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Lieutenant JG Danetria Andrakos-Roarke

Name Danetria Eleftheria Andrakos-Roarke

Position Structural/Environmental Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 4'10"
Weight 43.5 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Dana is a slip of a woman: thin, slight and deceptively frail looking. She stands at no more than five feet tall and weighs about half a sneeze as her former husband used to say. She has layered caramel colored hair that tends to escape braids and clips to constantly fall into her eyes. Her eyes are a dark brown and expressive, skin the faint olive of Mediterranean ancestry dusted lightly in freckles. Her ears aren’t pierced and she has no tattoos, though a fair number of scars. The most visible is a small curl at the left corner of her mouth that makes it always seem like she’s smirking.

Off duty Dana tends to go barefoot often and dresses in slightly oversized sweats and a-line tee shirts or roomy sweaters. She often sleeps in the same getup, so it’s impossible to figure out whether she’s going about or just getting up without considering whether her hair is a mess or not. She wears no jewelry. Dana often speaks with her hands and her eyes as much if not more than she does with verbage. At first glance she comes off as wary and shy.


Spouse N/A
Children Amelia Rose Roarke (Deceased)
Father Bertrici Andrakos
Mother Anitra Benitez
Brother(s) Costa Andrakos (Deceased)
Mikos Andrakos (Matthew Filborne)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Logan Roarke - Exhusband
Lauren Roarke - Former sister-in-law
Shannon Roarke - Former mother-in-law
Carl Roarke - Former father-in-law

Personality & Traits

General Overview At the heart of the matter, Dana is a survivor. She’s been through hell and back and for some unknown reason just hasn’t fully buckled from the pressure yet. She just keeps going ever onward in a constant state of motion bound by tension and willpower and frenetic energy. She fills her time with constant distractions or physical exertion to keep herself focused and busy, otherwise her thoughts tend to drift towards uncomfortable places. Her divorce, the death of her daughter, her childhood.. the lot has left her a very wary person. Despite her aloof tendencies, Dana is typically kind and compassionate, merely reserved.

It takes quite awhile for someone to be allowed within her walls. When they are, they become fiercely protected and just as fiercely loved. She’d made great strides in conquering some of her anti-social tendencies during her time with Logan, only to stumble backwards severely following Amelia’s death and worsening still after the divorce, which she considers the deepest of betrayals. Dana isn’t one for talking about anything that bothers her. She represses and buries and guards her secrets, letting them breathe only in the brief moments when her arts drag it out of her, especially singing. Counseling for her is a very difficult notion as it takes her a great amount of effort to bear her wounds on command and trust that they won’t be used against her.

When it comes to her family, Dana has no contact with her youngest brother or mother despite knowing where they both are and that both are alive and well. She regularly speaks with her father who is living comfortably in Canada, as well as Logan’s sister on rare occasion. Dana still can’t manage civil conversation with her ex-husband if she can talk to him at all.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Brawls like a rabid honey badger
+Tenacious as all get out
+Amazing singing voice
+Has a knack for jury-rigging
-Emotionally crippled by her past. Very slow healing process.
-Prone to vivid nightmares
-Socially stunted
-Has an extremely difficult time staying still or being patient when forced to wait while idle.
Ambitions Right now Dana is just trying to get through one day at a time. She’s regained some personal momentum and with it just a little bit of hope.
Hobbies & Interests Junk food (especially stadium hot dogs), baseball, Big Band, Motown, Blues, Jazz, (most music honestly), piano, pool, dancing, repairing/rebuilding/tinkering with just about anything.

Personal History The first eight years of Dana’s life was fairly normal. Her mother Anitra was a rising singer that spent much of each year on venue circuits. Her father was a former electrical engineer who had given up touring with her mother to stay and care for herself and her two brothers. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but it was peaceful and secure. That’s how Dana remembers it at least. That year her home world, a multi-cultural colony world known as Valheris, had suffered a staggering economic collapse that eventually plunged the world into a bloody three year conflict. Between conflicts elsewhere in the galaxy and three different main factions refusing any help or mediation unless their recognized government oversaw it, the common people were reduced to living as scavengers in the war torn landscape that used to be their homes. Dana’s mother was unable to cope with the loss of her former lifestyle and abandoned the family during the first year.

Near the end of the third year Dana’s father lost both legs to a landmine. Two months later they were evacuated to a temporary processing site on Hertinridge while waiting to be moved on to the next site or permanently settled. In that time span Dana and her father eeked out a modest living fixing small machines and repurposing scrap that was gathered from around the few thousand persons camp. The camp- wedged in between two cities- was a festering pit of mud and concrete, disease and crime. Dana’s youngest brother Costa died within months to the fevers. Her youngest brother Mikos was traded to a baby scalper with the promise that he’d be raised in a loving home on Hertinridge. Her father would have traded Dana, too, but there was no want for young girls, just babies. It took three years in full to be processed before the Federation stepped in and took over, which culminated in Dana and her father being moved again. This time to a small town in Canada on Earth where they settled in as best as they could.

Dana chose to apply to Starfleet years later out of a sense of duty to repay the people that helped her. She did good in school save for the more social subjects where her then timid nature was constantly tripping her up. The shyness continued on through her first assignment and onto the second, where the then CO Captain Logan Roarke took notice of her and made it a personal mission to try and pull her out of her shell. He succeeded in so much as he ended up marrying her the same year. For four years riddled with missions and transfers and long term separations (Logan was a notoriously ‘hands on’ commanding officer who was known for taking high-risk missions and barely charming his way out of trouble with the Fleet) they managed to maintain a content relationship. When Dana announced that Logan would be a father, her husband made a massive about face to try and change to make their life a little more consistent and secure. It was just a little too late.

Several corrupt officers had been using the USS Polaris as a safe front for years thanks to Roarke’s antics. When he started cleaning up his act there was a mutiny led by the first officer Leanne Beatty that pitted crew against crew for ultimate control of the vessel. Roarke won, but not without losing his unborn daughter and nearly losing Dana. In the time that followed Logan crumbled, leaving Dana to grieve and heal alone. Months later following a three day drunken binge on Risa he filed for divorce (she was on Earth visiting her father), claiming that he wasn’t the man that she loved any longer and he didn’t know if he ever could be again. After a long reprieve to rethink her life, Dana returned to active duty. She’s transferred twice to avoid coming in contact with whatever ship her ex-husband is currently helming before ending up at starbase 332.
Service Record 2375 – 2380 – USS Tipting
2380 – 2389 – USS Polaris
2389 – Personal Leave
2390 – 2391 - USS Warsaw
2391 – USS Banting
2392 – Starbase 332