, with whom you've not yet made a JP. Preferably a person whose character your character would not often interact with.

Make a subtle reference to one of the Star Trek TV shows. Note: be creative, don't just mention a character's name.

Make a subtle reference to one of the other Pegasus Fleet sims. Note: be creative, don't just mention a character's name.

Make a reference to ancient Earth literature that was written in the late 20th, early 21st centuries.

Achievement: Posting Trainee
Contribute to 10 Mission Posts.

Achievement: Posting Rookie
Contribute to 25 Mission Posts.

Achievement: Posting Veteran
Contribute to 50 Mission Posts.

Achievement: Posting Machine
Contribute to 100 Mission Posts.

Achievement: Posting Master
Contribute to 200 Mission Posts.

Achievement: Posting Spree
Make a quality post at a minimum of once a day, for 5 days.

Achievement: Mega Posting Spree
Make a quality post at a minimum of once a day, for 10 days.

Achievement: Ultimate Posting Spree
Make a quality post at a minimum of once a day, for 15 days.

Achievement: Veteran Officer
Participate in three complete missions.

Achievement: The More The Merrier
Make a JP with at least four people.

Achievement: War Never Changes
Make a post with a (partial) flashback to a time when your character fought in a war (i.e. Dominion War, Federation-Klingon War, Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, etc.)

Achievement: Back in my Academy Days…
Make a post with a (partial) flashback to a time when your character was in the Academy.

Achievement: Childhood Stories
Make a post with a (partial) flashback to a time during your character’s childhood.

Achievement: There's No Place Like Home...
Have your character settle in his or her quarters, adding something that makes the place feel like home.

Achievement: What’s Up, Doc?
Visit the infirmary for reasons other than a standard physical or social call.

Achievement: I Didn’t Do Nuthin’
Spend a night in a holding cell.

Achievement: Photons and Forcefields
Write a post in which your character is in a holodeck simulation.

Achievement: It Has Its Ups and Downs
Make a post set primarily in a turbolift.

Achievement: Just Like Mom Used to Make
Make a post in which you share a home cooked meal with another character.

Achievement: Every Rose Has its Thorn
Have your character encounter, or go through, an embarrassing romantic situation.

Achievement: Love Hurts
Make a post in which your relationship comes to be under severe pressure (be it a love or friend relationship).

Achievement: My Favorite Place
Show someone your favorite spot on the ship, holodeck not included.

Achievement: Don’t Forget to Call Your Mother
Call your parents/guardians while on the station.

Achievement: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Make a post of your character's frustration over a broken computer.

Achievement: Percussive Maintenance
Have your character attempt to make a repair by applying blunt force impact.

Achievement: The Sand, It Gets Everywhere
Shake the sand out of your boots.

Express your character's opinion of children (i.e., having some, preferably with your partner). How would you name a girl or a boy?

Achievement: What You Don't Know Must Die
Kill a creature you've never encountered before.

Achievement: Breaking News
Have your character overhear an important news report, and have him/her react to it.

Achievement: Martial Artist
Have your character practice his or her combat skills in the holodeck.

Achievement: Knockout Punch
Punch someone to the ground (preferably a bad person, but if you're fanatic enough...)

Achievement: Read ‘em and Weep
Play a game of cards with a crewmember.

Achievement: Shocking!
Get an electric shock from a console or EPS conduit.

Achievement: Matters of Faith
Express your character's opinions about religion and spiritualism.

Achievement: Understanding Fear
Discuss your character's biggest fear with another character. Remember that this is not a light subject.

Work this sentence into your post in a comical way. (Tip: try to avoid the obvious situations/places, such as the kitchen).

Achievement: A Wise Man Once Said...
Work a (relevant!) philosophic quote into your post.

Achievement: If I Wasn't In Starfleet...
Express what your character would do if he/she wasn't in Starfleet. If your character is a civilian, express what they would do if they were in Starfleet.

Achievement: I Love This Song!
Take a song you really love and make a post around it. You can use the general story in the song or video, the vibe, your interpretation of the song, or even just one word or sentence. At the end of the post, put a little OOC explanation as to why you picked this song, and clarify which song it was. ("I chose this song, because...")

Achievement: What If?
This Special Achievement revolves around a What If?-situation. This is your chance to bend and twist reality into an awesome post. What if the Romulans never existed? What if you were blind? What if that hot Ensign in Engineering actually was your partner? It's all possible! If your "What If?" scenario can't be fitted into the regular sim timeline, then post it up as your character's dream.

Recruit two or more quality players to SB332. Verification of the fact that it was you who recruited them must be possible.

Achievement: Achiever Mark I
Successfully complete 5 Achievements.

Achievement: Achiever Mark II
Successfully complete 10 Achievements.

Achievement: Achiever Mark III
Successfully complete 20 Achievements.

Achievement: Where Eagles Dare
Survive the Battle of Thane

Achievement: Darkness Rising
Survive the Sojourner wargames and terrorist attack.

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