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Lieutenant JG Ricki St. Louis

Name Ricki St. Louis

Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Thorian eugenic
Age 19 (38)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 105 lbs.
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slender, light frame.
Excellent health.

Genetically, Ricki is roughly equivalent to an Athena 26 of Cygnus Minor.
She doesn't possess the bio-tronic metabolism (or its hypersensitivity).
She does genetically possess the refined synaptic cyber-conscious brain interface.
In layman's terms, she's not a button pusher as long as she carries a tech-link.

Sexually sterile genetics.


Other Family Ricki was bred and raised as part of a communal eugenic colony.
As a child, she lived under parental guardianship of a single family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ricki is a future girl. Technologies seem natural. Planetary ecosystems don't.
She has been afforded the best education in her upbringing, rigorous and extensive.
She could apply her skills to robotics, but that doesn't bring her life-helping fulfillment.
Strengths & Weaknesses + As a surgeon, she can 'cyber mind-meld' with complex, multitasking surgical systems.
In effect, she can be a 'one woman surgical team' for limited durations.
+ Skilled Thorian space cycle rider, an especially good racer due to her synaptic control.
+ Cyber Academy graduate has advanced skills in virtual 'gestalt' functionality.

+ Ricki has very artistic, regularly updated nanometric tattoos over her body (which she usually covers up with full clothing). These redundant, DNA-encrypted nanometrics contain her medical library, translator languages, and personal computer program routines, among other things. These must be technologically infused into the skin because Thorians do not have a metabolism which can create them. Using a basic relay, she can access this data with her cyber-synaptics. At the moment, the nano-tats are clearly visible. She might someday undergo the lengthy process of replacing it with a transparent ones, if the need arises. The redundant, CRC ensured data is vari-DNA encrypted for Prime Directive reasons.

- Emotional dependence upon sophisticated technology. She loathes primitive or non tech.
- Is socially defencive because of common cyber-phobia in the quadrant.
- Disapproves the idea of Borg personality domination, but she voices too much admiration of their community.

- Cyber awareness distracts her heavily. Personal relationships must compete with that. This can make her appear aloof or emotionally dull to people who don't understand the dynamic.
- Isn't impressed with holodecks. Their illusions compare as a tiny black & white TV would an iMax movie.
- Craves busyness. Lacks patience with a slow, non-computer paced life.

- Although she has compassion for others, she still often comes off as being aloof, even stuck up.

+/- Avoids allowing military types exploit/develop her abilities.
+/- Telepaths have difficulty reading anything more than base emotions. The unnatural areas of her brain are complex and parallel processing.
Ambitions Help people.
Advance medical technology.
Hobbies & Interests Space cycle racing.
Studying xeno life forms.
Ultra-modern decor.
Languages Depends upon what brain expansion nodes she's using.

Personal History TBD

Service Record {backstory}
Ricki was the first of her kind to join Starfleet. Although her membership was politically mandated by a cultural exchange treaty, she fully qualifies for service.

Her first ship duty was aboard USS Yorktown, Capt. Sharra Leto in command at the time. After a time of valuable mentoring by the Cygnus Minor Trion, she was called away by admiralty to participate in Thorian-Federation technology tests.

After the Adirkal incident was swept under the rug by Starfleet, Ricki was guided to a refuge assignment at Starbase 332 in Archa Sector.

Ricki owns and races a Zig X-1000 space cycle.