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Lieutenant Commander Nilani Prax

Name Nilani Lianna Prax

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 26
Serial Number TRI82----60SF

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 136 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Nilani is a beautiful young woman, with a well-looked after physical form and smooth skin. Bearing the typical Trill spots running from her temples to her toes, the darker outline they create draws focus towards her face, and her unusually stone grey eyes. He dark hair is long, and Nilani wears it long, though when it is likely to get in the way, she will tie it back in either a ponytail or with a butterfly clip.


Children None with current host
Father Martath Jorran
Mother Juliana Jorran

Personality & Traits

General Overview Before being joined with the Prax symbiont, Nilani was a very reserved individual, preferring to spend her time studying and working so hard to prove herself first in Starfleet, and second to the Symbiosis Commission. Since joining with the Prax symbiont however, Nilani has become much more confident with herself, and is very out-going.
Strengths & Weaknesses Nilani is very driven with her objectives, and often tends to think outside of the box. Drawing on the experience of her prior hosts, she has the ability to be helpful in solving most problems, regardless of the subject area.

However, as Nilani is a fairly recent host, she has not yet gone through zhian'tara, and occasionally struggles to accept that she has the memories and experiences of six other people inside her.
Ambitions Nilani's ambition since childhood was to become a host for a Trill symbiont. Now that her childhood ambition has been achieved, however, Nilani doesn't quite know where she wants to go in life - in truth, she still doesn't always know whether her wants and desires are her own, or a previous host's.
Hobbies & Interests Nilani has picked up playing the saxophone from a previous host, Torin, who became a fan of the instrument whilst hiding on Earth. She also enjoys painting and Japanese martial arts, and can often be found in a holodeck simulation with either of these activities when one is available.
Languages Federation Basic, Japanese, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Italian

Personal History

Nilani Jorran's History:

Nilani Jorran was a late bloomer as far as beauty is concerned. Flat chested and freckled until her late teens, she had never been a popular choice for the boys around her. This, coupled with her overwhelming desire to become joined, led to her attitude to life; she would often keep to herself, preferring to study or find other ways of bettering herself until the day where she could apply to the Symbiosis Commission.

During her school years, Nilani became intensely interested with Science, and the reasons behind why and how things worked the way they did. When she joined Starfleet Academy at the age of 18 in 2378, she focused in Exobiology, Exoarchaeology, Astrophysics and Molecular Biology, gaining degrees in each field. Upon graduation, she applied to the Symbiosis Commission, but served aboard the USS Victory as a junior science officer whilst she waited to hear back from them. Two years after her commissioning, in 2384, she began training with the Commission as an initiate, to prepare her to receive a symbiont with all its memories and experiences.

Prax Symbiont's History:

Bornash Prax - Joined 2245
Little is known of the Prax symbiont's first host, but it is rumoured that he worked as a smuggler for some part of his life, visiting Eminiar at some point prior to 2247. It is believed he faced the prospect of becoming a 'casualty' in the Eminian's digital war in order to obtain a produce found locally that was highly valued at the time on the black market in the galaxy at large.

By 2254, Bornash Prax had turned away from his life of smuggling, and was a junior politician on Trill.

Kronat Prax - Joined 2258
Kronat Prax was an ambitious young officer in the Trill military, and is on record as one of the youngest Trill to be joined of his time. After being joined with the Prax symbiont, his career in the military soared, with him being given commendation after commendation by his superiors. In 2267, he was assigned to a contingent working with the Federation to establish a Treaty Port in the Eminiar system, a location he had visited previously as Bornash Prax. By the 2270s, he had attained the rank of Major, and was ordered to assist in putting together a force to render assistance to the Federation during the V'Ger crisis, but was diverted back to Trill once the USS Enterprise was able to stop the V'Ger craft. Kronat once again offered assistance to the Federation after the Whale Probe incident in 2286.

Kronat made many connections in his life, and managed to attain the rank of General by 2310, living until 2318, when he died of natural causes. Unfortunately, he also made a number of enemies in his lifetime; one of which would come back to haunt him in the Prax symbiont's next life.

