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Lieutenant Colonel Edward Maxwell

Name Edward Michael Maxwell

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Callsign (Fighters Only) Callsign: "Reaper"
Gender Male
Species Human/Betazed
Age 38
Serial Number MA135-76-5921

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ed is of average height for a human, with an athletic build. His only tattoo is on the back of his right shoulder, his son's name and birthday. Contrary to his record photo he keeps his hair trimmed short, well within Marine regulations. His blue eyes have been described as piercing, cold, and bright, all dependent upon his mood.


Spouse Girlfriend: Lynsi Mason
Children Ryan Alexander Maxwell, age 13
Father Marine Captain Ryan Allen Maxwell, deceased
Mother Allison Susan Maxwell (Maiden: Wilcox), Retired
Brother(s) Lieutenant Jonathon James Maxwell, USS South Carolina, Security Officer

William Thomas Maxwell, Teacher, Earth
Sister(s) Ashley Lynn Jacobs (Maiden: Maxwell), Nurse
Other Family None listed on record

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ed is known as a top end fighter pilot, pushing his craft right to the edge of its design envelope and sometimes even further. He's known as a fair and extremely competent commander. While he takes a small amount of pride in these facts he is more than humble about his abilities. He chalks his career progression up to being in the right place at the right times, or wrong times depending on the situation involved. He gives the credit to his men, but is the first one in line when a reprimand or punishment is heading their direction.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ed describes himself as just an average guy, but others tell a different story. He has been noted in his evaluations as cool and calm under pressure with an overall view of the situation that is almost uncanny, partly due to his Betazoid heritage. His Marine's welfare come second only to his son's. He can be the nicest guy in the room making jokes and keeping everyone entertained, or he can be in the middle of a barroom brawl because of a slight to his Marine's, the Corps, or his family.
Ambitions Professionally, Ed has reached his goals. He has been everything from a rookie pilot all the way through to Wing Commander. He has been a serving Marine for coming up on twenty years. He's seen peace and war, been stationed on a ship at the fringe of known space and an instructor at both the basic and advanced flight training levels.

However off duty, he finds himself challenged almost daily. His thirteen year old son almost constantly comes up with a new scheme or game to try against dear old dad. Being a single father is at times more difficult for the veteran Marine than assaulting a fortified objective.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, rock climbing, rappeling, and extreme sport holodeck simulations. He also enjoys writing and playing the guitar.
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Spanish

Personal History Ed was born on 7 June, 2358 at MCRD San Diego while his father was serving as a Commanding Officer of a basic training company. His father tried to leave his Marine persona at work and be a regular father to his children. Ed's mother was a nurse at the base hospital, a job she was almost always able to find wherever her husband was assigned. Ed, his two brothers, and his sister, grew up moving from assignment to assignment with thier father and mother. When Ed was eight years old his father took him to an airshow put on by the local Squadron and Ed fell in love with fighters.

From then on Ed learned as much as he could about fighters, how modern ones worked to the history behind them. By the time he was fourteen Ed was a walking encyclopedia of fighter information. He focussed mainly on his math and science studies most during his school years, knowing that was what a pilot needed to know. Ed graduated in the top ten of his high school class at age 17. Noone was surprised when he came home the next day and announced he had joined the Marines and opted for the Marine Program at the Academy to become an officer.

Ed fondly recalls his years at the Academy as some of the best in his life. He was surrounded by dedicated individuals who wanted to see the Marine cadet's succeed and by his fellow classmates who were as driven as he was. He worked hard and played just as hard in his free time. As he was surrounded by eager young men much the same as him, it wasn't uncommon for the weekly game, held on saturday afternoons to evolve from friendly competition to a small brawl over some slight, real or imagined.

While most of his peers met girlfriends, or in some cases wives, during their time at the Academy, Ed was married to his studies. After two years of hard work Ed took the next step of fulfilling his dream to become a pilot. His academics were strong enough to enable him to apply for the starfighter program. Ed applied to and was accepted into the program and thats when the really hard work began. Ed had an excellent grasp of the history and basics of flight thanks to his vigorous studying as he grew up and was then able to spend more of his time studying the more advanced aspects of his studies.

Ed graduated in the top twenty from his class at the Academy and was only just edged out of the number one position from flight school. His first assignment was to a newly commissioned Akira class ship, the USS Alamo. While assigned there, Ed continued his education, volunteering for Squadron Maintenance Officer. He spent a great deal of time studying the inner workings of the Squadrons fighters, even becoming Intermediate Airframe & Powerplant Repair certified.

It was during his time on the Alamo that he began a relationship with Beth Adams, a civilian working in the ship's lounge. The two dated until Ed was reassigned as Forward Air Controller to 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines. It wasn't until after his transfer that Beth found out she was pregnant and informed Ed of such. The two were never married, as Beth did not want to raise her child onboard a starship and Ed was unwilling to leave the Corps. With that being the way things were however, Ed was as active in his son's life as he could be with frequent comm calls and visits while on R&R and leave.

He was notified that his son's mother had died and the son had requested to stay with him rather than his grandparents. Ed immediately agreed and submitted a transfer request citing his reason that he wished to raise his son in a more stable environment. Ed's request was granted and he was reassigned to Starbase 332 as Commander, Air Group of Starbase Wing Seventeen. The USS Devonshire took Ed close to SB332 and he took a shuttle the rest of the way to his new assignment.
Service Record 2369: Starfleet Academy Marine Program First Year Recruit
---Marine Basic Training
---Marine Basic Level Courses

2370: Starfleet Academy Marine Program Second Year Recruit
---Marine Intermediate Skills Courses
---Field Exercises

2371: Starfleet Academy Marine Program Third Year Recruit
---Selects Marine Aviation Duty Occupation
---Attends Preflight Indoctrination
---Attends Flight School
-----Achieves Basic Maintenance Technician Rating

2372: Starfleet Academy Marine Program Fourth Year Recruit
---Advanced Fighter Tactics and Theory
---Completes Survival Evasion Resistance & Escape (SERE) Course
---Graduates and Commissioned Second Lieutenant

2373: Assigned to USS Alamo as Squadron Pilot
---Additional assignment as Squadron Maintenance Officer
--- Achieves Intermediate Airframe & Powerplant Repair Rating

2374: Promoted to First Lieutenant

2375: Promoted to Element Leader

2376: Promoted to Flight Leader

2377: Assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines as Forward Air Controller

2380: Assigned to 101st Ground Attack Squadron as Squadron Executive Officer

2381: Promoted to Marine Captain and Squadron Leader

2383: Assigned to 25th Fighter Wing as Wing Operations Officer

2385: Promoted to Major and Wing Executive Officer
---Completes Starfleet Command Course

2390: Notified of the death of his son's mother and that he would be asuming custody of his son. Requests reassignment to a starbase or other suitable assignment.
---Assigned to Starbase 332 as Commander, Air Group: Starbase Air Wing Seventeen (SVW17)
---Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and reassigned as Chief Strategic Operations Officer of SB-332