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Name Mr'isarr

Position Shop Assistant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 7'5"
Weight 509
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mr'isarr is broad, trim and muscular but none of it based to any form of military service. He prides himself on his physical condition but only to the point of a healthy lifestyle. Work out programs and healthy eating are major contributes to this.

His orange fur that covers him from ear tip to tail end is accompanied by black stripes that mirror down the centre of his body.

His tail is long and often sweeps left and right as he walks, prone to laying on the floor when standing still which will pose a risk to be stepped on, not just for him but the person doing the stepping. Some would consider him a gentle giant and while he can be gentle few want to see a natural predator angry


Spouse Mated/Married to Cheyanne Harrison
Children None
Father S'ar'ter'i
Mother M'reex
Brother(s) Only Child
Sister(s) Only Child

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born off of the Caitian Homeworld to parents wanting more freedom than it provided, both were horticulturists travelling from one project to the next while Mr'isarr was home schooled. Following into his parents footsteps he also trained in horticulture, over the years he'd become skilled as a florist and later a floral designer. Friendly, pleasant and a helpful individual who has tried to overcome the judgements of others for what he is vs what he does. Putting in effort and passion in to the things that he does at work so that others can share in that.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:-

+Superior strength
+Senses of smell
+Hearing, eyesight and balance.


-Shedding season
-Prolonged Absence of Mate
-Weaker than average bone density
-Weak heart at approx 60 years of age
Ambitions Own his own shop.