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Ensign Monday Starr

Name Monday Starr

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Herisian
Age 18/2

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 117 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Medium Brown
Physical Description Completely of human appearance with one exception, no belly button. Her dress, demeanor, and body language are comfortably civilian. Her voice is alto ranged, strong if she wants it to be. She glows with superb health, but she hasn't developed high performance athleticism.

Her DNA is 100% human, but her lineage doesn't match any existing family lines. Computer analysis of her brain activity return completely human, yet "incomplete" results.

{Update} - Monday discovered that she is dimorphic, in layman's terms a single soul occupying two bodies. Her other body is actually a normal Herisian 'phantom', as they are called. These ethereal manifestations don't speak, and they appear and vanish in a yet unknown way. So integrated are they that if one body dies, so also will the other. This explains why it is very difficult to look at Monday in close proximity without her sensing it.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Monday rarely smiles, and she's difficult to approach. One might describe her as "emotionally unreactive". Some have even accused her of being sociopathic. In spite of that, she does actually love people. Curiously enough and in contrast, Vulcans find her to be refreshing company in comparison to most humans.

Sexuality: To quote Harry Mudd, "You're wasting your time with this one." She will marry in her own time, but it won't be soon.

Telempathic rating: Extremely low. However, she has upon occasion been able to converse normally with newly encountered alien races. This might be an Herisian gift.

Telekinetic rating: Genuinely has no ability to bend spoons or move pennies across the table. Not one bit. However, fleet medical is baffled. By all the 'markers', she should indeed be an active Teek. (What they're seeing is her racial ability to use Herisian technology.)

Hand to hand - While not a martial artist, she has a surprisingly extensive repertoire of self-defence moves. Many of these would be used against non-humanoids.
Phaser games - Very good, a sporting challenge for your generic marine.
Ship batteries - not experienced.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Has an uncanny sense of when people in the vicinity are looking at her. (Doesn't apply to remote cameras.)
+ Pleasant and agreeable tone with people.
+ Unusual understanding of dimensional anomalies.

+ Not easily flustered or intimidated.
+ Fully certified all-weather shuttle pilot.
+ Basic field medic certification.
+ Well trained colonial survival skills.

- Has been busted for keeping secrets that she shouldn't.
- Has been called a snob when she didn't emotionally engage people in ways that they wanted.
- Outside her own field, low geek factor with advanced technology. (She's a good learner, though.)
Ambitions Undetermined.
Hobbies & Interests Has an extensive music collection, particularly instrumentals. Music has an impact upon her mood.

Has an interest in expressive dance.

Personal History Not all colonies are a success. The human effort to settle Heresius IV was one which failed. Shortly before abandoning the planet, a girl appearing in her late teens presented herself. She called the colonial leader 'father'.

Medical examination quickly noticed that she had no belly button. People immediately concluded that she was an eugenic, a clone. Her DNA was perfectly human, yet it didn't match any living family lineages.

The only other known race in that sector was indigenous to the solar system. Their method of transport was unidentified, but they frequently visited the colony. Their silence was unnerving. There was no proof, but the Herisians were eventually accused of slowly driving the humans away. Virtually everything failed for the colonists without explanation.

Feelings of helplessness bred fear, and fear bred hatred. When it finally came time for the evacuation ship to lift off the planet, there was fierce argument over leaving "that Herisian clone" behind. Monday, named for the day when she appeared, was sincerely loved by her adoptive father. Others who feared what she and the Herisians were up to, would resort to any means to stop her.

The eventual outcome was, a capsule carrying Monday in survival cryo was the only one to return to Federation space. She never talks about what happened. Empathic therapy has failed to bring events to light.
Starfleet History After her rescue, Starfleet enrolled Monday in repatriation support. The compatible profile they found for her was a planet, Earth specifically. There had been several details in her debriefing which couldn't add up, but that wasn't a serious concern. Monday was taken in by a young Starfleet woman.

Monday might have lived an ordinary civilian life had it not been for an incident. Her new adoptive mother was an inspector, investigating a suspected black market exchange. Whoever she was after was both well informed and merciless. While visiting a space station, she and Monday suddenly found themselves locked inside their quarters. There was no power to anything. There was no life support. Attempts to use comms were met with static. Running out of oxygen, Monday stumbled away and the mother fell unconscious. She then awakened aboard a starship sickbay.

The investigation revealed, Monday had escaped. How, nobody could figure out. She was able to call for help. Monday herself was found collapsed, her skin looking withered like ashes. Just as unexplained, she healed completely days later. Her mother stayed by her side, brought her favorite jewelry to wear, and fell asleep. Hours later, she awakened to find a healed daughter.

Starfleet revisited Monday's rescue debriefing with a renewed interest. If the stubborn girl wasn't going to be of help, then they'd try an indirect approach. With the hearty agreement of her 'mother', Monday was "encouraged" to enlist in Starfleet. There, she would be patiently watched and studied.

One of Monday's first duties was to install equipment aboard the new USS Tachibana. Apparently, someone was in a big hurry to get the vessel launched, and she was dragooned into the launch prep efforts. It was a simple assignment which wouldn't take long. She'd only be aboard for a few days... or so she thought.
Service Record {rpg}
USS Tachibana, Pegasus Fleet - Science Officer
Starbase 332 - Science Officer