Gunnery Sergeant Sarah Rahmi

Name Sarah Rahmi

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 4-0
Weight 90
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sarah is an attractive women with Mediterranean traits including olive skin and dark hair. She lost both legs in combat operations and uses a wheelchair for mobility. She keeps her upper body in prime shape.


Spouse NA
Father Abraham Rahmi
Mother Miriam Rahmi
Brother(s) Benjamin Rahmi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sarah is a strong woman. her character has been shaped by years of hard duty in the corps, and her hardship since her injury, but she will not give up.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Creative problem solver

-Can be silly at times
Ambitions Proving to herself that she still has value to offer to Starfleet
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, Sports, Social gatherings
Languages English, Cardassian, Bajoran

Personal History Sarah was born in Duluth, Minnesota on Earth. Her parents both worked for the local university there. Her dad was a History professor, Mom was the manager of the campus sports facilities. Sarah spent much of her time with athletes as a child. She showed an aptitude for athletics early.

In high school she played both American football, and played on a summer rugby league. She excelled at both. Recruiters for Starfleet spent her junior and senior pitching the Marine Corps as a good option for her. She decided to give it a try.

She passed basic training with relative ease, if basic training could be described that way, and went on to weapons systems school. In 2379, at the age of 19, Sarah headed off to the Cardassian border where her unit, the 27th special operations unit, was assigned to cleaning up the detritus of war all along the border. Mines, unexploded munitions, toxic weapons factories…. They did it all.

In 2382 she was transferred to the 9th Expeditionary Force to root out Cardassian terror cells and new criminal element born out of the remains of the Maquis. She served for two years as their weapons systems expert, and in 2384 she was transferred to the intelligence detachment of the 9th. In late 2390 her unit was sent to Penthaka IV to help the Cardassians bring a rebel faction under control. Combat was ongoing for several months when intelligence suggested that the rebels were developing a new model of plasma weapon at an abandoned munitions plant. It turned out to be a trap.

There were certainly plasma weapons there. Her unit took a lot of causalities. Sarah was one of them. One of the plasma charges exploded just behind her. The initial concussive wave knocked her forward. The plasma ejection destroyed both of her legs up to her hips.

The next thing she remembered was waking up in the USS Endeavor in the sick bay. Her legs were gone, from the hips down. She was taken to the Starfleet Medical complex on Betazed. They spent the better part of six months trying different prosthetics. Her nerves in her lower body were just too badly damaged to allow for bionic repair. Sarah had to adjust to her new life without legs. She spent the next half of a year building her strength in what was left of her body. She mourned the loss many days, but never gave up. The thing she feared the most was losing her career in the corps.

In early February of 2392 she received an offer she could not refuse.
Starbase 332 needed experienced strategic operations staff. She would never be able to serve on a starship again. That was certain, but this was her ticket to keep her career moving. She could do good work there. And, Archa IV was a nice spot. Maybe she could take up surfing.
Service Record 2378 - Basic Training, Advance Weapons School Starfleet Marine Corps
2379 - 27th Special Operations Unit, Weapons Specialist, Promoted to PFC
2381 - Promoted to Corporal
2382 - 9th Expeditionary Force, Weapons Specialist
2383 - Promoted to Sergeant
2384 - 9th Expeditionary Force, Intel Detachment
2385 - Promoted to Staff Sergeant
2389 - Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant
2390 - Starfleet Medical Betazed
2392 - Strategic Operations, Starbase 332,