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Enlisted Cadet Jasmine

Name Jasmine [P: Steiner]

Position Cadet

Second Position Cadet Operations Officer

Rank Enlisted Cadet

Character Information

Callsign (Fighters Only) Jazz
Gender Female
Species Shokirian
Age 19 (23)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 90 lbs
Hair Color Variable brindle
Eye Color Golden
Physical Description Jasmine has a slender, light build.
She is PFH, pass-for-human in appearance.
However, genetically she is anything but.

Her eyesight has slightly wider wavelength range than humans.
Good vibration sensitivity.
Metabolically, she has a high "bug" factor.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Jasmine is young but well educated.
Her community upbringing has conditioned her with a watchful, adaptive shrewdness. i.e. Fool her once, shame on you. Fool her twice? Not likely.

While not a warrior by any stretch of the imagination, Jasmine has been gifted with a deployable organic defence system. The oversimplified description of it is light EMU scale armor and intelligent energy orb.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly supportive of others.
+ Proactive.
+ Biologically, she suffers no ill effects from Tholian interspace.
+ Well familiar with piloting a Tholian Dart, in and out of interspace.

- Like other Tholian Barrier races, Jasmine is fearful doing anything harmful to Tholians. They risk severe retaliation if they do. This could strain her Starfleet duty obligations.
- Naive about many Federation cultures. Tends to learn the hard way.
- Sometimes too immature with her playfulness.

+/- Strong aversion to killing.
Ambitions Generally, to be the metaphorical 'cup bearer to the king'.
Specifically, to serve as Corrine Steiner's yeoman.
Hobbies & Interests + To learn new things. She is an enthusiastic explorer.
Languages Shokirian, Tholian, Federation Common

Personal History Shokirians are an offshoot race found near the Tholian Barrier, the product of natural eugenics. These humanoids who reside in Federation zones are thus far always female. They were originally birthed by the core race which is yet unknown. Mutagenically altered by a nutrient akin to bee royal jelly, these humanoid females can survive in Alpha Quadrant away from the Tholian zone.

For several millenia, the Shokiri home world has been biologically autonomous. Reproduction is accomplished by these females who return home to receive a surrogate egg and then carry it through birth. This, of course, makes them genetically incompatible with virtually any other species. There are no hybrid offshoots of the species.

Shokirians are highly adaptive, both physically and emotionally. This makes them compatible friends and non-breeding mates to differing species. There is evidence of at least proto-empathic sensitivity. Certainly, they can feel a vague collective emotion from their home community.

As a civilization, Shokirians make their mark in the galaxy as Symbiotic Servants. In contrast to aggressive, dominating species, they are builders who are quite content helping others. That doesn't mean to imply, however, that they are defenceless or exploitable.

Shokirian Symbiosis has a remarkable aspect akin to quantum entanglement. Beyond just being a 'link', there is created an unity of being. When one is affected, in some way it spills over into the other. Symbiosis cannot be forced. Slavers have tried. That kind of impaired mind or metabolism can't pull it off.

In extremis, Jasmine can contribute life energies to try and sustain her critically injured host. This is, of course, sacrificially detrimental to the symbiont and requires healing after the fact. This ability cannot be applied to non-hosts. (And like the TOS Vulcan mind meld, symbiosis cannot be entered into easily or quickly.)
Service Record Starbase 332 - Starfleet Cadet, Life Support Technician, Personal Assistant.