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Ensign Corrine Steiner

Name Corrine Steiner

Position Special Projects Officer

Second Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description "Corrie" Steiner cleans up rather well, but all too often she appears disheveled and careworn. Her voice is alto and on the soft spoken side. Physically, she never was an athlete. With regular prodding from the health & fitness nurse, however, she meets Starfleet's fitness requirements.

Medical: Because of her 'gift', Corrie suffers a lifelong sleep disorder. While she remains personally functional, this condition taxes her with many maladies associated with not getting full quality sleep. Fatigue tugs at her, and her concentration is often not at its best.
Update - She found a mitigating treatment in flowers. (See Personal History)

Sexuality: monogamously heterosexual (jaded).

a. hand combat - basic self defence.
b. side arms - competent with phasers.
c. ship weapons - as operation officers are trained.


Father tbd
Mother tbd

Personality & Traits

General Overview When she's not emotionally stressed, Corrie is socially adept. She is comfortable and mixes well in diverse groups. She freely expresses her reactive emotions without turning into a drama queen. And even though expressing emotions can be socially vulnerable, in her eyes it preserves honesty and builds friendships.

Personal Xenosophy:
Romulans - fearful of their cultural treachery.
Klingons - respectfully cautious of them; not especially repulsed by their crudeness.
Vulcans - enjoys casual contact but is uncomfortable with their penetrating analysis.
Andorians - not much experience with them.
Liberated Borg - sympathizes & identifies with their plight.
Ferengi - bad experiences keep escalating a deep dislike for them.
Cardassians - wouldn't mind meeting non-soldiers and non-rulers among them.
Bajorans - a bit phobic of their sociopolitical obsessions.
Caitiani - admires but is nervous around them.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Corrie's strong personal drive and determination serves as a turbo-boost to her otherwise average abilities.
+ Her special gift of prophetic 'glimpse' dreams gives her invaluable hints of pending dangers.

- Emotionally, militarily, socially, and even physically, her dream gift comes at a harsh personal price. She suffers more in life than most people.
- Is increasingly Ferengi-phobic. (Wait, maybe that should be a plus?)
- Jaded against entering intimate relationships. Between being covertly manipulated by humans and the overt, oppressive exploitation attempts by Ferengi, she cannot bring herself to trust.

+/- Corrie is highly inhibited against killing people. If it's not a desperate situation of self defence, she's not likely to do it.
Ambitions In her worst moments, she craves solitude by a river in a North American mountain range. When not stressed, the idea of participating in a new colony appeals to her.
Hobbies & Interests Corrie is an avid reader. Perhaps not surprising, she has gotten herself out of tight spots because of tricks that she read about in adventure, mystery, and thriller novels.

Corrie is an explorer of life in general. Cooking, arts, botany... all through life she has always been more curious about new things than most people. As a consequence, she has become an informal 'jack of all trades'. This makes her an effective operations officer.
Languages Let's just put it like this: Corrie is heavily dependent up on translator devices.

Personal History As a child, Corrie's parents became aware of her gift of dream glimpses. She told them about events of which she couldn't personally have known. Worried that their government would contrive some excuse to take her from them, they kept this a secret for as long as they could.

During her school years, however, teachers gradually began putting the pieces together. At first they classified her as an emotionally troubled girl (which she was). They then came to suspect that she might be telepathic. Her symptoms resembled the growing pains of teep children. (Corrie is not telepathic.) Eventually, however, careful probing questions, study by empaths, and slip's of Corrie's tongue led them to suspect the extraordinary.

As a teenager, local powers-that-be carefully orchestrated a luring of Corri into a 'special' school. They used flattery, a handsome young man, ordinary-appearing scholarships, and enthusiastic 'mentors'. It would have been a perfect deception, had not Corri begun to catch dream-glimpses of their machinations. When the proverbial carrot failed, those with designs upon her began using the stick. They began pressuring her family in diverse ways, keeping their movements and communications under constant surveillance.

In the end, she approached her parents. With calm resignation and a flood of tears, she told them the only way she could protect her family was to run away. "They will follow me. They'll always try to follow me. But I'm going to use my gift to stay ahead of them. I'll never do what they want."
Service Record Oddly enough, Corrie's enlistment into Starfleet was result of a backfired Black Ops deception. Although she had tested in Starfleet psych labs, she had never actually joined. Intel's public pretext for apprehending her, however, was that she had joined but gone Awol. An enlistment profile mysteriously appeared in the fleet roster. Starbase 332, however, saved her from being hauled off by the darksuits. Turing the tables on Black Ops, they asserted that Corrie was not Awol. Rather, she had properly reported for duty. For the time being, the starbase would become a refuge, even if it was tentative and uncertain.

Update: By remarkable coincidence or by providence, Corrine discovered a treatment for the harsh bodily consequences of her dreams. Extended exposure to aromas from a combination of Caitian flowers stabilizes her brain. This includes nectars, pollens, and dusts from Moonshadow, Glowsilk, Cloud Orchid, and Dream Citrus.

Currently owns a 3-seat Weston Racer: