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Major Alexandria Somers

Name Alexandria Lynne Somers

Position Company Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36
Serial Number T58996345563-omega

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 160LBS
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Slim and curvy, very tall and very Red hair


Spouse Paul Sharpe (Boyfriend)
Children None
Father Samuel Lloyd Somers (Age 60)
Mother Jennifer Lynne Griffiths (Age 55)
Brother(s) John Lloyd Somers Elder Brother (Age 38)
Sister(s) Karyn Lynne Somers younger Sister (Age 25), Kathryn Somers little Sister (Age 18)
Other Family All family living in Eurasian Territories on Earth
Uncle: David Lloyd Somers (age: 55)
Aunt: Alison Dennings (age: 50)
Cousin: Jasmine Lynne Somers CO USS Tomcat Akira Class Subtype

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hobbies & Interests:-

Likes: Pizza, Lamb Kebab, Old Cartoons, romcoms and Musicals, Late 20th and Early 21st Century Clothes, especially Party type clothes.

Dislikes: Many things, only one gets singled out and that's her dislike and distrust of Starfleet Intelligence, whom she blames for her fatal missions near failure.

Her mental Disposition: Is that of a cheery sort with a Very Dark and sometimes downright sick sense of humour, which is not always appreciated,like all personnel, but in a fight she was as tough as the toughest Marine Starfleet had to offer, since her transfer to ship duty and being granted a field commission of ensign her Dark side has begun to crack, her latest adventure has weakened the emotional barrier she placed to hold in a bad memory from her past, Also she is not fond of her middle name.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: an Uncanny knack for getting out of tight situations, Loyal.

Weakness: Like all Spec Ops personnel she has a dark side, she was never a diplomatic person, she spoke her mind and usually had a knack for upsetting other Marines, but it was usually in a good cause.
Ambitions To Make General some day
Hobbies & Interests Holoprograms, combat orientated, Reading, Rock Climbing.
Flight Skills:-

Maul fighter Training but no Fighter Combat training Qualified to fly any Shuttle Starfleet can currently put into the field

Martial Arts:-

Black Belt 4th Dan Karate
Klingon Martial Arts Level 3
Kickboxing Blue 4th Dan

Combat Skills:-

Starfleet Basic Unarmed Combat
Klingon Bat'Leth Use (Experienced)
Klingon Mek'Leth Use (Advanced)
Klingon Dak'TagH Use (Expert)
Advanced infiltration and Extraction Techniques
Advanced Demolitions and Recon Techniques
Qualified and Cleared to Use TR-116 Rifle
Languages Klingonese, Gaelic (welsh), Federation Standard, English, Vulcan, Bajoran: Alex has always had a knack for picking up and quickly being able to speak different languages.

Personal History Alexandria Somers was born in the Eurasian Territories on Earth on 6th August 2355, she has been a life-long friend of Paul Sharpe and has seen his softer more human side. She excelled at basic training and passed her specialist training in record time, her base point average would have gotten her a commission to 2nd Lt, but she was not interested in a commission so she concentrated on Recon and Demolitions. Her Father has strong ties with the Klingon's as Federation Ambassador and as such affords him and his family a modicum of respect as a family of warriors. As a child Alexandria trained with Klingon weapons on Qo'noS and while not a Master level she is proficient with all Klingon weapons.

In time she found that she was good at it, on her first mission, she was assigned to a more experienced Infiltration Team, this team had the job of taking out an Orion Syndicate Assassin, who had killed some important Federation Citizens. The mission was classed under the Plausible Deniability clause, this meant if they failed the team should they survive would be on their own. As it was the job was successful, Alexandria created and planted a focused explosive to the underside of the Assassins bed, the end results was broken windows and a smear of DNA matter spread through the destroyed room, the Assassin was one of the Syndicates best, his death shook them as they never found out who had done it.

The team upon return to Federation Space was split up, Alexandria found herself posted to Betazed, she never saw the teammates again, eventually, she ended up on the USS Independence on Detached Assignment as the Liaison between Starfleet Security and the Marines. She wore a standard SFMC uniform, but she had a shoulder patch that other marines do not have, it was an SSO SFMC Division Patch, which she had to removed when she was posted to the Independence-A, she now wears a Standard Starfleet Uniform with Green shirt.

After her stint in Special Operations, she joined her Cousin's regiment, the 95th Rifles SFMC, where she earned her white cord of courage, which she proudly wears at the base of her shoulders on her duty uniform and when in Dress Uniform a white cord on her uniform upper left arm sleeve. While she has transferred from the Rifle regiment, through postings, like all earned awards, she is entitled to wear the white cord. Even though outside of the Rifles the decoration is a passing idle curiosity. Now she does standard SFMC duties but she will always remember her time in the Rifles as she looks forward to the future.
Service Record Alex has always had a knack for picking up and quickly being able to speak different languages.

Service Record

NonCom History: Omitted, due to Black Ops background

237301.09: - Field Commission to 2nd Lieutenant
237305.01: - Assigned to USS Thunderchild as a Tactical Officer
237501.01: - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant on the USS Thunderchild
237608.01: - Assigned to the USS Excalibur as Security Officer
237701.24: - Reassigned as Chief Of Marines on the USS Sovereign
237901.01: - Assigned to Deep Space 5 Operations as both Marine Officer and Tactical Officer.
238001.01: - Posted to Earth for further Training.
238101.01: - Returns to Full Active Duty and returns to the USS Sovereign
238201.01: - Promoted to Marine Captain and granted Marine Unit Leader status with 12 Men to command
238303.01: - Reassigned to the USS Prometheus as Marine Officer
238406.10: - Promoted to Major and assigned to Bajor as Marine Adviser
238610.10: - Assigned to DS9 as MCO
238702.10: - Returned to Earth for further training.
238712.01: - Received New Posting to Starbase 218
238812.01: - Posted to Starbase 218 as Marine Commanding Officer
239007.05: - Posted to USS Niagara as Marine Executive Officer
239007.27: - Resigned from Position as Marine XO USS Niagara took posting elsewhere.
239008.01: - Given a Position in Bravo Unit as Marine Officer on the USS Tomcat at the rank of Marine Captain
239009.25: - Posted to the USS Trafalgar as MCO at the rank of Marine Captain.
239110.04: - Assigned to the Astraeus Project with the rank of Major.
239101.17: - Resigned as MCO Astraeus due to conflicting issues with the Operations Commander.
239110.21: - Assigned to Earth Marine Division.
239111.28: - Assigned to the Newly discovered Gaia Colony planet as MCO.
239112.31: - Gaia Colony evacuated in the wake of Commanding Officer going missing.
239205.08: - Assigned to Starbase 332 as Commander of Omega Squad.