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Lieutenant Commander Le Austin

Name Le Austin

Position Chief of Operations

Second Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 35
Serial Number FOC-55641

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0" (182.9 cm)
Weight 189 lbs (85.7 Kgs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Le Austin is a tall, lanky man who always seems to be taking in all of the details around him. He keeps his dark hair longer than is Federation normal, but still within standards, and his distinctly pure blue eyes, a rare trait for a Bajoran. He is physically fit, but littered with a plethora of small scars and burns from his years in the Resistance. His most notable injury, however, came from his time aboard Starbase Ronin: He is missing his pinky finger on his right hand.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Le Brogin (killed during the Occupation)
Mother Le Keera (killed during the Occupation)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Whereabouts Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Austin is a very friendly man, especially to his federation associates. He is aware that without them, the Cardassians could have easily returned in greater numbers. But while he is very friendly, he is a quiet man. The loss of his family still haunts him deeply. He is willing to talk to his friends at almost any time, but large group settings tend to make him nervous. A lot of his personality traits stem from his Resistance training. He doesn't like being the center of attention.

As a soldier, Austin is a no non-sense kind of man. Those that are in charge of him will find that he will obey his orders to the letter, and those under him quickly learn that he doesn't take any disobediance. He is a loyal officer, but one thing that his commanding officers in the past have learned, is that he is a man who serves Starfleet and the Federation first. If he feels an order violate the Prime Directive, or the standards of the federation, or if it in any way endangers his fellow crewmates he will at the very least argue the point. He's been known to blatantly balk orders and ask for forgiveness later in some extreme circumstances.

Overall, Austin is a readily approachable man who is deeply loyal to the federation, and enjoys closer, quiet friendships as opposed to large social groups.
Strengths & Weaknesses Austin is an extremely observant man, with an eye for detail. This makes his keenly equipped to work in the Engineering department. He is extremely loyal and devoted to his crew and his friends, and his job. This nature typically makes him a well respected leader in any department, and a valued friend outside of work.

Austin doesn't like big crowds. The average compliment in a department he's fine with, but start filling out the lounge with half the crew of the station for a birthday and he'll start feeling the twinges of agoraphobia. While this is usually not debilitating, it does tend to make him flighty and nervous. He also has developed a keen fear of spiders after losing his finger to an alien infestation on Starbase Ronin. Austin can be quick to anger in certain situations, and that has lead him to rash decisions.
Ambitions Le Austin's ambition is to be a good officer and live a long, healthy life in the Federation, helping to keep people free and happy. If he gets his own command, that's fine. If he shifts out of Engineering and into R&D, that's fine to. So long as he's bettering the Federation and her allies.
Hobbies & Interests Building model rockets, continued engineering research, rock climbing, swimming, and ancient earth video games
Languages Federation Standard, Bajoran, bits and pieces of Klingon and Vulcan

Personal History Austin grew up on Bajor with his family. They lived a good life together, until one night, when Austin was eight years old, a Cardassian strike force broke into their home and killed his parents. In the attack, the missed Austin by some miracle, and he narrowly escaped before the firebombed his family's farm. Austin spent days wondering the country side, avoid patrols, until finally he was picked up by members of the Bajoran resistence. They brought him into their fold and gave him food and shelter.

Austin worked and fought with the resistence from the age of eight until the day of his fourteenth birthday when, without warning, the Cardassian occupation suddenly withdrew from Bajor. He would never forget the deafening cheers as they left, celebrating with the people who had now become his family. Austin didn't know where to go from there at first, so he joined in with the efforts to start a Bajoran provisional government to replace the farce that the Cardassians had put into place.

Austin became extremely adept at working with machinery and making things that hadn't ought to work work. He was able to rebuild and refurbish many of the ships and vehicles that the Cardassians had left burnt out, and helped rehabilitate many of the power stations on the planet as the rebuilding began.

When the Federation came to aid in the retaking of Terok Nor, Austin was in awe of their warships. He immediately applied as a transfer student to Starfleet Academy with the sole purpose of serving on board one of their ships as an Engineer.

In the year and a half while his application was pending, Austin continued to study engineering, but no longer the jury rigged, bubble-gum and space-tape engineering of the Bajoran Resistance: Now he was studying Federation Warp mechanics, and the workings of federation starships.
Once his application for the Academy had been accepted, he immediately left for Earth. After a quick and tearful goodbye to his Resistance family, Austin departed for his new home.

He was the youngest boy in the academy, starting off at the age of 15, but his real world experience brought him to the forefront of his class. His instructors were delighted with his innovation and promise, but his focus had to abruptly change in 2372 when rumors of a war with the Dominion began circling.

In 2373, at the age of 18, he was assigned to the USS Comanche near the edge of Dominion space. He began his work as a marine field engineer, but once his superiors realized his extensive understanding and experience with Engineering, he was moved to Engineering proper.

He served as an Engineering Officer for months, and received many accolades for his service there. During a battle, the warp core nearly breached, and a plasma discharge killed the Chief Engineer. Austin snapped into action and pulled everyone into action to contain the breech. After his performance on board the Comanche, he was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer.

He served on the Comanche in that fashion until near the end of the war. The Comanche was destroyed during one of the final battles, and Austin was one of the few crew members to survive, barely making it to the lifeboat with a young woman who had been injured in main engineering during the battle. His goal had been to stay on board until the ship was saved or destroyed, but a plasma conduit blew behind him, knocking him into the lifeboat just a moment before it was jettisoned.

He often regrets not going down with his ship, but is glad for the opportunity to serve on another. In 2383, he was offered a chance to serve onboard both the USS Madison, and the Starbase Ronin. It was a difficult decision, but after thinking about it for over a week, he decided to accept the offer to serve on the Ronin, hoping for a more slow paced assignment, where he would be able to further his research into warp core mechanics.

He immediately fell into good rapport with the Chief Engineer of the Starbase, one Kathleen Black, and began working there happily. During his early assignments there, the ship was infested by some sort of metal eating spider-like creatures that multiplied rapidly and took over main engineering. Austin was part of a daring rescue that saved the station, but lost his right pinky finger to one of the creatures in the process. He has since developed a mild phobia of spiders.

Austin served aboard the Ronin for six years after that, developing a not quite romance with a shop owner on the promenade. Recently, he informed her of his new orders: A transfer to Starbase 332 and a promotion to Chief Engineering Officer. She wasn't happy, but she knew that that was the way things went in this business.

Now, Austin prepares for his new assignment and increased responsibility. And hopefully he'll keep all his digits this time.
Service Record 2373 - 2382 - USS Comanche
2382 - 2383 - Recovery from injuries sustained during the Comanche's destruction.
2383 - 2390 - Starbase Ronin
2390 - Current - Starbase 332