Archa IV

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SYSTEM COMPOSITION: Archa I - Class E, Archa II - B, Archa III - Class K, Archa IV - Class M, Archa V - Class L, Archa VI - Class Q, Archa VII - Class J, Archa VIII - Class I, Archa IX - Class P

HOME REGION: Archanis Sector

PLANETARY INFORMATION: Archa IV has a remarkable climate, similar to Earth's tropical regions. A form of oceanic drift keeps humidity down while allowing the planet to remain warm and pleasant. Archa has five continents, two of which are inhabited. It has two orbital bodies. The moon of Archa IV, known as Aris and Starbase 332, a Federation Stardock facility.

CONTINENTAL COMPOSITION: Largest Continent (Capital City, Peluu Resort) - Acan, Second Largest Continent (Tropical Rainforest & Jungle, Uninhabited) - Cizin, Third Continent (Tohil, Yaluk, Zipacna Resorts), Fourth Continent - Polar, Fifth Continent - Uninhabited Arid Desert


CAPITAL: The capital city of Archa remains unnamed due to a dispute between politicians over whom the city should be named for. At the moment, holidaymakers and Starfleet personnel refer to the city as Archa. It is much 'lower' than many Federation capital cities with a maximum height limit of five storeys placed on all buildings except the Central Administration Building and Parliament. These extend like spires into the sky.

The Capital city of Archa is not part of its tourist trail although it does possess a number of buildings which date back to the late 20th Century and has been extensively studied by Federation historians.

POLITICAL SYSTEM: Elective Presidency.
POPULATION:~3 billion
APPEARANCE: The Archans, for all intents and purposes, look human with the noticeable exception of a small ridge on the outside of the eyes.
LANGUAGE: Federation Standard has been the official language on Archa IV since 2305.
CHARACTER: Peaceful. The Archans have given over most of their efforts to the encouragement of tourism to the region.

HISTORY: The Archanis sector was first discovered by the USS Ranger during its first five year exploratory mission in 2267. During that time, the crew of the Ranger found a backward, peace-loving people who, despite not being warp capable were aware of the influence of other planets, races and star systems and had developed complex long-range sensors in order to study them.

The people of Archa IV were left largely to their own devices by the Federation for many years until the USS Excelsior, under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu, returned to check on the progress of the system while charting gaseous anomalies in a nearby sector. What they found was very different to the peaceful, idyllic existence witnessed by the Ranger. They were greeted by a Pontiff Nakal, who claimed to be the legitimate leader of Archa IV.

Sulu and his crew soon discovered that the planet had been invaded and conquered by a group calling themselves the Ritorian Confederacy who had enslaved the native population through a form of mind control. Upon contacting Starfleet Command, it was decided that because the planet was not under the protection of the Federation, it would not be advisable to interfere. Sulu and his senior officers disagreed and set about attempting to sabotage the instalations which kept the people of Archa IV under the heel of the Ritorians.

The sabotage of these centres led to a bloody and bitter uprising during which most of the planet was destroyed by aerial bombardment by the withdrawing Ritorian troops. By the time the Federation sent the Diplomatic Corps out to the system, the planet was decimated but the Archans were already beginning to rebuild under the leadership of the head of their royal family, Lord Audaan.

It took a great deal of convincing for Audaan to trust the Federation. While he understood that the people of Archa would have been left subservient if it was not for the actions of Captain Sulu and the Excelsior crew, he held the Federation responsible for allowing so many of his people to die. This feeling did not remain for long and the planet soon saw the good that the Federation could do. They were able to rebuild and prosper with the help of the Federation.

Archa IV

Archa IV has a largely temperate climate, most closely resembling Bajor and Trill in its climate and greenery. Visitors will find a planet with relatively low levels of rainfall (brought about by climate change from the Ritorian occupation) and, as such, little arable farming land. However, there are many rolling green hills but the composition of the grass has been found to be poisonous to animals which are native to the planet.

In the early 2370s a relief effort was set up by the Federation to rehome the native species of animals in climates and planets which best suited their needs. As such, Archa IV is largely without animals and relies on replicators and imported food from the Federation to feed both its people and its growing tourist industry.

Studies by Starfleet Science in 2378 discovered that the arable farmland which now lay in disuse would actually be suitable for certain species of Earth farm animals but at the time of writing, no plans are in place to import any animals to Archa IV from other parts of the Federation due to the massive ethical implications of creating an ecosystem almost entirely from scratch.

It has been suggested in some circles that Starfleet intends to begin Terraforming efforts on Class L Archa V.

TECHNOLOGY: The Archans rely on Federation technology.
RELIGION: Archa IV is home to a monotheistic religion which is not widely practiced now that many Archans have been out to the stars. It was once their primary teaching method having evolved from a 'sun-worshipping' religion of which evidence can be found in primitive ruins across the Salaya Continent.
MILITARY: Archa IV is under the protection of Starfleet.

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