Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Rodriguez

Name Sebastian Rodriguez

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Serial Number Classified(110987765336)

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 3in
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Lt.(JG) Julia Rodriguez
Children William-age 5
Father Lt. Commander William Rodriguez (Deceased)
Mother Lt. Susan Rodriguez (Deceased)
Sister(s) Emma
Other Family Capitan John Rodriguez(Retired)(uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sebastian is a bit of a control freak. Sebastian works out every morning because he had a weight issue as a child. His body shows it as well. Now he is very muscular. He stands a tall 6ft 3in.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Flying shuttles, Fighting,

he tends to be chatty and carries on a bit.
Ambitions He always wanted to live up to his parents and uncle. If he did not he felt like he was failing himself.
Hobbies & Interests Flying shuttles, building models, History, Collection 21 century weapons, Shooting ranges for phasers/Guns in the holodeck, and going to visit the holodeck for murder mysteries as his mom loved doing that and it reminded hm of her. Sebastian can name any class starship federation, klingon, cardassian, etc....

Personal History Sebastian was born in New York with his mom, dad. His parents served abord the USS Vancover. They had another baby Emma. Sebastian was 3 years older than her, His mom loved old murder mystery's in the holodeck. His dad loved to collect old 21 century weapons. Sebastian loved to do those things with his parents. His sister did her own thing as she was very shy. When Sebastian was age 15 both his parents where killed in wolf 359. Sebastian was scared about where he was going to live and what would happen to his sister. He found out that he had a relative in lunar colony. It was his uncle John. Uncle john was a doctor in Starfleet working at lunar colony. So Sebastian moved there with his sister. He went to school there and got good grades. Sebastian was depressed because of what happned so he began to eat. His uncle thought he had an issue so he made sebastian start working out at the gym. When he was 18 he decided to go to Starfleet academy to become a security officer like his parents.

He tried it for a few months but decided it reminded him of his parents too much and it saddened him. Sebastian had a passion for flying shuttles so he followed that. He was amazing at flying. He got the best grades in class. He wanted to join red squad but he needed a Starfleet officers recommendation so he asked his uncle. His uncle said yes, then he was in, he had access to special training and beacme the best he could be. He had a few girlfriends but they didn't last very long. Sebastian graduated with a degree in comm/navigation and Security/Tactical. After he accepted his degrees, he looked for a position and could not find one that would suit him.

So for the time being with the rank of Ensign he just flew transports from starbase 332 to different worlds. By then his sister had entered Starfleet Academy and had joined red squad as an engineer. She had graduated and had joined mckinley station she was a maintenance worker also with the rank of Ensign.

Then the most amazing thing happened he was offered a post on a great new ship called the USS Lacota. He was a Flight Control Officer. His uncle was so proud of him. His uncle threw him a big party for his exciting new job. He met his sister an hour before he bordered. He loved his new crew they where so friendly and nice to him. He had flown many shuttles for his crew. He had been on four away missions. He has never killed anyone but he had stunned someone before. Then after he served there for a while he was promoted with a new rank and position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. The USS Lacota was ordered to the the neutral zone to rescue a down federation shuttle. A Romulan ship de-cloaked off the port bow and opened fire. The chief flight control officer was killed so he took over the conn. Sebastian was deeply saddened by this as he was good friends with the lieutenant. After 30 min fighting the Romulans his captain ordered the crew to abandon ship. His captain went down with the ship but Sebastian escaped in an escape pod. His pod went down on an M-Class planet. It was only him and a engineer who survived. A Romulan landing party captured Sebastian and the engineer and brought them to a prisoner camp. The two officers where declared MIA by Starfleet when the could not find them. He had to live 3 years in that camp. He was brutally beaten. But one day the engineer found a way to send a message to starfleet it took 2 weeks but the message got through. A galaxy class starship responded the USS London. They sent in infultration teem to get them once the London had them they leveled the camp. They where taken home and given medals.

When he returned he was debriefed by several starfleet admirals and intelligence officers. It was very harsh for sebastian as he had not undergone this before. When it was finished he went to star fleet medical and met a Lt.(JG) Julia Fontana. She was a darkish blond, roughly 5ft 5in. She treated some of Sebastians wounds and was his doctor. He met with her monthly for check up's. Sebastian liked her very much. He finally worked up courage to ask her out on a date. He took her to his house in new york that he had from his parents. They got along very well. Her father was a high ranking security officer and her mother was a Counselor. Her parents loved sebastian as he was polite to them and respected them. The parents treated Sebastian as a son and they really connected. The USS Elbrus as Assistant chief conn officer.

