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Lieutenant William O'Hara

Name William (Bill) Wyatt O'Hara Jr

Position Operations Officer, Station Maintenance

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Callsign (Fighters Only) Bill
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11''
Weight 214lbs
Hair Color Reddish Brown (Short)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Handsome boyish looks, strong with southern charm. Average height tan skin,


Father Reitt Wyatt O'Hara
Mother Emily O'Hara (Duke)
Brother(s) Wyatt O'Hara 28(Younger brother)
Sister(s) Amy O'Hara 31 (older sister), Abby O'Hara 26 (Younger sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A true old world gentleman (could be from another time) Is Sociable, also a kind and good hearted person and loyal to all he befriends. Shy at times. Especially when it comes to the first contact with a new prospective lover or partner.

not a fan of liars or cheaters and fakes. loves honesty and sincerity. Loves fried chicken and Pecan pie.
Strengths & Weaknesses Big hearted, Shy, Phobias of spiders, and super dark places.
Ambitions To have a private practice some day on a nice tropical world like risa or pacifica.
Hobbies & Interests Zero G handball, Zero Z Ballet, 3D Chess, Poker, Dice, Archaeology, Genealogy Family Tree, Guitar and piano.

Likes classic vehicles and boats, Likes fixing and repairing old style shuttles.
Languages Galactic Common (english)

Service Record Education Record: University of Nashville (Archaeology and Genealogy), (Family history and family trees)

Star Fleet Academy (Basic courses)
Cadet Cruise on the USS Charleston (cadet Cruise) (Bridge Specialist)
Served on the USS Bradbury (Transporter Chief and Engineering Officer)
USS Ranger (Holodeck Systems analysis and repair and Engineering Officer)
USS Lincoln (Engineering officer Warp drive and impulse manifolds and subsystems).