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Name Gavich [P: Steiner]

Position Shop Assistant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 190 lbs.
Hair Color Greying Blonde
Eye Color Dark Blue (natural eye)
Physical Description Both toughened and worn down by a lifetime of war.
Too driven a personality to let age slow him down.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Gavich is a mercenary who tired of being a regimented, restrained, folly-ordered military minion. To hell with generals and politicians who would use him as an expendable tin soldier. If he does have a loyalty bone in his body (and there's often room for doubt), then it is genuine and not programmed by social upbringing.

Personal Xenosophy:
- Obtuseness is the Vulcan's downfall.
- Cultural warriorism is the Klingon's downfall.
- Green Orion Slave Girls are real honeys, but only if they're good at patching up wounds and keeping watch.
- Ferengi. "If I like your proposal, we have a deal. If not, I shoot you."

Can't tolerate politicians who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

To quote General Patton, "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week."

"You want to put a gun to my head and force me to apologize? Go ahead. A forced apology is no apology. You'll get my real apology later."

Sexuality: Heterosexual, if he had time and a reason for a relationship.
Strengths & Weaknesses +/- Assertiveness is such an insipid word. He prefers Barely Tamed Aggression.
+/- Doesn't harass or abuse women, but neither does he indulge them.

+ Professional Soldier. He's forgotten more than many drafted soldiers ever learn.
+ Battle terror is his narcotic of choice. Pain is an old friend, a good wakeup call.
+ For some reason, and God knows why, tiny children are drawn to him as the protector.
+ Tireless dedication to his job.
+ Good resistance to telepathic fear attacks. "That the best you can do?"
+ Never mastered the concept of quitting.
+ Trained to pilot fighters and mechs.

- Politically Incorrect. Extremely.
- Provokes local powers because he disregards their rules and commands.
- Has made many sincere 'friends' who'd like to pay him back with interest.
- Freely communicates with and even bargains with 'the enemy' when necessary.
- Doesn't thrive well during peace time, but there hasn't been much of it.

Ambitions + To Survive. Yeah, that's fairly high up on his list.
+ To make the galaxy a better place, one kill at a time.
+ To worthily repay both friends and enemies.
Hobbies & Interests + Weapons (Favorite weapon: Fission shell firing Byers' shot).
+ War games, commando tactics.
+ Purpose in battle (the usual: Vengeance, Latinum, Persuasion, and Pest Eradication).

Personal History Drummed out of Starfleet Marines a lifetime ago, but Section 31 never lost interest in helpful mercs like him.

Grudgingly supported by the Federation during the Dominion War, Gavich accumulated friends (okay, associates), weapons, and black market connections.

Has a lingering association with Crazy Arnold's Brigade, the private army of Mister Cobalt.

He has hired out both for and against just about every government, crime organization, and privateer who utilizes mercs.
Service Record Gavich was saved from lethal betrayal by his intended target, Corrine Steiner. One to honor his debts, he committed to helping her out at Starbase 332 'for a while'.