Protostellar (Class XI) Nebula GS-504

Created by Captain Alexander Gunning on Mon Apr 30th, 2012 @ 5:48am

NAME: GS-504
LOCATION: One sector South of Sector GS-133 (sector containing Shokaal system)
DISCOVERED: 2364 - USS MacIntosh. Identified as proto-stellar nebula and cordoned for further study.
SURVEYED: 2389 - USS Henderson (Raven-class)

COMPOSITION: Primarily oxygen and argon with trace amounts of theta-xenon, fluorine, and sirillium. Its make up and status as a protostellar nebula means that it is disruptive to all but the closest scrutiny of sensors.

DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS: Deep blue hue. Disruptive to long-range and tactical sensors. Protostellar status means that it can damage starships if they remain in the nebula for more than 72 hours.

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION: Results of the survey carried out by the USS Henderson suggest that there is the remains of a Borg transwarp gateway within the nebula. The termination point of the portal is currently unknown pending study and repairs by Starfleet crews working out of Starbase 332.

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