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Name Pim

Position Owner - 'Atomic Punk'

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran-Cardassian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 155cm (5'0")
Weight 46kg (101lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Pim's black hair is shoulder length and has a pierced nose as well as the Bajoran earnings.

Pim has a wasp tattoo about two centimeters long on her neck, a tattooed loop around the biceps of her left arm, another loop around her left ankle, a Chinese symbol on her hip and a rose on her left calf. She has a large tattoo of a dragon on her back that runs from her shoulder, down her spine, and ends on her buttocks.


Father Mumogs Deja (Cardassian/deceased)
Mother Mizah Aoll (Bajoran/deceased) Oohuu (Surrogate Mother/Bajoran/deceased)
Other Family Jage (male bartender/Human-Fenrisal hybrid)
Kaliyo Djannis (female bartender/Human-Fenrisal hybrid)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pim is angry at life blaming the Prophets for the cards dealt to her which has made her fiercely unconventional, a misfit, asocial loner who against all odds has found a way to make it in society.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Mixology and a strong business sense

Weakness: Anti-social, loner and doesn't trust anyone as everyone that she has cared for has left her.
Languages Cardassian, Bajoran and Federation Standard

Personal History When Marva IV (2371) was still a Cardassian controlled planet in the DMV a Bajoran women named Mizah Aoll was a shop owner one of the few Bajorans in the settlements on Marva IV. Mumogs Deja was a male Cardassian tailor/cobbler very similar to personality as Garek. They met at the only bar in the settlement it was one of those "love at first sight" things. And it wasn't long before their relationship turned physical which they had to keep a secret as Bajoran/Cardassian feelings were still heated.

After about 3 months of them seeing each other in secret Mizah learned she was pregnant and terrified of what might happen if anyone found out. Luckily Mumogs knew the settlements doctor well and that he didn't care what species his patients were they were patients who needed his help. So he helped keep their secret safe and at the end of the pregnancy (2372) helped deliver the child. But the problem was in 2373 Marva IV had a force eviction of all Cardassians after it was transferred to the Federation; Pim was 1. And shortly after this was done the Marquis moved in quickly dispatching of any Cardassian's that remained.

So in 2378 the Maquis for prejudice reasons the Maquis took Mumogs and essentially lynched him near the school that Pim went to. So Pim was the first one to see her father's body after seeing it she was 6 at the time and went mute for almost a year and with the settlement as it was there wasn't really a qualified counselor to help Pim with what she saw. The death of Mumogs also took its toll on Mizah more physically than emotionally even though emotionally Mizah was devastated. The setttlement's doctor classified it as "broken heart" syndrome. A few months into 2379 when Pim was 7 her mother was hospitalized 'cause her heart muscles were so weak that it was having trouble beating the doctor gave her just days to live.

Like the doctor predicted Mizah was dead by the next morning leaving the 7 year old Pim to the settlements government to deal with. And with the Maquis in control of the settlement no one wanted to take care of a "mutt" so she ostracized. It wasn't until 2381 when she was 10 a Bajoran aide worker met her and decided to bring her back to Bajor and teach her about her Bajoran culture and Pim's mother's heritage. But what Pim didn't know was that Oohuu was also sick but Oohuu was able to teach Pim about Bajoran culture. But when Oohuu's sickness over came her instead of that culture and heritage helping Pim it made her more angry. With Pim being 15 (2386) she took whatever credits Oohuu had and she found a small place and was able to get a job mopping the floors at a bar. She did this until she was 19 2390 when the bar manager and "mixologist" started teaching Pim amazingly enough Pim was a natural at creating drinks but not a natural with customers which is really 90% of the job.

Realizing that being a bartender wasn't the career for her she was able to convince the bar owner to keep her on for a little longer. Convincing him that she could make the drinks that'll keep people purchasing them or at least come back. So she stayed another year at which point she had enough money to get herself off of Bajor and to starbase 47 which a customer told her was looking for a good "watering hole".

< I need to figure out why she left SB 47. Icily the SIM closed down so I'm just looking for a new place for Pim. >