Torin Prax - Joined 2318
Torin Prax's life didn't include anything of significant note until two years after his joining, when a prisoner taken into custody by Kronat Prax died in his cell. The specifics behind the death are not known, but the prisoner's son, Mortath Quinta, held Kronat responsible for his father's death. Despite the arrest occurring almost 30 years previous, and the fact that Kronat had died, Mortath held the Prax symbiont responsible for his father's death, and the Quinta family joined him in a vengence quest against it. Lacking confidence that the services on Trill would be able to adequately protect him, and lacking the high level of protection he had enjoyed as Kronat, Torin drew upon the experiences his his first host, and smuggled himself to Earth, where he felt safer.

Torin Prax lived on Earth for the next ten years, under the name Torin Kan, living out a life as a simple civilian on the Federation homeworld. He became a fan of jazz music, and began learning how to play the saxophone, eventually progressing to play in jazz clubs all over the planet. In later years, he even ventured out to play in some of the Lunar colonies, contrary to the mindset he had when he first went to Earth; anywhere off the planet's surface was unsafe. Playing on the Lunar colonies proved to be a mistake, as an acquaintance of one of Mortath's brothers recognised the Trill, and reported his sighting to the family. Torin only found out about his cover being broken when he saw Mortath on the streets of San Francisco, and decided then and there that he needed to get off-planet. The only place he felt safe after that was on a Federation starship or starbase, and so he applied to join Starfleet as an enlisted man, knowing the long training period for an officer. Taking a berth on the first ship he could find, Torin was later killed when a plasma conduit exploded during a battle. The Prax symbiont was injured in the explosion, and whilst it lived, the only way for it to continue doing so would be for the symbiont to be implanted in a new host immediately.

Vanessa Prax - Joined 2333
With no Trill onboard the ship, the decision was taken that a human be implanted with the Prax symbiont to save its life, with the symbiont to be removed at the earliest opportunity, so as not to permanently harm its new host. The chief nurse, who had harboured a secret crush on Torin, volunteered, and Prax was joined with its first female host a mere hour after the death or Torin.

Unfortunately, though the ship was successful in the battle, it was a bitter-sweet victory. The ship, badly damaged, was losing power, and was forced to crash-land on the surface of an unnamed planet in a then-to-be-explored region of the alpha quadrant. It would be eight, painful years for Vanessa Prax before rescue, with the human body slowly dying as it attempted to cater for the new life form living inside of it. Requiring almost constant medical attention even when the body was in a fit enough state to move around easily and accomplish tasks vital to setting up the survivor's new life, Vanessa died on the first transport to arrive to rescue the long-lost crew members.

Omar Prax - Joined 2341
Inspired by the attitude and comradrie of the crew of his previous two host's ship, Omar Prax decided to put his life's work before joining - that of a Trill security officer - to good use elsewhere, and applied to join Starfleet Academy, being accepted and graduating with honours, having mastered his fields art as well as the fields of piloting and field medicine. Assigned to the USS Hampshire, Ensign Prax began to lead a fulfilling career in Starfleet, rising through the ranks to reach Chief of Security aboard the ship, before being offered a berth aboard the USS Farragut as First Officer.

Leaping at the opportunity, it was the first chance a Prax host had been given the opportunity to take an important, leading role since Kronat, and Omar relished comparing the differences between Kronat's time and his time aboard the Farragut. Rising to Commander after spending three years aboard the ship, he became friends with Alexander Gunning, a young up and coming officer in whom Omar saw a lot of potential.

Omar was fatally injured during the Battle of Wolf 359, and had to be rushed by the rescue teams who made it to the battle site in the aftermath back to Trill to be joined with a new host, and to once again save the symbiont.

Melissa Prax - Joined 2367
Melissa Prax was joined in 2367, and continued her host's prior life in ship design. Working for the Trill military, she was occasionally contracted out by Starfleet to work on a number of their new, anti-Borg ship designs such as the Defiant and Sovereign classes. She had a reputation for thinking outside the box, and came up with various ingenious methods of resolving problems encountered by the design and engineering teams.

Melissa lived a full life, giving birth to three children, before eventually passing on the Prax symbiont to its seventh host.

Nilani Prax - Joined 2385
After their joining in 2385, Nilani Prax did away with the shy, reserved nature of her life before joining, the experiences of the previous six hosts bouying her up, and giving her a new self confidence. Becoming socially outgoing, she explained her desires immediately after joining as wanting to grab life by the horns and run with it.

As soon as she was deemed healthy, Nilani returned to Starfleet for reassignment.