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Lieutenant William O'Donnell

Name William Thomas O'Donnell

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 195 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description William is an aged man with grey streaks lining his black hair. He has brown eyes and his body is covered in scratches from various injuries sustained on the job.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father James O'Donnell
Mother Fiona O'Donnell
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview William has a relaxed personality for the most part. The only exception is when the systems around him \'fail\' him in which he can become quite tempered. William is assertive with his decisions and tends to think outside the box.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Exceptional Hand-eye Coordination

- Short Temper
- Loyalty can mask judgement at times.
Ambitions William simply enjoys working in Engineering.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering, innovating, increasing efficiency of ship's systems.
Languages Federation Common, Irish

Personal History From the time William could first walk he immersed himself in machinery. When he was young he started by fixing his own bicycle and moved on to automotive. Born in the countryside of Ireland he found himself limited by the lack of technology around him. In his teenage years William moved in with relatives to Dublin and began to explore new technologies in his new school. When he turned of age he followed the advice of his teachers who adviced him to seek a career in starfleet as an engineer. Academy History : William spent 4 years at Starfleet Academy enlisting as an engineer. Throughout his years he studied in the following courses:
Basic Warp Design Quantum physics Temporal Mechanics Elementary Temporal Mechanics Advanced Relativistic Mechanics Advanced Acoustical Engineering
During his tenure William received high praise for his particular interest in temporal mechanics and his ability to think outside the box allowing him to excel in these courses. His instructors noted he was a highly focused individual but at the time was lacking in extra-curricular activities.
In his senior years his instructors would push him to get involved in sports. William found a particular fondness for golf although at times he found it extremely frustrating he did join the Academy golf team.
William would also serve as a junior engineering officer aboard the USS Nighthawk while in his 3rd year. Again his commander noted his extreme focus however he also noted william\'s shyness from any extra-curricular activities. He also noted William was high-strung constantly \'correcting\' the other officers when he felt they were in the wrong. Most of his concerns were taken however his CO warned him numerous times of the standards for addressing higher officers.
While in his final year serving as a Junior Engineering officer on the USS phoenix, his department head along with other members of the crew would invite the young cadet to poker games and recreational activities on the holodeck. It is from here that William became a more relaxed individual and more open to off-duty activites.
Served in Starfleet Academy: 2369-2373
Career History :
USS Nighthawk 2373-2375, Engineering Officer: Freshly promoted to Ensign. O'Donnell returned to the Nighthawk by recommendation of the CO based on his knowledge of the ships systems and aptitude for engineering. O'Donnell would be commended several times for original thinking most notably divising a means of using power from the ships warp core to amplify the effectiveness of the ships phasers. He would be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade upon his departure.
Starbase 227 2375-2378, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant(JG) O'Donnell was transferred to Starbase 227 for his next tour of duty. During his tenure William was noted to have an excellent focus and work ethic and an assertive command presence when the Chief Engineer was unavailable. Unfortunately it was also noted he had a short temper with the aging systems, however he managed to keep the systems running. After 3 years Lieutenant(JG) O'Donnell missed the life aboard a starship and requested to be transferred.
USS Fury, 2378-2382, Chief Engineering Officer: William was transferred to the USS Fury as Chief Engineering Officer as well as promoted to Lieutenant. While aboard the Fury the ship became locked in a temporal distortion. William and the Chief Science Officer were viewing an experiment of a young engineering officer. The experiment suddenly exploded and the three were knocked unconscious.Later the three would conclude the ship was somehow placed in a temporal distortion however the three members of the crew were not affected instead they became displaced from the new time the ship was running on. The rest of the fury began to accelerate through time leaving the three with limited time. William would eventually come up with an unorthodox solution recreating the reaction of the catalyst by ejecting the warp core and venting drive plasma. William fired on the core and the resulting explosion returned the ship to normal time. Later William determined that the collapse of the small warp field experiment coupled with a leaky plasma conduit and an existing temporal anomoly created the condition. His innovation would lead to Starfleet command requesting he be transferred to the Academy to teach, an offer he accepted.
Starfleet Engineering Academy 2382-2386 , Instructor: O'Donnell would next be transferred to Starfleet Academy to teach in the fields of temporal mechanics and Basic Warp theory. His time here would be uneventful as compared to the rest of his career and 3 years later he would once again request a transfer back to ship life.
USS Atlas 2386-2387 , Chief Engineer: William would be transferred from the academy to the USS Atlas as the Chief Engineering Officer. While aboard the Atlas William would be demoted for actions related to an incident that has been classified by Starfleet.
USS Pandora 2387-2388, Chief Engineering Officer: With the sudden retirement of Captain Gage Storm, Lt(JG) O'Donnell was transferred to the USS Pandora to fill the vacant Chief Engineering Officer position.
Starbase 227 2388-Present: With the USS Pandora being retired, William O'Donnell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and posted to Starbase 227 to help with the development of new engineering initiatives.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2369-2373

USS Nighthawk 2373-2375, Engineering Officer:

Starbase 227 2375-2378, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer:

USS Fury, 2378-2382, Chief Engineering Officer

Starfleet Engineering Academy 2382-2386, Instructor

USS Atlas 2386-2387, Chief Engineer:

USS Pandora 2387-2388, Chief Engineer:

Starbase 227 2388-Present, Chief Engineer: