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Lieutenant JG Sharina Endilev

Name Sharina Shelerib Endilev

Position Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Color White, long
Eye Color Light blue
Physical Description Like all Andorians, Sharina is blue skinned with white hair and antennae on the top of her head. At 5'2 she isn't quite as tall as some of her fellow Andorians. When on duty, Sharina keeps her hair tied back into a tight ponytail, as per Starfleet regulations. Her uniforms are kept tidy and neat and are of the standard yellow and black uniform of Security and Engineering status.

Whether on duty or off, Sharina seems to give off an air that suggests that even when she is covered in sweat or dirt she wears it as if it were a part of her. She is agile and quick on her feet and can get into small spaces pretty easily. She also has a small scar on her shoulder.


Spouse -
Children -
Father Keval Endilev
Mother Erib Endilev
Brother(s) Ghee Endilev and Tholos th'Zarath (half-brother)
Sister(s) Tallara th'Zarath (half-sister), Tarah th'Zarath (half-sister), and Lissan P'Trell (half-sister)
Other Family Her parents other husbands and wives

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cunning yet respectful. This combination might seem a bit... weird, but Sharina isn't the kind to challenge authority without reason. She respects her superiors and enjoys coming up with new, cunning ideas that would benefit all. She enjoys her career as an Engineer though often fights with her family about it. Sharina was one of two of her siblings that entered Starfleet against their parents wishes. Because of this Sharina and her brother Tholos th'Zarath grew close. They were considered the "black sheep" of the family.

Sharina loves her family, but sometimes can't stand them. She knows that they can be trigger happy at times and that's what she can't stand. Even though she has that trait she always had more control over it than the rest of her family did. In fact, Sharina was more into peace than war. While there were researchers and doctors on Andoria, Sharina felt her future had lain elsewhere and applied for Starfleet and left.

Making friends is kind of difficult for her because of her hotheaded personality. She can be a bit stubborn at the best of times and sometimes stands firmly on a decision, not because she dislikes someone or hates them, but because the decision she made is her own and she feels it to be true or right. On top of that, Sharina values loyalty and friendship above all else. Meaning if you become her friend she expects it to a long lasting friendship, not one where she will end up stabbed in the back and left for scrap. If this happens, the one who did the proverbial stabbing will have an enemy for life. Sharina doesn't take break of trust easily.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Engineering
+Respect for authority
+Control over trigger happy "gene"

-Doesn't take betrayal well
Ambitions To prove to her family that her career choice was meant for her as well as to overcome her hotheadedness and to be a better person overall.
Hobbies & Interests Basically continuing to meditate and control the emotion that seems to be linked with trigger happy Andorians.
Languages Andorian, English, and some Vulcan

Personal History Having been born second child to Keval Endilev on Andoria, Sharina was always considered the favorite. She had her father's hotheaded temper, but also a control that seemed to surpass even the most highest of ranking officers. A lot of Andorians always liked shooting things, tending to get in trouble, but from a young age, Sharina had been able to suppress this ability with great skill, though she isn't without fault (having almost failed once).

As Sharina grew, so did her family. Like most Andorians, her mother and father both took more husbands/wives and soon she had more siblings. The first being her sister, Tallara th'Zarath. The two always seemed to have a natural hatred for each other, often competing for their parents' attentions. When one would gain the "upper hand" the other would find something even better to be the better daughter.

On and on it went until their other two sisters, Tarah th'Zarath and Lissan P'Trell were born. Almost immediately Tallara seemed drawn to them, much to Sharina's disappointment. She wanted a sibling she could feel close to, but none of them felt that way and all of them made fun of her for not being a "true" Andorian. Keval tried to help his daughter, but Sharina almost nearly bit his head off, figuratively, and soon the two grew distant.

When Sharina's mother fell pregnant again, not with Keval's child this time but another husband's, Sharina felt that this one would be different. Sharina was eight years old at the time when Tholos th'Zarath was born. Almost immediately, Sharina staked a claim to him and became a good role model for her baby brother. The two grew close over the years and the family was actually happy that Sharina had someone she was close to, even if it were just one person.

When Sharina was eleven, she and her siblings were playing when a chunk of ice fell past Sharina, slashing her shoulder open. Surprisingly it was Tallara who went to get help. After seeing a doctor, Sharina was told her arm would be fine, but that there would be a scar for the rest of her life. Lissan joked and said that it was her first "battle scar" something that never sat well with Sharina.

The years passed and Sharina's interests drew her to Earth and to Starfleet. However, her father wanted her to join the Andorian Imperial Guard like him. That was when things REALLY hit the roof. Fights broke out in the family about Sharina's future. Some wanted her to be a doctor, others a researcher, her father wanted the Andorian Imperial Guard. Finally, Sharina couldn't take it anymore and left in the middle of the night when she was two weeks from turning eighteen.

Booking passage to Earth she went and applied for Starfleet and was accepted the day before her birthday. When her family found out they tried to persuade Sharina to come home, but her mind was made up. It was her life and her choice and she felt like she made the right one. At the age of twenty-two she graduated from the Academy and was stationed on the USS Kevlar for a two years before being transferred to Starbase 332. Tholos had followed his sister's steps and joined Starfleet as well, causing a deeper uproar within the family.

However, only four ever really approved of Tholos's and Sharina's decisions and that was their siblings. The relationship between the six of them had gotten stronger despite Sharina and Tholos choosing Starfleet.
Service Record USS Kevlar (two year stint, Engineer)
Starbase 332 (Current, Engineer)