The Edosian's Menu

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Appetizers and Salads

Blue Leaf Salad: A fresh spin on a Betazoid treat this salad has crisp and fresh blue leaf lettuce topped with fresh moba fruit and crumbled espra cheese. Substitute your moba fruit for grilled zabo or grilled Denobulan trout and make it a full meal.
Vranto Salad: Fresh water fruit, soltar, dried jakarines, green onions, plomeek, sesame seeds and honey-lime dressing.
Spice Bread with Yutaan Dip: Warm and delicious spice bread is served sliced and presented with a bowl of warm yutaan dip.
Pipius claw: Six succulent pipius claws are boiled fresh and served with zest lemon on top over a bed of fresh greens. Makes for a great seafood start to your meal.
Chfera Soup: With rice, green chiles and tomatoes. Topped with cilantro, avocado and a lime wedge.


Gespar Rolls: Fresh from Vulcan, the rolls are a spiced plomeek variety served with the Gespar stuffed inside. A great start for your day.
Nentulausu Kleetanta Scrambed kleetanta served with grilled peppers, jalapenos, diced tomatoes and cheese rolled up into lir's and topped with forati sauce. Served with a side of beans.
Grilled Skopar: a 9oz fresh skopar seasoned with lemon pepper then fire-grilled over Andorian cedar plank and served with rice and fresh steamed vegetables.
Smothered Zabo: 10 oz. fresh sliced zabo, grilled and smothered with mushrooms, yamok sauce and onion straws
Deep Fried Krada Legs: Taking a unique twist to this popular Klingon dish, the Krada legs are battered and then deep fried till they are golden brown. Served with a side of geapok sauce and gladst
Sierra Chicken: An Earth favorite; it's two fresh grilled chicken breasts topped with tomato-basil salsa. Served with a side of seasoned rice pilaf and fresh steamed asparagus drizzled with lemon-butter sauce.
Rellian Burger: A juicy half-pound Rellian beef burger served on a toasted brioche bun. Add your choice of cheese, fully dressed with vegetables.
Pasta Vixpril: Vixpril in our Picchi Pacchiu sauce with crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil
Caribbean steak kabob: 8 steak chunks marinated it a flavorful caribbean jerk rub and mango teriyaki salsa grilled then served kabob style over a bed of Jamaican rice



    Tulaberry wine
    Gamzian wine
    Risan white wine
    Torlan wine
    Beaujolais wine
    K'hava wine
    Chateau Picard


    Aldebaran whiskey
    Antarean brandy
    Andorian sunset
    Argelian nine-layer cocktail
    Orion ale
    Rigelian comfort
    Saurian brandy
    Volcanic spew
    Liquid dilithium


Altair water: A popular carbonated water from the Altair system
Citrus Drink: A clear fizzy beverage with a citrus kick
Katheka: A fresh brewed coffee using beans from Andor
Root Tea: A very unique tea; deeply aromatic with a smoky, smooth taste
Allira Punch: Made from the freshest fruits of Betazoid it has a quite pleasant, if a bit acidic taste
Raktajino: A blend of coffee and ra'taj liquer and served steamed or iced
Tellarite fizz: A sparkling beverage of Tellarite origin

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