The USS Elbrus was docked at mckinley station where again he met his sister. When Sebastian checked in he dropped off his things in his quarters he went to check in with his captain. When they where under way he went to the doctors for a standard physical. He was first and his assistant was second. His doctor said he had high blood pressure. So Sebastian regularly went to the gym and his blood pressure went down. Julia lived abord the elbrus and was a nurse. Once Sebastian settled in he did not feel that helmsmen was the right position for him. He consulted Julia on the decision and he decided to ask for a transfer to the USS Sedgemoor their Chief Security Officer. He asked the commander of the ship for a transfer. As sebastian has a major in security so he thought that it would be a good fit for him. Sebastian had to take a corse at Starfleet academy again to get the position. So they moved back in to the New York house. When he was finished he met up with his uncle who was retired. His sister was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineering Officer abord the USS Valor. She had come back to earth for a refit on her ship. Sebastian met up with her and she gave him a tour and what was going to be integrated into the ship. After he waited for his request to be approved by the DMP (Department of Personal Management). The CO of the USS Sedgemoor approved it now he waited for the DMP to approve it. When it was approved Sebastian was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and had a ceremony with the senior staff of the Elbrus. Then Sebastian preposed to Julia and they got married. Sebastian took a ELOA to get married and they had their honeymoon on RISA.

Shortly after Sebastian and Julia boarded transport to starbase 192. When he arrived at the starbase they went to the Sedgemoor. Julia only lived abord the Sedgemoor she could not take a post at medical as there was a new chief so she became a part time doctor. Sebastian droped off his bags at his quarters with julia. Then Sebastian went to meet the captain and the acting chief security officer.

[Starfleet intelligence wanted Sebastian to run an operation on a Romulan camp identical to the one he was in. It was about rescuing officers who where attacked as well and to get information on Romulan fleet positions, this included a promotion for him. He agreed to go but Sebastian lacked training but knew the info on the camp. He took a few weeks training with Starfleet intelligence and the marines so he would be ready. He agreed to go and left earth on the USS Ticonderoga. They went to Starbase 92 to check in then carried out the mission. The Ticonderoga masked its signal to make it look like a Romulan warbird. Sebastian was to lead team Alpha to recover information. Lt. Cm Tom hankens commanded team delta. Sebastian beamed down to the camp and recovered information.]

After this Sebastian took a full corse with Starfleet Intelligence. Starfleet Intelligence then offered a position on the USS Orion. He agreed and traveled to the Starship.

He then was ordered to strategic ops officer aboard starbase 152. While there he was given the rank of Lieutenant Commander. From there he transfered to the USS Kyushu-B as the second officer and the chief tactical/Security officer. He then transfered to the USS Victorious as thier Chief Security/Tactical officer and the Second officer. While there he was on a mission and was captured by the breen. He was released after extensive questioning.

From there he went to Starbase 332 as their strategic ops officer.
Service Record Rank/Position/Location
Civilian-born Earth
Civilian-moved to lunar colony
Cadet 4th-3rd Class-Starfleet academy/Earth
Cadet 2nd Class-Red Squad/Starbase 177
Cadet 1st Class -Graduated/Earth
Majored in helmsman and Security-Tactical
Ensign-Pilot for a Starfleet transports in and out of starbase 332
Ensign/Flight control officer/USS Lacota
Ensign/Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer/USS Lacota/Junior staff
Medical LOA
Ensign/Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer/USS Elbrus/Senior staff
Ensign/Refresher corse in Security-Tactical/corse in command skills
Married Julia fontana Rodriguez
Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lt.(JG)/ Chief Security-Tactical officer/USS Sedgemoor/Senior Staff
Promotion to Full Lieutenant
Lieutenant/Starfleet Intelligence training
Lieutenant/Starfleet intelligence Team Alpha Commander
Lieutenant/ Chief Intelligence Officer/ USS Orion/Senior Staff
Promoted to lieutenant commander
Lieutenant Commander/Strategic Operations Officer/Starbase 152
Lieutenant Commander/Chief Security-Tactical Officer_Second officer/USS Kyushu-B/Senior Staff
Lieutenant Commander/Chief Security-Tactical Officer_Second officer/USS Victorious
Lieutenant Commander/Strategic Ops Officer/Starbase 332/Senior Staff