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Cadet Senior Grade Jeffery Halloway

Name Jeffery Halloway [P: Anderson]

Position Engineering Intern

Second Position Cadet

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 174lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue-Green


Father Richard Halloway
Mother Lisa Halloway (nee Edgerton)
Brother(s) Timothy Halloway (13 Apr 2373)
Tony Halloway (13 Apr 2373)

Personality & Traits


Jeffery Michael Halloway was the first child of parents Richard and Lisa Halloway born aboard the USS Genoa on October 31, 2371. Richard was serving as the Genoa's Assistant Chief Engineering Officer at the time. Lisa was a civilian used her experience as an educator to offer personal instruction for the children of other crew members.

Shortly after his son's birth, Richard received orders to transferring him to the Galaxy-class USS Challenger where he assumed the role of Chief Engineer with a promotion to the rank of full lieutenant. The recent threat of Borg invasion and growing tensions with the Dominion led some question the safety of having civilians and families aboard Starfleet vessels and a few of those living aboard the Challenger made the difficult decision to live apart from their families rather than risk the dangers of shipboard life. Richard and Lisa once again considered their own family situation and chose to remain a part of the majority who believed the benefits of keeping the family together outweighed the risks of remaining aboard.

It was not long before their resolve was put to the test. Jeffery's earliest childhood memories were predominantly related to the war which eventually did break out between the Federation and the Dominion in 2373. Though he would have been too young to realize it, the Challenger was among hundreds of starships which saw immediate action against Dominion forces. Jeffery's father was often kept busy in main engineering as he and his teams worked feverously to keep the ship together through each and every engagement. Everyone was stretched thin, exhausted from countless extra hours overworked, and it came as no surprise when a Dominion ambush later that year managed to catch the crew off-guard. An upgrade to the Challenger's defenses following the loss of the Odyssey may have been the only thing to prevent a Dominion suicide run from destroying the ship, but the resulting damage was still far from superficial. Jeffery's father was forced to order an evacuation of main engineering as superheated primary coolant began filling the compartment. He only just managed to secure containment of the warp core, preventing it from going critical, before having to flee the flooded engineering bay.
Following the engagement, the Challenger put in for repairs at Starbase 112 where Jeffery's father was recognized for his dedication to the well-being of those under his command. His bravery in successfully placing the safety of the ship before that of himself earned him a promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander. It turned out to be an added cause for celebration when the Halloways learned they would soon be blessed with twins and, later that year, Lisa gave birth to two healthy boys whom they named Tony and Timothy.


The Halloway family had managed to make a home for themselves aboard the Challenger. Jeffery and his siblings quickly became familiar faces around the ship. Although they sometimes their mischief got them into trouble, most of the time it usually served to amuse the Challenger crew. His mother eventually took on the role of a teacher in one of two shipboard classrooms on top of caring for Jeffery and his brothers. When not on duty, Jeffery's father would spend a great deal of his free time with his family and finding ways to entertain his energetic sons. Hiking and camping trips to the holodeck were a regular occurrence in which Richard made every effort to ensure his sons were able to experience a wide variety of the pursuits he had enjoyed as a child. Despite many of the difficulties in raising a family aboard a Federation starship, the Halloway family considered themselves to be rather well off.

Jeffery started attending primary school aboard the Challenger in 2375. Although he could sometimes come across as slightly mischievous at times, Jeffery took soon began to take an interest in what they were doing in class. His mother encouraged Jeffery's studies outside the classroom with particular focus on making every experience a learning tool. Despite his growing familiarity with the Challenger and its crew, there was one incident when Jeffery was only eight-years-old that he got himself lost somewhere on deck twenty-two. It turned out that he'd accidentally stepped out of the turbolift without paying attention to where he was going. By the time his father found him, Jeffery had become extremely frustrated with himself. Lisa took advantage of the opportunity to teach her son the importance of observing the world around him and using it to find his way around unfamiliar territory.

Being the son of the Challenger's Chief Engineering Officer did come with the occasional opportunity to visit more critical areas usually off-limits to non-Starfleet personnel. Perhaps the best experience Jeffery ever had was during a ship-wide career day during his eighth-grade year. The captain had agreed to allow his senior staff to each mentor a student which meant that, for one day, the entire ship would essentially be run by students under the age of eighteen. Having already seen how his own father went about the daily routine, Jeffery was much more interested in learning about bridge operations. He was overjoyed when he found out his assignment would be to shadow the captain. It turned out to be a relatively normal day of operations for the Challenger, but Jeffery will never forget his chance to spend time with the Challenger's captain or to "try on" the feel of the center chair.


Starfleet Command contacted Jeffery's father in 2385 with an offer to serve as shipyard foreman at a newly established facility adjacent to Starbase 386 in the Aldani System. They felt his experience as Chief Engineer aboard the Challenger as well as his brief stint on Alpha Centauri made him the perfect candidate for such work. After fourteen years of living aboard a Galaxy-class starship, Richard decided it would be a welcome change for his family to settle down on a more-permanent facility.

Living aboard the station offered the Halloway family a chance to experience an even larger, more diverse community than what they had been used to aboard the Challenger. The three Halloway boys were fascinated by all there was to explore and Jeffery's mother had little trouble finding her niche as a teacher with the station's education program. It was not uncommon for Jeffery to spend his free time hanging out on the station's Promenade, listening to the multitude of conversations about everything from the price of Takarian Cider to the rumblings of the Elyshan Cold War. One certainly had little difficulty knowing what was going on when a good majority of life seemed to all be centered around the station Jeffery and his family now called home. After an intense standoff with an Elyshan Fleet in 2386, Jeffery looked for ways to become more involved in actually engaging with station life rather than just watching from the sidelines. He attended basic first aid training from the station's medical staff and volunteered to join one of the civilian disaster response teams. When the Elyshans finally returned to engage the station in combat, Jeffery was among those assisting with the evacuation of civilians and helping to supplement emergency medical teams during the battle.

Although the Elyshans had retreated within their own borders following defeats at Starbase 386 and Starbase Gatekeeper, political unrest within the Romulan Empire was soon thrown into chaos by the disastrous effects of the Hobus Supernova. It didn't take a Betazoid to recognize these events were creating a growing concern amongst pretty much everyone as to what lay in store for the future. Jeffery decided to finally approach his father with his interest in pursuing a career in Starfleet and was not at all surprised when his father made a concerted effort to set aside time for them to work together on preparing for the Academy entrance examinations.

The middle months of 2388 brought a number of changes for the Halloway family. A series of high-profile personnel transfers across the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet had left several key positions needing to be filled. Starfleet Command offered Jeffery's father the position of Executive Officer aboard the Legacy-class USS Orlando-A with a promotion to the rank of commander. It was a big decision for the Halloway family as they had only been living aboard the station for just over three years. The twins were getting older and Jeffery had already been accepted into Starfleet Academy for the start of fall term later that year. After much discussion, Jeffery's father decided to accept the new position. So it was that the Halloway family bid farewell to their friends aboard the station and set out for their new home aboard the Orlando.


Jeffery was accepted into Starfleet Academy during what would be considered his senior year of high school and began regularly attending courses in the fall of 2388. Like his father, Jeffery's coursework focused heavily on engineering and starship operations where he impressed his instructors with his successful, if not unorthodox solutions.

*Cadet - Cadet, Starfleet Academy (2388 - 2392)
****Engineering Intern, Starbase 332 (2391 - Present)